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Cold Steel

A satisfying and strong conclusion to the Spiritwalker trilogy.

The Executioner's Heart

Excellent storytelling; intriguing mystery; well-drawn antagonist; progresses longer story arcs; characters undergo changes; un-put-downable final chapters; serves as a fine standalone novel.

The Executioner's Heart

Part Sherlock Holmes, part Steampunk, part supernatural fantasy, and part gory murder mystery, The Executioner’s Heart is, if nothing else, enjoyable.

Letters from Skye: A Novel

By turns lyrical and flirtatious, Brockmole’s debut charms with its wistful evocation of a time when handwritten, eagerly awaited letters could bespell besotted lovers.

Kirkus Reviews : Nemesis (July 09, 2013)

Smooth, readable, not top-notch Pronzini, but better than much of the noir material out there.

Kirkus Reviews : Bombshell (July 09, 2013)

The latest addition to Coulter’s FBI series (Whiplash, 2010, etc.) uses a run-of-the-mill mystery to bring together some of her fans’ favorite characters.

Nearer Home

Joy Castro’s unique storytelling style adds a layer of electricity that serves to elevate her novel, placing it heads and shoulders above the typical thrillers with which it shares a shelf.

The Twelfth Department

I’m in awe at the amount of research which must have gone into making this book appear so realistic and of its time. The dark, oppression of life in Russia under Stalin lurks in the shadows of every page.

The Cat Sitter's Cradle

If you’ve never read a Dixie Hemingway book, The Cat Sitter’s Cradle is a great place to start.


Nemesis delivers a good thought-provoking mystery without exploiting gory crime scenes and unnecessary violence.

Kirkus Reviews : Affliction (July 08, 2013)

The already converted may consider a sermon interleaved with brief slivers of story acceptable; others will be bored rather than outraged.

Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad

A lucid and entertaining analysis of contemporary quality TV, highly recommended to anyone who turns on the box to be challenged and engaged.

The Madonna on the Moon

Though the prose doesn’t set off sparks, Baeurdick finds an off-kilter way to explore a dour period in history.

The Bling Ring

A Warholian morality tale, told through interviews with the burglars, their families, police officers, and Sales’ own excellent analyses, the book gives readers an insight into the world of privileged LA teenagers, a group so spoiled they genuinely believe that anything is theirs for the taking.

Five Star Billionaire: A Novel

Five Star Billionaire is a fiercely contemporary tale of tradition, modernity and the cost of progress.

Middle C

There is something in the musicality of Gass’s style that redeems the bleakness of being sentenced to the inhumanity museum.


Taipei might be the first truly social media novel, in so far as it resembles a piece of social media. A massive discharge of waste matter. Overspill. Underwritten.

The Blood of Heaven

Kent Wascom’s “The Blood of Heaven” is the kind of bold, brilliant debut we can forgive for also being convoluted and unwieldy.