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The Miniature Wife: and Other Stories

Mr. Gonzales’s stories in this debut collection are so disturbing, you might wish to empty your brain of them more readily.

Black against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party

The most important contribution of "Black Against Empire" is simply to treat the Black Panthers as the serious political and cultural force they were.


With "Prodigy," Lu proves that a Book 2 needn't play second fiddle, providing intrigue and deep pleasure all its own.

Unknown Pleasures

[A] sometimes heartbreaking, always engrossing memoir.

The Starboard Sea

Dermont measures out the stories behind Jason’s twin tragedies coolly, without altering the pace of her well-crafted narrative.

The Real Jane Austen

Austen readers, and scholars, may find what they already know or guess at confirmed; but Byrne is a glad companion to have. Her book is studded with brilliant nuggets; they make the lustre of one of our greatest writers glister even brighter.

How Should a Person Be?

Sheila Heti’s semi-autobiographical novel is a humorous, quixotic quest for selfhood in a generation that sometimes seems defined by celebrity, triviality and Paris Hilton’s sex tapes.

Gun Machine

Gun Machine succeeds in being exactly what it wants to be: a magnificently entertaining gun held to the head of the crime thriller genre.

Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier

Fortress Frontier is a better book than Control Point in almost every way. If you enjoyed Myke Cole’s debut, you should love this sequel.

The Starboard Sea

The Starboard Sea is one of the best books I’ve read in years.

Rules of Civility: A Novel

This is the kind of New York City tale I love. Poor girl tries hard, and with a bit of grit, gains a whole lot of glamour.


There are a few interesting and exciting twists and turns added to this novel. There are killer ladybugs, rides through Paris, and a bunch of religious zealots. No one can complain that there is a lack of twists and turns in this series, as every time you turn around something new is being brought up.

A Cold and Lonely Place: A Novel

A Cold and Lonely Place is excellent both as a mystery and as a novel, but be prepared with a blanket and some hot cocoa before you begin reading!

Driver's Education: A Novel

The result is a satisfying read about the interplay of memories and imagination, the yin-yang of truth and fiction.


Ogawa stands on the shoulders of giants, as another saying goes. But this collection may linger in your mind — it does in mine — as a delicious, perplexing, absorbing and somehow singular experience.

The Last Runaway

For anyone interested in the Underground Railroad and the Pre-Civil War era, The Last Runaway is well worth your book-buying buck.

NW: A Novel

Smith has an ear for dialogue but also for those sneaky little moments when our life changes, when an almost imperceptible but irrevocable shift takes place in our mental picture of the world.

The Prey

It's a perfect cross over for both teen and adult readers.

The Madman's Daughter

Shepherd's debut is a clever and exciting take on Wells's classic and I'd be surprised if it didn't turn a few new readers onto his work.

A Land More Kind Than Home

It's a fast paced and relatively easy read, it's southern fiction featuring a small -- almost insular -- setting, it deals with compelling and thoughtful ideas, and it's extremely well written.