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A very good start to the trilogy and I am very interested to see how the story develops and especially the character development.

The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel

A wonderfully emotional story that while squeezing your heart also gives a sense of hope and shows the strength of the human spirit in more ways than one.

The Accursed

Oates’s hypnotic prose has never been better displayed than it is in the book’s final fabulism, which concerns a game of checkers between a brave child and a demon who cheats at every opportunity

The Fun Parts

Like George Saunders, Lipsyte's work gnaws on the mundane degradations of daily life, heightened by an absurd and amused point of view.

The Clone Republic

A no-frills, recommended read for mil-SF fans that know what they want and expect it from their reading material, but it also makes them think about the consequences of some of the actions undertaken here in a way that George Lucas hasn’t.

Fade to Black

Fade to Black delvers an Urban Fantasy in the vein of sub genre’s pre-Anita Blake model, and that’s a flavor of UF of which I’d like to see more.


Artful can be read in a few sittings, but is as layered with motifs and tonal shifts as a nocturne, and deserves repeated reflection.

A Thousand Pardons: A Novel

When the author focuses on the ways in which public opinion is routinely manipulated, he gives a tantalizing glimpse at what might have been.

The Andalucian Friend: A Novel

Fans of Nordic thrillers will find much to like.

I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp

Hell's refreshingly candid portrait of the artist searching for himself offers a glimpse into his own genius as well as recreating the hellishness and the excitement of a now long-gone music scene in New York City.

I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp

The book is anything but diffident. It also has some well-worn tropes. Most (male) rock autobiographies and memoirs are at least in part an indexing of sexual conquests and drug abuse, and Hell’s book is smothered with them.

Bay of Fires: A Novel

Tasmania’s culture, flora and fauna are paramount here—the thriller aspect feels extraneous.

The Guilty One

Although well-drawn and realistic, the characters in “The Guilty One” are not especially likable, other than the absent Minnie, whose genuine kindness to all creatures resonates and sharply contrasts with the casual cruelty of others.

A Thousand Pardons: A Novel

Is Dee experimenting with this awkward cluster of tones and styles? Did his eager publisher push him to produce another novel too soon? Fans will pardon him. Newcomers should get hold of “The Privileges” and let this one pass.

A White Wind Blew: A Novel

A White Wind Blew was a complete surprise to me. It seems a meek novel, at first, the kind in which race is discussed but not all that fully, where death misses the characters you grow to love, where the main character falls in love and lives happily ever after. I would have hated that novel.

A Conspiracy of Alchemists

For readers who enjoy steampunk and paranormal (like I do), Schwarz is a fine addition!

The Accursed

This is a deliciously gothic novel – think Henry James meets Edgar Allan Poe – and a glorious pastiche of too many genres to mention.

The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow

Reading this book was a true delight in every way!