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Murder as a Fine Art

Murder as a Fine Art is fine art itself. With attention to period detail and breakneck pacing, it compels one to read ever onward.

The Inquisitor's Wife

If you’re a fan of Kalogridis, as I am, this is a book to curl up with. If you’re a fan of historical fiction and like a setting that’s sad and terrible on one hand and fascinating on another, give it a try. Kalogridis works a bit of her fiction magic on the Inquisition.

Waiting to Be Heard

Amanda loudly proclaims her innocence, explains the naiveté that she blames for the many mistakes she made during the interrogation and her trial, and is finally free to reveal her thoughts and share with us the experiences that took over her life when she was accused of murder in a foreign country where she barely spoke the language.

Robert B. Parker's Wonderland

Atkins, however improbably, has managed to nudge this venerable series in a new direction while staying true to its core, seemingly channeling its creator at every turn. It’s a magnificent accomplishment that is not to be missed.

Silken Prey

Silken Prey is one of those books that fans of the Lucas Davenport novels can and must read, as it appears to mark the beginning of yet another turning point in this consistently well-written and long-running series.


Through Nathan’s eyes, we come to grips with what it means to acclimatize to society.

A Delicate Truth: A Novel

It’s one of the best recent thrillers about high-level cover-ups, and Le Carré’s best book since 1986’s A Perfect Spy.

Dear Lucy: A Novel

Without a forceful, human protagonist, and a functioning plot, the book is left as an overly long character sketch.

The Morels

The Morels is gripping and mesmerizing, even at its most depraved and saddening.

The Heiresses #1

This novel had all the characteristics I’d usually love in a plot and characters but it unfortunately fell a little short of my expectations.

Blood Between Queens

This book had it all, love, mystery, betrayal, and hidden revelations…..I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Foal Play

Let’s hope this is the first in a series, I think there are more stories to these characters.

Silken Prey

If you like politics, you’ll love this book. If you don’t like politics, you’ll love being on the inside of a vicious campaign and seeing how black and white becomes gray so easily.

Flora: A Novel

Flora is an elegant little creeper of a story.

Every Contact Leaves A Trace: A Novel

Every Contact Leaves a Trace is an intelligent literary mystery, featuring the kind of tormented narrator that Robert Browning himself might have relished.

VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV's First Wave

These weren't the first big VJs; they were the last big DJs. What was hyped as potentially replacing radio was actually marking time until the iPod.

Silken Prey

Sandford keeps every stage of the investigation clear, compelling and suspenseful while peeling back layer after layer of a world in which “everybody was hot, everybody was rich."

Time Thief

Not erotic, not convincingly fantastic, not well-researched and not worth your time.

A House Divided

A soap opera filled with people indulging in bad behavior. Fans of the Black family’s misplaced haloes will love this latest installment.

The Secret Rescue: An Untold Story of American Nurses and Medics Behind Nazi Lines

A sometimes dry but proficient, detailed and tearless account.