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MOONGLOW is sure to be easily enjoyed by readers of romance, urban fantasy and historicals.

The Taken

Fans of Pettersson will certainly enjoy THE TAKEN, but with its toned-down fantasy and more cheerful heroine giving the story broader appeal, I think many more readers will be taken with Pettersson

The Kingdom

The story is again slow to get going in the beginning, but once it catches momentum, it’s hard to stop.

The Lady Is a Vamp

Fans of the Argeneau series need to run fast for this one. Lynsay Sands proved that her fanged heroes and heroines still have some play in them yet.

Team Human

If you’re after a quick read with a plenty of teen laughs, Team Human can do the trick.


Firelight is a dark and enthralling tale of passion and secrets


This novel is a surprising mix of classic themes and innovative world building

The Long Earth

Furthermore, Pratchett fans may be disappointed by the book’s style – serious and devoid of the Disc World’s light-hearted humor.

Venom in Her Veins: A Forgotten Realms Novel

Tim Pratt lures you in with his writing style and penchant for the dramatic and dangerous.

Some Kind of Fairy Tale: A Novel

Some Kind of Fairy Tale is an understated modern classic, a subtle and yet voluble tale that manages to mix modern day madness with fairy tale fascination.

The Rook: A Novel

This is not The Bourne Identity for sf/urban fantasy fans

Blue Remembered Earth

If the book suffers, it’s only from a slightly off-kilter balance of mystery vs. wonder

Lucky Bastard

I know I had a fair share of complaints, but the book was so easy to read and so much fun in a very many parts that I would definitely recommend it to anyone remotely intrigued by the premise.

Scourge of the Betrayer

I honestly thought I would rate Scourge lower, but there really isn't anything to complain about and I have no clue what I was thinking.

The Dog Stars

In some ways, The Dog Stars by Peter Heller is a cozy sort of post-apocalyptic novel.

The Madness Season

The President's Vampire

To put it bluntly, there’s nothing new on offer.

The Traitor's Daughter

The Traitor’s Daughter is a sweeping epic that is vivid and compelling.

The Ruined City

Most of this book feels as though it is setting up for the events in the final installment and would not serve well as a standalone book.