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Andrew's Brain: A Novel

This may be one of those kinda-sorta career-defining novels.

Andrew's Brain: A Novel

Andrew’s Brain is Doctorow riffing solo, playing an intoxicating strain of crazy jazz using a self-described “freakishly depressive cognitive scientist klutz.” as his mouthpiece.

Perfect: A Novel

Joyce is great at building tension, with her prose managing to give huge weight to a menacing comment or a small mistake.

Famous Writers I Have Known: A Novel

The novel is breezy and diverting enough, but as satire goes, it’s pretty mild-mannered.

The Days of Anna Madrigal

“The Days of Anna Madrigal” is a genial fable. Like the earlier “Tales,” it’s riddled with outlandish coincidences and best enjoyed under the willing suspension of disbelief.

Under the Wide and Starry Sky: A Novel

“Under the Wide and Starry Sky” is at once a classic artistic bildungsroman and a retort to the genre, a novel that shows how love and marriage can simultaneously offer inspiration and encumbrance, especially when the more successful partner believes that, as far as artists go, “a family could tolerate only one.”

The Loudest Voice in the Room: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News--and Divided a Country

It would have helped to know right from the get-go why Mr. Sherman found this kind of journalism necessary.

Radiance of Tomorrow

“Radiance of Tomorrow” is not a story of exodus, though, but rather a rare look at the phenomena of homecoming and reclamation, written with the moral urgency of a parable and the searing precision of a firsthand account.

Orfeo: A Novel

With scientific reality getting stranger with each passing year, Powers shows once again in this new book, one of his finest yet, that he can keep up with the pace.

Belle Cora: A Novel

If we buy into her narrative, we know that we're in the hands of a professional, and a good time of a certain sort is guaranteed.

Flyover Lives: A Memoir

Although the book is sprinkled with pithy, charming sentences that will be appreciated by fans of her novels, there is a distinctly flyover feel to "Flyover Lives."

The Days of Anna Madrigal

It is the ending that Maupin's enormous, generous achievement deserves: quiet, centered and sad.

Little Failure: A Memoir

With the publication of Little Failure, Shteyngart has reached a critical juncture in his career as a writer.

Alena: A Novel

For readers who love characterizations and language from fresh sources of inspiration, there is good reason to read this book.

Me Before You: A Novel

All I can say for certain is that the combination of some of the sweetest prose written, characters that played on my every emotional chord while remaining utterly real, and a storyline that haunts and pokes and tests readers left me absolutely devastated, a dried-out husk of my former shelf.


Captivating writing, engaging characters and action-packed stories make this a phenomenal series.

Radiance of Tomorrow

If the results are less successful, he still delivers a glimpse of the hardships of postwar Sierra Leone along with strong and repeated assurances about the redemptive powers of stories themselves.


If the book turned a bit dry at times, it also faltered from an overabundance of detail about the secondary characters who came and went in the women’s lives.

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles: A Novel

There’s a three-part ending here that’s utterly preposterous, but hey, nothing’s perfect! — and this is a satisfying read.

My Education

Choi is a graceful, perceptive writer, and all of her novels are striking for the visual beauty of her descriptions.