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Gun Guys: A Road Trip

"Gun Guys" is a thoughtful, well-reasoned antidote to the polarized hysteria that currently passes for a national gun debate. By the end of the book, Baum arrives at something that feels truly fresh: a middle ground on guns.

This Is Running for Your Life

For the most part, though, Orange tackles disparate elements with ease, and her essay collection is smart, funny and fiercely original.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia: A Novel

This deadly Asian story of how to succeed in business while really trying finally delivers You to a very different place than he set out to reach decades earlier.

The Teleportation Accident: A Novel

Endlessly witty and furiously inventive, Ned Beauman’s second novel might well fly away on the wings of its hilariously intricate plot were it not for the characters’ firm attachment to the earthly delights of drink, dope and general debauch.

The Fun Parts

The fun parts? Sure, the fun parts. And pretty much everything else, too.

Shouting Won't Help

Bouton’s advice is sound, but the science is occasionally wobbly, probably because she receives conflicting information from audiologists and geneticists, who possess their own vocabularies when it comes to hearing.

An Enlarged Heart: A Personal History

There were moments throughout “An Enlarged Heart” that reminded me of Didion at her elegiac best, which is perhaps the finest compliment I know how to pay an essayist.

Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles: A Novel

The first two-thirds of the novel are dramatically more plausible than the final third. Once the book becomes a runaway bestseller, the story seems contrived.

Blood's Pride

Unfortunately, Blood’s Pride suffered from inconsistencies throughout the novel and a clear vision of what kind of story it wanted to tell, whilst the stakes did not come across to me as high or fearful.

A Conspiracy of Alchemists

If you take pleasure in your steampunk being full of mechanical chicanery, alchemist anarchy, hot airship action, romance, tea and cake, with a touch of the supernatural thrown in, this is one you’ll enjoy a great deal.

Evil in All Its Disguises

The devil is in the details in Evil In All Its Disguises, and I should probably warn you, losing sleep in order to finish this one is almost a certainty.

On the Edge

At the end, one realizes On the Edge is really astounding with a last third that completely turns things on their head, makes rereading the novel a must as well as makes one marvel at the little touches you do not see the first time but which get a lot of significance once you know what's really what, not to speak of the control of the author as the reveals and storyline go.

I Am Forbidden: A Novel

Markovits's storytelling is informative and interesting, her plot completely gripping.

We Live in Water

Jess Walter's latest book, We Live in Water, is a slender, clean, and beautiful collection of stories linked by just enough tissue and membrane to make the book a satisfying whole -- more than the sum of its parts.

The Best of All Possible Worlds: A Novel

The Best Of All Possible Worlds can’t help but feel trifling, given the depth possible within Lord’s marvelously formed universe.


The stupendously messy Hopper fails to do justice to its subject, turning him into an excuse for sub-workshop sentences.

Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing

The writers back all their surprising or controversial findings with research, and they adeptly provide a frame to turn that science into an easy, highly satisfying read.

The Obituary Writer: A Novel

Hood’s fluent storytelling and empathy will ensure popularity, but her heroines’ destinies are devoid of surprises.

Dreams and Shadows

Thoroughly engrossing, Dreams and Shadows is fantasy full of all the gritty details you want and need from a story like this.

The Office of Mercy: A Novel

The Office of Mercy is filled with action yet interwoven with quiet scenes that invite contemplation, which makes it a thought-provoking page-turner that lingers in readers’ minds long after they have closed the book for the last time.