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Peter Pan Must Die: A Novel

Verdon has created something here that rivals the best of the mystery/thriller genre!

The Paying Guests

In “The Paying Guests,” Waters tilts a mirror toward the decades of gay and lesbian struggle that preceded last year’s landmark decisions: In its world, as in trench warfare, the idea of victory pixelates into a thousand tiny moments of shared survival.

Bad Feminist

Gay writes with authority, conviction and a spirit of rising up against stereotypes and labels.


There's plenty of space left for sequels in both halves of Afterworlds: Like Darcy's demanding publisher, readers may hope this book branches out into a full-fledged franchise.

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

Generally, these stories succeed best where they are furthest away from the machinery of their plots and devices.

The Bodies We Wear

Not perfectly constructed, but Faye’s strong yet flawed character is worth getting to know.

Women in Clothes

Women in Clothes is a godsend for women who don’t feel fashionable by fashion’s standards. It’s a bible of how to dress, specifically because it isn’t.

Getting Even

Getting Even is a great read for fans who love a good revenge plot

Silence Once Begun: A Novel

Silence Once Begun has all the trappings of an experiment in intermediated, post-narrative storytelling, but lacks the core that either satisfies with a complete story told despite the absence of traditional structures, or the frustration of a mystery left open by the meta-realism of a fragmented narrative.

City of Stairs

City of Stairs is just shy of utter perfection for two reasons. The second half comes with several moments of clunky exposition in marked contrast with the sophisticated first half of the novel. It actually dangerously veers toward “idiot lecture” i.e. let’s make sure our readers understand exactly what we are doing here.

Son of a Gun: A Memoir

From those acts of grotesque and unfathomable brutality, St. Germain has created a work of austere, luminous beauty.

Son of a Gun: A Memoir

If the brilliance of “Son of a Gun” lies in its restraint, its importance lies in the generosity of the author’s insights.