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Bad Blood

Against the backdrop of the fiercely beautiful wilds of Alaska, within a rich geological and cultural context, Dana Stabenow masterfully weaves a tale of love and rivalry, hatred and murder.

How to Lead a Life of Crime

A fantastic idea that intrigued me however the book didn’t hold up to the impressive happenings as promised in the blurb. How to Lead A Life Of Crime is a book that will finds its fans and detractors, sadly I find myself leaning towards the latter camp and couldn’t really enjoy the story as it was written.


I do not normally tend toward stories featuring androids and aliens, and still Cinder was a compelling read.

Gods of Mischief: My Undercover Vendetta to Take Down the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

This is a great story of redemption and personal triumph and I highly recommend it.

A Future Arrived

As with the first two, Rock's style is gripping and his pacing is phenomenal.

The Office of Mercy: A Novel

This intriguing slice of future drama ends much too soon and will leave readers begging for a sequel, if not a series.

The Burning Air: A Novel

A book that will consume the reader as fully as the bonfire set by the novel’s characters.

The Jackal's Share

A more-than-worthy sequel with deft, complex and believable plotting, tense, gut-wrenching action, and classy literary writing.

Ways of Going Home

The nonlinear, kaleidoscopic quality of Ways Of Going Home seems like an attempt to translate the unique virtues of poetry into prose, a challenge Zambra doesn’t quite meet.

Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories

This book covers war, gender issues, puberty, marriage, and death with such flair and delight that it’s still surprising to realize this is only Russell’s second story collection.


It does leave readers with some questions and fears as the plot moves along, but ultimately the whole of the novel seems like a prelude to the plunge to come --- a necessary book that is deftly written, to be sure.

The Start of Everything: A Novel

The Start of Everything has more than just a grand mystery at its heart. It has characters who are not merely quirky, but also strange. Wonderfully strange.

The Burning Air: A Novel

If you read only one book this year, make it The Burning Air, which is likely to earn Kelly a Pulitzer nomination.

Snow White Must Die

While Snow White Must Die is very much a German novel in its setting, the themes that it addresses are universal, so much so that its wide-ranging popularity is easily understood. The book and its author should, and hopefully will, attain the same level and degree of popularity in the United States as it has experienced elsewhere.

The Riptide Ultra-Glide

The Riptide Ultra-Glide will not disappoint Dorsey’s countless readers.... one cannot help but want to arrange an immediate trip to South Florida after reading one of Dorsey’s high-energy, warts-and-all travelogues in the hope of catching a glimpse of Serge and Coleman.

Farewell, Dorothy Parker

Meister honors Dorothy Parker, her still-fresh political convictions, and her body of witty, insightful work in this very nice literary romp.... Parker was the perfect New Yorker: sharp, witty and eminently quotable. And it is clear that Meister had a lot of responsible fun paying tribute to her.

Deadly Stakes: A Novel

The rapidly moving story makes it a fascinating mystery, full of multiple suspects and numerous possibilities, but one solution. J. A. Jance fans are sure to be entertained by Deadly Stakes and anticipating her next novel.

The Sound of Broken Glass

While the twists and turns of the case are extremely interesting and keep the pages turning rapidly, the real star of the book is the ghostly omnipresence of the long-gone Crystal Palace itself...and the popular music scene that developed around the area in the latter half of the 20th century.

The Night Ranger

Possessed of a ticking clock that gets louder with each successive page, and infused with his accurate and canny vision of the manner in which the world truly works, this book is a new highwater mark for Berenson personally and for the thriller genre at large.

The Power Trip

The Power Trip is one of Collins’s most dynamic novels, perfect for a long-awaited Hollywood movie based on one of her riveting books, and teeming with power and passion.