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The Truth About Love and Lightning

The Truth About Love and Lightning is a sweet story that is appealing for readers with various tastes.


My thoughts on this debut novel are, fair to say, widely scattered. Had the story progressed further, or my investment in the characters been greater, I am fairly certain it would have fulfilled my high expectations.

The Daylight War

I give this my highest recommendation (including the first two novels in the series.)

Three Graves Full

Three Graves Full is a multilayered, darkly humorous novel that doesn’t shy away from the slapstick or grotesque.

The Daylight War

If one didn’t enjoy the author’s earlier books and style of writing then this book won’t change your opinion but you would be missing out on a terrific series.

Ways of Going Home

Ways was not a great read because of what happened but because of the emotions it evoked.

Out of The Easy
Kirkus Reviews : Out of The Easy (February 12, 2013)

Immensely satisfying.

Kirkus Reviews : Farside (February 12, 2013)

The sort of gritty, hands-on, you-are-there yarn at which Bova has long excelled.

Kirkus Reviews : Override (February 12, 2013)

Several unexpected twists, a compelling love story, high-stakes action and a stand-up heroine worth rooting for rescue this series from the dystopian abyss and make for an entertaining read.

The Average American Marriage

Even if Kultgen intends this as satire, it’s hard to believe anyone can develop an interest in such a narcissistic, unsympathetic and downright odious narrator—one who makes Shallow Hal look like Heathcliff.

The Daylight War
Kirkus Reviews : The Daylight War (February 12, 2013)

Obvious ancestry aside, and though the book is dense and a touch too busy, it’s capable fantasy.

Kirkus Reviews : Airtight (February 12, 2013)

This latest stand-alone from the chronicler of attorney Andy Carpenter (Leader of the Pack, 2012, etc.) is two-thirds perfectly controlled suspense, one-third scrambled windup.

An Enlarged Heart: A Personal History

Pulses with a life force that illustrates why this poet “had also begun to love the shape that prose made in [her] head.”

Kirkus Reviews : Guilt (February 12, 2013)

Too slick, too generous with coincidences and too cute by far. One pet pooch in particular is so endearing she ought to be in a Disney movie.

Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government

Newsom succeeds in showing how modern technology could potentially affect how we govern our communities, especially on a local level.

Elsewhere: A memoir

He has written an emotionally literate, crystalline, and moving memoir.

The Love Song of Jonny Valentine: A Novel

With The Love Song of Jonny Valentine, Teddy Wayne has accomplished two impressive feats. He has created an alternate universe of top 40 pop whose stars, songs and trends feel instantly familiar without being derivative, and he has written a novel for adults but narrated by the consistent and heartbreaking voice of an 11-year-old pop star.

Swoon: Great Seducers and Why Women Love Them

For those reading the book for more than its entertainment value, the credibility [Prioleau's] research loans the work is a boon. It is also rather unusual to encounter a book that is enjoyable on both sensual and cerebral levels.