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Bark: Stories

Moore’s imagination continues circling death and decay, the role of art, the value of humor, and the struggle to live in a rapidly spinning, teetering world.

Bark: Stories

If I’ve made “Bark” sound like no fun at all, all I really mean is that it does its dreading in style. In the world according to Moore — the “planet of the apings,” as one character thinks of it — who could ask for more?

The Book of Jonah

Feldman’s debut is an intermittently rich composite that bristles and prods at the notion of burden – religious, cultural and existential.

Bark: Stories

Looking beyond the cosmetic glimmer of Lorrie Moore’s sentences at times reveals something essentially hollow.

Kinder Than Solitude: A Novel

Whatever her intent, Yiyun Li captures the essence of solitude, building great moats of emptiness around her characters that no one, not even the reader, can breach.

The Headmaster's Wife

While there are a few twists and turns, and while there are some uncomfortable sequences, at its heart, it's a truly lovely exploration of the effects of grief and emotional isolation.

The Sun and Other Stars: A Novel

In his insights, his forthright pain, and his self-deprecating humor, he reminded me of Holden Caulfield, though destined more securely for a happy ending.

Little Failure: A Memoir

He is that rare specimen, a writer who gets better with every book.

Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris

Besides being rich in wicked anecdotes, “Inside a Pearl” is often lightly comic, sometimes even self-mocking.

While Beauty Slept

While it is difficult to say that While Beauty Slept is a brilliant reimagining of a famous fairy tale, it is definitely a creative one.

Girl on the Golden Coin

Jefferson's tale is definitely not dry or boring. This historical fiction is chock full of political machinations and debauchery!

The Ghost of the Mary Celeste: A Novel

Passed from character to character, the thread of Martin’s story at times becomes so thin and frayed that it’s sometimes difficult to grasp.

Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris

Inside A Pearl, for all its faults, is, as always, diverting, affectionate as well as bitchy, and full of tips.

The Sixth Extinction

The Earth will continue, even if it ends up populated by giant rats rather than humans. But the sixth great extinction will alter it for millions of years.

Paws For Murder

We have animals, a touch of possible romance and a puzzle to solve, all set in a wintry small-town where the shops all have cute names – if you like that sort of thing then you should enjoy this.


Burn is a killer conclusion to a wonderful trilogy.

Before I Burn

Throughout, Heivoll exercises restraint, trusting the reader to make the connections between the two story lines.

The Invention of Wings: A Novel

There is a kind of beauty all throughout The Invention of Wings — passages that force an intake of breath and a languid, disbelieving re-read.

Deep Winter: a Novel

Gailey’s writing is the saving grace in this tale of good versus evil.


That Owuor doesn’t provide readers with background on these events makes me wonder if her intended audience is the people who are the most familiar with Kenya’s history.