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Adeline: A Novel of Virginia Woolf

Does Woolf really get so much positive attention that Vincent’s uncharitable portrait provides a needed corrective?


Reeves reserves the heart of his book — and rightfully so — for a narrative of the heartbreaking experiences of evacuated individuals and families.

One of Us

As Seierstad so eloquently and painfully illustrates, even in the heart of prosperous Scandinavia, history has returned with a vengeance.

The Road to Character: The Humble Journey to an Excellent Life

For what Brooks’s solemn, often troubled, sometimes infuriating work reminds us is that there are few newspaper columnists who are more fun — and fruitful — to argue with. Putting the book down, I realized that it had never so excited me as when I was convinced that it was wrong.

On Elizabeth Bishop

It hums instead of crows. Its pull on the reader is almost tidal.

The Blondes
Kirkus Reviews : The Blondes (April 21, 2015)

A nail-biter that is equal parts suspense, science fiction, and a funny, dark sendup of the stranglehold of gender.

Beauty's Kingdom

Hard-core? Yes. Overwritten? For sure. Guilty pleasure? Absolutely.

After Birth

Despite Ari’s hardships, After Birth is very much the battle cry of a fortunate, middle-class mother and sometimes smacks of privilege.

A Desperate Fortune

Kearsley is fast becoming a favorite author of mine, and A DESPERATE FORTUNE did not disappoint. I enjoy the bits of romance and how she brings to life each character. In fact, I haven’t found one character yet that I don’t like.

The Liar
Bookreporter : The Liar (April 17, 2015)

The Liar is undoubtedly one of Nora Roberts' best works, and proves that even after the plethora of bestsellers she's penned, she still has plenty of riveting tales to tell.

Whispering Shadows: A Novel

Whispering Shadows is wonderfully told and beautifully written. The ending is a surprise, a nugget that one hardly expects to find at the end of a path full of thorns.

House of Echoes: A Novel

The calendar may say it’s spring, but bundle up when reading Brendan Duffy’s debut novel; it’s truly bone-chilling.

I Was a Child: A Memoir

Blending text with his own distinctive cartoons, Kaplan manages to hit every note on the emotional scale, careening from slapstick one moment to heartbreak the next.

The Grace of Kings

There are such excellent things about The Grace of Kings and the book gets better and better toward the ending. The female characters, when they appear, are wonderful.

The caveman

It’s a thought-provoking book – and, as in the gripping climax, an exciting one, as the two investigations merge in a well-engineered and entirely unexpected way.

A Crown for Cold Silver

A Crown for Cold Silver drags epic fantasy through the mud — but it does so with wit, wonder and wisdom.

The Fishermen: A Novel

This is a dark and beautiful book by a writer with seemingly endless promise.

The Dead Lands: A Novel

His story of broken weirdos wandering a dead America in search of a better life is a great read no matter how you approach it.

Natural Born Heroes: How a Daring Band of Misfits Mastered the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance

His personal quest to "rewild the psyche" might seem an awkward fit with war storytelling. But under McDougall's sure hand the combination improbably works.