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Alias Hook

The ending and the price that Hook and Stella must pay in order to leave Neverland might annoy or anger some. But it does give them a fresh start while both seemed to have retained at least the valuable lessons learned if not how they learned them.

The River of No Return

I was thoroughly entertained and I especially appreciate that the novel kept me reading (and reading fast at that) at a time when other books did not engage me.

Bound by Night

Book Review and Giveaway: Landline


Overall, I enjoyed Landline and Rainbow kept me guessing to the very end, turning the pages in anticipation of what would come next.

I Kill the Mockingbird

There is a really cool positive energy running through I Kill the Mockingbird.

The Never Never Sisters

If you’re looking for a beach read that is fast and entertaining, then by all means pick up a copy of The Never Never Sisters.


As a way to while away time on a flight, Illusive fills that need. As a form of intense, heart-pounding entertainment, it fails to make the grade.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

As described by Mr. Koryta, the fire and the lightning bolts turn out to be (pardon the expression) illuminating. This novel’s knowledge about the ways that forest fires move is another of its unexpected bonuses.

My Salinger Year

If you’re fascinated with J.D. Salinger, the 90?s, New York and/or publishing, you’ll love My Salinger Year.

A Triple Knot: A Novel

A Triple Knot is engaging both because of the nature of the story (secret marriages, political manipulation... what's not to love?!) and because of Campion's great characterization.

Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution

This book is funny and cheeky ( "You can plan a lot of damage from a kitchen, it's where the knives are kept") and refreshingly generous.

The Humans: A Novel

Matt Haig is a supreme talent and a writer to cherish, and The Humans is undoubtedly his magnum opus.

The Intel Trinity

The key problem with The Intel Trinity, however, is that Malone’s storytelling will do little to disabuse his more sceptical readers of the assumption that electrical engineering is fairly dry stuff.

AIDS: Don't Die of Prejudice

Fowler writes clearly but, as a former journalist, he could have spent longer in his research, uncovering original stories rather than blandly paraphrasing reports and interviews conducted during rapid trips.

In the End

In the End was yet another disappointing end to a formerly promising series. I still highly recommend In the After, but would steer clear of this second book.

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club

Genevieve Valentine, I hope you have a long, fruitful career writing more characters like these. Please and thank you.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing is truly a gorgeous novel. The writing is outstanding. Intense, emotionally wrought, and with an attention to detail that rivals Gus’ own, Ms. Black makes readers become part of the story.

The Butcher

The Butcher is an adequate thriller. The story itself is interesting and exciting, but there are enough issues to prevent the story from being a great one.


A worthy addition to the list and one which kept me reading.

Pills and Starships

The pleasure of this book is how Millet creates a world that seems eerily similar to the one we live in now.