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Hostile Takeover: A John Lago Thriller

It’ll be a steep trip back to the top, and like anyone who’s ever ridden the corporate elevator, you don’t get to the penthouse without first starting in the basement.


Newkirk’s dispassionate, powerfully understated writing lets her sorrowful account speak for itself.

Nabokov in America: On the Road to Lolita

In his American books, Roper concludes, in a claim more applicable to “Lolita” than to “Pnin” or “Pale Fire,” “a veritable American reality” reigns.

Flask of the Drunken Master

If you're a fan of historicals and fun mysteries, I definitely suggest giving this series a try. They're not quite cozy but are light enough to appeal to both cozy and darker fans.

The Devil You Know

In terms of a woman discovering herself and what she wants from the world and herself, The Devil You Know tells a great story.

The Making of Zombie Wars

Though the prose is exhilarating and punchy, we’ve seen this story of the privileged white boy stumbling toward maturity too many times.

The Captive Condition: A Novel

If the lighter side of death and depravity isn’t your thing, you should probably steer clear of it, but for everyone else who digs sharply written satire with a bit of a gruesome and unsettling edge, you’re going to really enjoy The Captive Condition.

Vanishing Games: A novel

An entertaining romp but from an author who’s done more stylish work.

After the Storm

Lies and murder in the face of love make for a powerful motive.

Sympathy For The Devil

Sympathy For The Devil is a thriller for the 21st century, rooted in harsh reality, packed with action and great characters.

The Book of Life: A Novel

In general I was satisfied with how the book ended and was more than happy with how the series evolved, but I just wanted more.

The Silent Hours

This beautifully written debut is a heart-breaking story about love, terrible loss and being exposed to unimaginable horror. I loved it.


An essential read for all, this book confronts the things we, thanks to the media, accept as beautiful, challenges the word ‘thin’ and utterly and beautifully embraces the fabulous world of just quite simply being you.


If the book was placed in this time, the plot would have been very believable, but because I wasn’t told when it happened so had trouble interpreting whether the plot was believable or not.

Those Girls

A disturbing, emotionally powerful read. Probably one of her best novels to date.


Robinson creates an absolutely convincing population of generations yielding to generations, and he imagines an absolutely convincing shipboard environment of various biomes modeled on Earth, from the Arctic to the pampas.

The Love She Left Behind: A Novel

what remains in Coe's pared-down universe of mourning and resentment is a biting sense of the general awfulness of people under stress and the necessity of judging one person's bad choices against the bad choices being made by the people all around them.


Speak is one of a kind, the type of novel that seemingly comes out of nowhere and hits like a thunderbolt.