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When She Was Gone

Overall, I felt the book was very good and I enjoyed the suspense. The author did a great job addressing such a sensitive subject.

Eleanor & Park

This book had me gasping, crying, laughing, and laughing so hard I was crying.

Murder as a Fine Art

Morrell blends fact and fiction in this thrilling tale! Grad a cup of tea and curl up by the fireplace and let the mysteries of foggy London consume you!

Shattered Pillars

With Shattered Pillars, Bear shows that her foray into Epic Fantasy has not been a one shot wonder, and is clearly one of the most able authors writing today. No reader of secondary world fantasy should miss this series.

The Madman's Daughter

This novel will appeal to younger teens but does not quite manage to cross over into adult territory.

Shotgun Lullaby

Shotgun Lullaby is a book about family, biological and otherwise.

Cuts Through Bone

Definitely worth a read if you’re wishing for more noir.

The Tyrant's Law

The Tyrant's Law is a very good book and also manages to upend the scales of the over all story arc significantly, making the wait for The Widow's House (4th book) a very hard one. Highly recommended for series fans.

It's Time!: My 360-Degree View of the UFC

An amalgam of entertaining vignettes written in an informal, rambling style.

On Wheels

An entertaining personal essay, short and sweet, about the cars in the life of Holroyd.

A Case of Redemption

Law and Order-like twist-and-turn, moral-quandary suspense needing only the echoing cell door sound effect.

The Rithmatist

Fantasy readers should devour this well-crafted mix of action and setup, enriched by a thoroughly detailed cultural and historical background and capped by a distinctly unsettling twist.


It's that type of evocative power, transporting my imagination while keeping my feet firmly on the ground, that has me looking forward to Adichie's books for years to come.

Red Moon: A Novel

Percy's considerable powers of perception and description don't extend much into the interior lives of his characters.

Mirror Image

It seems clear that the writers have fleshed out the details of Casey’s life from Ice-T’s own colorful history, but it makes for a livelier character.

Little Green

It might be a great Easy Rawlins novel, taking a classic hard-boiled detective to a new, higher level.

The Healer

The Healer, while on the surface a mystery, is a subtly written travelogue of a city in dire straits, but the core of the novel is Tapani’s determination to find his wife, a woman he thought he knew but didn’t, not thoroughly.

Appointment in Samarra

The men and women in Appointment in Samarra are, much like the title of the book, destined to burn quick and bright before meeting their fates.

The Flamethrowers: A Novel

It is a dazzling achievement.