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We Live in Water

It is perhaps a grim and fatalistic vision that Jess Walter presents in "We Live in Water," yet one that in today's America seems all-too-recognizable; no, we may not all live in water, but at one time or another, we have all lived in Spokane.

Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes -- the Yanomamo and the Anthropologists

If your belief in your culture’s superiority is founded on thinking of other societies as prehistoric time capsules, then you will enjoy this book. If not, say a requiem for the trees and make an offering to the pulp mill.

Four New Messages

It’s a crowded, teeming tone, but the reward is an off-kilter precision, one that feels both untainted and unique.

The Scientists

Naturally enough, in a story about a tainted emotional legacy and a virus that invades a person's DNA, Roth is hyperalert to the possibility of creative slippage between literal and metaphorical inheritance.

House of Earth

This novel, more than a curiosity, is both welcome and timely.

Harvest: A Novel

The smells, sights and sheer intransigence of the beautiful land are all vividly described; but the human race is seen with an impassive eye as brutish, instinctively cruel and stupid. Greed wins.

Blood's Pride

Simultaneously sweeping and small-scale, and equal parts tragic romance and slow-burn insurgency, Blood’s Pride lacks that vital spark for long enough that I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly... all the same, bring on Fortune’s Blight.

A Good Death

A Good Death is not only a mystery, but it is a rich account of a country in turmoil, reeling from deep recession and crushing poverty.

City of Women: A Novel

Mesmeric characters, a desperate setting, and a plot that keeps moving toward a riveting conclusion, makes this book a must read. This one is sure to be a bestseller.


Full of twists and with an enthralling narrator, the author has written a successful debut, which is also an exceptional thriller, and one that will be remembered fondly by thriller fans.

The Trouble With Charlie

The Trouble With Charlie is a chapterless, rocket-paced read that keeps readers awake until the end. Like eating popcorn, I couldn’t stop at a scene break and kept reading until I gobbled up every word.

Saturday Night Widows: The Adventures of Six Friends Remaking Their Lives

Saturday Night Widows is written frankly from a very unique perspective, and is both reflective and hopeful. Every marriage eventually ends when one partner survives the other. This is the reality, and this well-written book is a gentle reminder of that sobering fact.

The Hour of Peril

History has given us a multitude of stories about Lincoln’s actual assassination at Ford’s Theater, but Stashower has written the compelling true story of dastardly events that, if carried out, would have changed history forever. History buffs in particular will love this fascinating read.

House of Earth

Pithy, primal and raw with emotion, House of Earth is written more as a poetic narrative than what one would consider a structured novel. If you are not familiar with Guthrie’s legendary music, lyrics, poetry, essays and memoirs, his portrayal of the American spirit of the humble man and his legacy is worth exploring.

See Now Then

...one of the most beautiful nasty novels I have ever read.... See Now Then may or may not be a wronged spouse’s revenge against her partner...but you’ll never read a more poetically written jeremiad.


It is time once again to give a warm welcome to a new Alex Delaware mystery by Jonathan Kellerman. This blessing is contained within the covers of GUILT, which is certainly one of his best offerings to date and one of my personal favorites in the long-running chronicles of Delaware...

Hit Me
Bookreporter.com Reviews : Hit Me (February 18, 2013)

The stories in Hit Me hold together perfectly, and the conversations Keller has with Dot are a delight to read. But then you discover that Block has not just written an entertaining book but also has managed to say something very serious about the age in which we live.... HIT ME is true noir for our times. Do not miss this great read.

Insane City

Compared to the latest Janet Evanovich or John Grisham offerings destined for airport bookshelves, Insane City is a decent comedic companion for a few hours on a flight to, say, Orlando.

The Six-Gun Tarot

It feels like the book is just a season finale of a long-running TV show. It has a satisfying conclusion, but one that leaves many more stories left to tell.