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Beyond the Blue Horizon: How the Earliest Mariners Unlocked the Secrets of the Oceans

This book will undoubtedly be a pleasure for anyone interested in history and anthropology.


Androids aren’t anything new in SF, but Madeline Ashby gives the concept a surprising spin in vN.

Kirkus Reviews : Haven (July 15, 2012)

A paranormal thriller that’s sure to please both Hooper’s fans and those who like the genre.

Ten Girls to Watch: A Novel

A winning debut featuring the kind of witty, appealing good girl that captures readers' hearts.

You & Me
Kirkus Reviews : You & Me (July 15, 2012)

An irreverent, goofball, witty and surprisingly compelling experiment.

The Language of Sisters

Readers who prefer fiction that provides much simpler resolutions than life ever does will like Hatvany’s once-over-lightly approach just fine.

Kirkus Reviews : Triburbia (July 01, 2012)

A soapy portrait of pre-economic-crisis Manhattan.

Fifty Shames of Earl Grey: A Parody

Anna may learn to laugh with, instead of at, Grey, but the constant lampooning leaves the reader numb.

The Chocolate Thief

The Chocolate Thief is for days when you lust not for wisdom, but for a bar of chocolate — at any price — and a hero who understands what is truly important.


Madeline Ashby's debut novel blew my mind and I can't imagine where she'll go next.


Littered with numerous pop-culture and literary references, from the obvious (Dick, Asimov, Terminator 2, The Matrix) to the more unexpected (The Prisoner), Ashby’s story follows the fate of Amy, an immature humanoid android, on the run...


If you pick it up (and I recommend you do), expect to find a world thick with meaning and humour, elegantly packaged in an eminently readable adventure.


It's disturbing and sometimes upsetting — but the ending is a giant insane weird thrill that makes the whole thing pay off.

Robopocalypse: A Novel

Robopocalypse is a techno-thriller whose title pretty much highlights what to expect.


McCarthy’s Subterrene War is proving to be smart and not quite like much of the Military SF that preceded it in the right ways just as it echoes many of the themes, following those same predecessors in spirit.