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Alex Cross, Run

Patterson, 20 books into the series, shows no sign of slowing down and gives every indication that he has nowhere near exhausted his supply of ideas or, more importantly, unforgettable characters.

The House Girl

Even with the quibbles, I highly recommend this novel to all readers: literary fiction snobs, consume-them-by-the-dozen mystery fans, or people somewhere in between. Tara Conklin can write, and this will not be the last time we hear her name.

One Last Thing Before I Go: A Novel

One Last Thing Before I Go is a brilliant book. It is warm and funny, original and moving. I laughed out loud and I cried.


Catherine is the true essence of a love story – April Lindner has taken the basis of a classic story and outdone it in every sense. This book is most definitely a permanent fixture on my bookcase.

The Best of All Possible Worlds: A Novel

Overall, the book is entertaining, compact and immersive. The Best of All Possible Worlds stands solidly as a marker in the growth and development of a writer to watch.

The Midwife of Hope River

I really enjoyed The Midwife of Hope River and found the accounts of the births fascinating.

The Day Is Dark

It’s unlikely that many of us will visit Greenland. So Yrsa Sigurdardóttir has done it for us, and the story she began plotting there is a complex tale indeed.

Pivot Point

Pivot Point is the very definition of a pleasant surprise.

After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story

The book’s frustrating circuitousness is offset by Mr. Hainey’s efforts to touch on a story bigger than his own and explain what the clichéd corruption of “the Chicago Way” meant to the news.

A Deniable Death

Serious readers will find in “A Deniable Death” not only suspense, strong characters and a realistic look at the world of espionage, but a majesty that is rare in fiction.

American Isis

Rollyson’s account credibly outlines the claustrophobic effects on Plath of social, familial and marital pressures that may have proved her undoing.

Gone Girl: A Novel

The writing is spot-on in Gone Girl. It is sharp and witty and edgy.

American Elsewhere

This is one of those stories that puts the reader on the wrong foot several times, starting with recognizable elements and then gradually adding to the weirdness factor until, by the end, your head is spinning.

American Elsewhere

Although I found The Troupe to be a stronger novel, American Elsewhere is also a superb novel in and of its own merits. The unsettling moments and possibilities hinted at in this novel have me excited to read more of Bennett’s work.

A Natural History of Dragons

There's no obvious antagonist to defeat beyond lack of understanding, but what makes A Natural History of Dragons so riveting is Isabella's quest not just to better understand dragons, no matter the cost, but to understand the metaphorical dragon in herself. I found the book completely engrossing, and I can't wait for the next installment.

Whispers Under Ground

I find the mysteries in this series are extremely well plotted. Again, the mix of real, police procedural and magic makes it a fun twist on the typical mystery. It's a fun blend for a lot of reasons but most of all because Grant's powers allow him to bend the rules of regular police work. I find the interaction between the Folly and the regular officers to be quite fun as well.

Last Days

I recommend checking Last Days out with a bevy of lamps, long before bedtime.

The Dinner

The best part about The Dinner was this tension taking place above the plates. As the meal wore on, I realized I couldn't get up from the table.

The Jackal's Share

The fact that there's corruption aplenty around the globe and that Webster seems to have stamina in reserve is terrific news for fans of first-class thrillers.

Farewell, Dorothy Parker

As self-empowerment romantic comedies go, this perfectly pleasant one hits all the predictable marks.