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She Returns From War

She Returns From War is a strong and gripping story.

Safe From Harm

A lot of authors shy away from the first-person narrative, but when done right, it can elevate a story. That’s certainly true with Safe From Harm; when told from Bear’s perspective, this isn’t just a murder mystery—it’s real life. And honestly, what more could you ask for from good fiction?

The Family Way

Fans of Bowen’s, and of socially realistic historical mysteries, will be quite pleased with this addition to the genre.

The Teleportation Accident: A Novel

The Teleportation Accident is a singular novel — singularly clever, singularly audacious, singularly strange — from a singular, and almost recklessly gifted, young writer. This is not fiction for everyone. But for those who stick with it, it’s a wild and wonderful ride.

Gods and Beasts: A Novel

Gods and Beasts confirms Mina's place at the front of the crime-writing pack.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On

“Contagious” is rarely boring, but it’s too derivative and too clichéd to be genuinely interesting.


It’s Delaware’s confident demeanor as a professional psychologist that largely sets the thriller’s tone, which is cool, brisk and polished.

Why Can't I Be You: A Novel

I highly recommend it and wish Allie lots of success with it.

The Office of Mercy: A Novel

It's hard to miss the echoes of Orwell in Djanikian's dark vision of both the past and the future — and an all too familiar-sounding country without conscience, hope and mercy.

Dreams and Shadows

Dreams and Shadows is a lot of fun, and it is worth reading; and I think that Cargill’s next work will be even better.

Black Sheep

CJ Lyons has plots and subplots galore in this fast-paced thriller but she never moves too fast for the reader to keep up with the fascinating story lines. Terrific writing like this could easily convert me to read thrillers more regularly.

Literary Rogues

A fun book for lovers of literature, Literary Rogues is perfect for those in a reading slump, anyone who likes to prime their palette between books, and/or those who don’t ordinarily enjoy nonfiction.

The Madness Underneath

Strangely, while The Madness Underneath delivered on all counts, the end felt a little flat.

Kirkus Reviews : Illicit (February 26, 2013)

Lots of hot, sexually edgy content and the promise of a romantic happily-ever-after may satisfy some readers in the intended erotic-romance audience.

The Madness Underneath

The London minutiae are utterly engaging, the villains satisfyingly weird and numerous. And there is kissing.

Calculated in Death

On the plus side, Dallas and her zillionaire husband, Roarke, continue to enjoy a great sex life, including one interlude only moments before the denouement. It’s enough to make you nostalgic for the 2060s.

The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow

A fine novel about love, loss, revenge and forgiveness that also touches on themes of race and class discrimination.

Animal Wise: The Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures
Kirkus Reviews : Animal Wise (February 26, 2013)

Although human cognition remains uniquely profound, evolution guarantees that it has a long history, and Morell makes a fascinating, convincing case that even primitive animals give some thought to their actions.

Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal

A well-researched, nonpreachy, worthwhile read.

The Storyteller
Kirkus Reviews : The Storyteller (February 26, 2013)

Still, a fictional testament as horrifying as it is suspenseful.