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Attempting Normal

Maron doesn’t seem like a guy who runs out of things to say. He has an incredible memoir waiting inside him. Attempting Normal isn’t it, but there’s still time.

Crap Kingdom

It’s entertaining and funny, while whipping in a strong message about how life goals can frequently be fulfilled via unexpected, character-building routes.

The Civil War in 50 Objects

A valuable addition to the popular literature of the Civil War, well-conceived and packaged.

Silenced: A Novel

Silenced presents a rich and complex puzzle. However, Ohlsson... skillfully deals out the elements of the story piecemeal, never for a moment leaving the reader lost or confused while always keeping things interesting with the ensemble’s personal and professional problems.

The Forever Knight

Marco has trimmed down the page count substantially, but that has done nothing to diminish the epic feel of his story. In the past, one of his greatest strengths was in crafting thick epics that read swiftly. Now he has penned a small book that feels epic but still has the quickness, and is distilled down to providing a quality story.

The Scrivener's Tale

Each page is colored with imagination and will engage you until the last chapter ends. And you will be better for the journey.

Criminal Enterprise

Once you start reading Criminal Enterprise, you won’t think about stopping until you’ve finished this tale by a brilliant and engaging storyteller.

Helsinki Blood

For those who picture Finland as a dull sort of place where little but fishing occurs, an afternoon with Thompson and Helsinki Blood will change your waking and sleeping impressions of that country forever.

Screwed: A Novel

Incredible imagination won’t suffice to solve this spectacular whodunit, a five-star story in the vein of Dave Barry that has more twists and turns than a California cloverleaf. Tell everyone you know to get Screwed. Better still, buy a copy of it.

A Bat in the Belfry: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery

The latest addition to the A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery series holds up well, delighting fans with an intriguing puzzle, well-drawn characters, and an irresistible setting.

Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences is an entertaining read, with many familiar characters and new ones to spice up the international panorama.

The Woman Upstairs

The Woman Upstairs is a thoughtful, quiet novel about the need for fulfillment and the search for reasons to keep from climbing onto the roof.

12th of Never

What really puts this book over the top for me is that the solution to one of the several mysteries propelling the story totally caught me by surprise.

Allah is Not Obliged

Read it because there is so much to admire and dislike and forgive in the characters of Birahima and the other child soldiers.

The Elite

I truly enjoyed Kiera Cass's The Selection, and especially loved returning to the series with The Elite. It's just so much fun!

The Woman Upstairs

The dense, self-reflexive writing and the willfully commercial plot combine here to create what is, in the end, an intriguing but ungainly Frankenstein monster of a novel.

The Mothers: A Novel

"The Mothers" is a lunatic lullaby about one woman's desire for a baby and for the transformative magic she hopes that child will bring.

Assassin's Gambit

it was great to see a book tackle spectrum of issues that are raised between a conquering and oppressed people.

Table for Seven: A Novel

The story moves along briskly, the characters seem real and the ending satisfying. And the description of the food is mouth-watering.

Big Brother

Unlikeable but compelling.