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Man of War: My Adventures in the World of Historical Reenactment

Schroeder suffers physically for his material, and he’s a good color reporter, but it’s hard not to wish he’d eliminated all cutesy interjections entirely and mused a little harder on the meaning of his travels, rather than hurriedly finding ways to celebrate the quirky best in his generous hosts.

A Sense of Direction: Pilgrimage for the Restless and the Hopeful

While the day-to-day stories of his journeys around the world have moments of brilliant philosophical insight, A Sense Of Direction is caught between genres instead of forming a new mix of both.

We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency

We Are Anonymous is an eminently human tale.

The Red House: A Novel

Haddon remains an acute, wonderful observer of human nature, but his tendency to rush off to the next thing leaves readers staring at the little people running around his literary dollhouse, and wishing for the ability to zoom in on one room for a bit longer.

Gone Girl: A Novel

A relentless page-turner, Gone Girl revels in the lack of happy outcomes for its ill-fated couple, whose terrifying normalcy is slowly peeled away, with financial woes and family arguments coming to light.

The Forever Marriage

Bauer crafts an insightful story that is uncomfortable and bleak, but well-written.

It’s a journey well worth taking.

If I Die

I thought at times the writing was a little melodramatic, but that's to be expected when everyone is doing big tragic speeches. It's not something I like to read, but it probably worked for a lot of readers.


Please don’t let the slightly odd description of the book have you thinking this isn’t a great contemporary, because it definitely is.

Mister Creecher

Full of secrets and suspense Mister Creecher is the perfect book for people who enjoy quests, friendship and surprises all wound into one thrilling tale.

The Obamians: The Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power

Put it this way: The Obamians is a sometimes contradictory book about a sometimes contradictory foreign policy in a wildly contradictory world

The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D.: A Novel

Bernier’s excellent storytelling skills will keep you pondering long after the final page.


Deadlocked has no plot, none whatsoever. Nor does it have anything else going for it that may keep the reader’s attention.


“Canada” is a tale of what happens when we cross certain lines and can never go back. It is an examination of the redemptive power of articulated memory, and it is a masterwork by one of our finest writers working at the top of his form.

A.V. Club : Canada (June 11, 2012)

Canada is a survivor’s story. Each sentence is an acceptance of the turns Dell has taken since the day Bev Parsons left the house with his gun. It’s a chronicle of how to live, constructed around the opposite choice.

A Calm Brain: How to Relax into a Stress-Free, High-Powered Life

A welcome alternative approach to overtaxing our brains and then reaching for the pill bottle—should warrant serious attention.

The Vindico
Kirkus Reviews : The Vindico (April 18, 2012)

For real super-villain fun, skip this and go back to Catherine Jinks’ Evil Genius (2007) and sequels.

Keeping The Castle

While the happy ending comes as no surprise, the path to it is funny as well as satisfying, with many nods to Jane Austen along the way.

Keep Holding On

Emotionally satisfying from beginning to end.