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I enjoyed the story enough. It was really entertaining and I think that the series has a lot of potential.

The Cutting Season

The book’s best feature is its plantation pageantry, along with the blindingly swoony reactions it prompts on all sides of the social and racial divide.

The Shadow Girls: A Novel

It is both passionate and entertaining – and a strong indication that the Swedish are not as lugubrious as their crime fiction makes them out to be.

Telegraph Avenue

“Telegraph Avenue” often feels as though it requires more labor than it deserves.

How to Bake a Perfect Life: A Novel

Reading this book myself made me agree with the judges of the RITA competition; this book definitely deserved to win the award it did.

Blue Remembered Earth

Reynolds is among the first guard of practitioners of the New Space Opera, a flourishing literary movement that began as a mostly British phenomenon.


Robinson’s vision of the settlement of outer space is significantly more precarious and austere


But in place of Stephenson’s obsessive ravelings and unravelings of information theory, Harkaway deploys scientific and science-fictional conceits as just more — and yet more and more — ornamentation

The Map of the Sky

I look forward to the next book in the trilogy to see what adventure Wells finds himself on next. But until then, I definitely plan to pick up The Map of Time and catch up on the world of Felix J. Palma. Past, present, or future, it is a world this reader enjoyed spending some time in!

The Map of the Sky

With such rich detail and well-wrought narratives, each part of The Map of Time could have been its own complete story, marketed as a trilogy.

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls

A thoroughgoing ickfest, elevated by vulnerable but resilient young characters and capped by a righteously ominous closing twist.


I won’t say anymore, but this: go for the ride!! While it may not be “adult-steamy” in that sense, your “crush-button” will be fully activated (and it’s plenty… steamy in it’s own way). This series is a “butterflies-in-your-stomach-maker”. It totally is.


Humor, used deftly, enriches prose, warms us to characters, and causes the tightest plot thread to loosen agreeably.


Angelmaker will certainly make it on my short list of best adult fiction for the year

Kirkus Reviews : Angelmaker (September 05, 2012)

A touch early in the season for a beach book, though just the kind of thing to laugh at away from polite society. Top-notch.


Angelmaker is a beautiful chimera, the sort of pulp fiction novel you can show your snobby literati friends and not fear criticism.

Clean: A Mindspace Investigations Novel

Sci fi fans will love the tech elements and superhero mind powers of those with Ability, like the hero, and urban fantasy fans will enjoy the character development and the possibility of a future romance.

Kitty and The Midnight Hour

If you’re looking for urban fantasy to give you some food for thought, KITTY AND THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is the book for you.


Upon finish "Endgame", i was equal parts super sad, and equal parts thoroughly satisfied.