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Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War

Mr. Risen certainly makes the case in this book that America has lost much in its lashing out against terrorism, and that Congress and the people need to wake up and ask more questions about the political, financial, moral and cultural costs of that campaign.

Quartet for the End of Time: A Novel

Like The Sentimentalists, Quartet explores the limits of moral freedom and the mutability of human perceptions. But its characters are less important in themselves than as notes in an all-encompassing, eternal music, and its great breadth of vision signifies an artistic leap

The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures

Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious

A good-natured, clever and informative romp through the modern culinary landscape.

Deep Down Dark
Kirkus Reviews : Deep Down Dark (October 10, 2014)

An electrifying, empathetic work of journalism that makes a four-year-old story feel fresh.

Kirkus Reviews : Citizen (October 10, 2014)

Frequently powerful, occasionally opaque.

The Art of Slow Writing

Elementary in many ways but infused with the faith of a true believer.

The Murder Man
Kirkus Reviews : The Murder Man (October 10, 2014)

The resolution feels both hurried and tacked on to what is otherwise a very readable novel.

Kirkus Reviews : Malice (October 10, 2014)

Each time you're convinced Higashino's wrung every possible twist out of his golden-age setup, he comes up with a new one. If you still miss the days of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, you can't do better than this fleet, inventive retro puzzler.

The Forgotten Girl

Personal relationships are critical in this satisfying read, which is in the same class as Russell Banks' The Sweet Hereafter.

Ghost Wanted
Kirkus Reviews : Ghost Wanted (October 10, 2014)

Hart's amusing and vivacious ghostly sleuth (Ghost Gone Wild, 2013, etc.) puts her invisibility, her gusto and her sharp mind to good use in her latest outing.

Not My Father's Son

A raw, revealing memoir from a courageous actor and writer.

Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones

An intimate portrait of the multifaceted and beguiling Jones, who forever changed popular music and culture.

Althea and Oliver


The Clockwork Dagger

The Clockwork Dagger is a skilfully-woven tale, complete with a love-story, an elaborate conspiracy, and a fascinating magico-spiritual healing system.

The Meaning of Human Existence

Throughout “The Meaning of Human Existence,” he has generous things to say about each of those squabbling siblings, science and the humanities. Yet he is clearly exasperated that we dote so much on the latter.

Consumed: A Novel

the whole thing — with all its artfulness and all its flaws — rolls out like a long-lost film from the man's wilder days, expansive and strange and pulled, wet, dripping and whole, out of Cronenberg's own head.

Neverhome: A Novel

Ash’s tale ends in tears and in a confession that I didn’t see coming, even if the signs are there to find throughout the book. If you like your fiction towards the more literary end of the spectrum, Neverhome will definitely be one for you.