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Dark Eden: A Novel

Mr. Beckett creates a highly engaging and thought-provoking novel about survival and humanity.

My Biggest Lie

The novel is both witty and tender in its suggestion that a large proportion of the misery we feel is self-inflicted, and no less painful for that.

The Muslims Are Coming!: Islamophobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror

The Muslims Are Coming should be widely read, particularly by liberals who consider their own positions unassailable.

Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won't Go Away

In “Plato at the Googleplex,” Rebecca Newberger Goldstein set out to showcase, in sometimes startling ways, the continuing relevance of a classic philosopher. But what’s remarkable is that she actually brings off this tour de force with both madcap brilliance and commanding authority.

Words of Radiance

If the remaining novels in the series deliver the same way Words of Radiance did, I suspect novels in The Stormlight Archive will be the highlight Epic Fantasy novels of the year for quite a while to come.

Bloom and Doom

Bloom and Doom has everything to keep you engaged, a compelling murder to be solved, great humor, warm friendship and the language of flowers.

The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry: A Novel

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry goes to pains to reveal that growth and change can happen at any age through regular references to a book about a man who doesn’t find love he’s in his 80s.

Worst. Person. Ever.

Coupland has been beautifully profound in previous work, but here he aims simply to entertain, and does a bang-up job of it.

Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel

Oyeyemi’s genius lies in her ability to show us our society and its fairytale double, both the truths we have always known and a fantastically weird dream we didn’t know we had been having.

My Life in Middlemarch

It is delightful that a writer as thorough and serious as Mead draws attention to so many types of joy, including the “larger vista, a landscape changed by books, reshaped by reading” that might be the ultimate joy that comes from reading.


What Cambridge lacks in narrative tension it makes up for with its careful attention to scene-setting.


There are not enough voices speaking about war and what happens to people at war. Klay’s is one to pay attention to for his insight and his courage in writing about matters that go to the heart not just of war, but of how people act in impossible circumstances.

The Lie

With this novel, Dunmore should rank high among writers like Kipling who explore war, its aftermath, and its lies.

The Spinning Heart: A Novel

Disturbing and unnerving but ultimately beautiful.


A no-nonsense and informed reckoning with combat.

Viviane: A Novel

At one point, even the baby is "trying to solve the mystery of causes and consequences," which puzzled readers will immediately find relatable.

And the Dark Sacred Night: A Novel

Why Daphne keeps her secret in the 21st century is hard to fathom, and it's just one of the creaking contrivances that fans of Glass' empowering tear-jerkers will have to overlook.

American Romantic

Another brilliant novel from Just: wise, introspective and full of humanity.

The Frangipani Hotel: Fiction

At her best, Kupersmith writes lyrically haunting tales; she's a writer to watch.

Off Course
Kirkus Reviews : Off Course (April 02, 2014)

Sensitive, reflective and uncomfortably true to life, with a wonderfully rich cast of supporting characters.