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Viral Nation

Fans of science fiction or dystopian adventures will find that the convoluted plot, one-note characters and inexplicable villains result in a lackluster story.

Let It Burn

Hamilton always gives good value, and this swift-moving, moody tale is no exception, even if the very last twist is perhaps one too many.

The Bat: A Harry Hole Novel
Kirkus Reviews : The Bat (July 02, 2013)

Harry is already every bit as volcanic as in his later cases. The big difference is Australia, which Nesbø, seeing it through the eyes of both a tourist and a cultural pathologist, makes you wonder how much different it is from Norway after all.

The Crocodile

In this crisply translated novel, de Giovanni explores Lojacono’s loneliness and vulnerability while simultaneously revealing his brilliance as a detective.

Fin & Lady
Kirkus Reviews : Fin & Lady (July 02, 2013)

Schine offers up a bittersweet lemon soufflé of family love and romantic passion.

The Fire Witness

A rich, nuanced tale, ideal for beach reading, just as long as the beach doesn’t harbor too many shadows.

Deadly Forecast

Though the constant oscillation between past and present is jarring at first, the two narratives fit together like a puzzle, insisting that fans read just one more chapter to see where the next piece will fall into place.

Not the Killing Type

Barrett continues her winning ways with another mystery chock full of interesting suspects and a surprising denouement.

Unseen: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : Unseen (July 02, 2013)

As lurid and sanguinary as any of Lena and Will’s earlier cases but a lot more distractingly kaleidoscopic, as generic professional criminals battle for attention with the far more compelling histrionics of series regulars.


Our lives are the ultimate game, but this doesn’t devalue those lives. It gives us the opportunity to realize we’re often playing to someone else’s script, someone else’s idea of the world.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is at times rather twisting, but there’s always Clover’s tenacity and West’s giving nature to make the ride worthwhile.


Sackville’s rare gift is for rendering the ordinary so distinctly that it becomes fantastic.

Crazy Rich Asians

Mr. Kwan knows how to deliver guilty pleasures. He keeps the repartee nicely outrageous, the excess wretched and the details wickedly delectable.

American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics

Beneath its often caustic wit, American Savage is on a healing mission. It’s about unification. That effort starts immediately.

Sisterland: A Novel

Sisterland is a reasonably engrossing if less-than-stellar effort from an author who can do better — and we don’t need psychic powers to know this.

Bad Monkey

Rare and irreplaceable — just like Hiaasen.

Red Moon: A Novel

There are enemies among us, Percy cautions, and sometimes the enemy is us.

The Riddle of Solomon: Book 2 in the Sarah Weston Chronicles

This book was fantastic. It clipped along at a fast pace but was dense enough that you got a lot out of the characters and the story.

Abaddon's Gate

Caliban’s War was one of our SFFWorld SF Books of 2011. Is Abaddon’s Gate a book for 2013’s list? On the strength of this: very likely.