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F: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : F (September 01, 2014)

German writer Kehlmann takes us on a strange and enigmatic journey here.

The Bone Clocks: A Novel

He writes with a furious intensity and slapped-awake vitality, with a delight in language and all the rabbit holes of experience, that no new media could begin to rival.

The Birth of Korean Cool

“The Birth of Korean Cool” is an excellent case study of calculated entrepreneurial moxie, and I can’t entirely knock the author’s hustle in vying for broader appeal.

Dear Committee Members: A novel

I do hope you’ll take a moment to pass this book on to others. If you are so inclined, feel free to include a note.

Astonish Me: A novel

There is so much drama and heartfelt emotion in the story and I loved every page of it.

Love in the Time of Global Warming

Love in the Time of Global Warming is full of magic and love and sacrifice that I didn’t want it to end. I am so eager to get lost in Block’s world again and I won’t wait a decade to revisit my secret friend.

The Bone Clocks: A Novel

For all the dystopia, and the mysticism, and the wild and clanging noise, and the flights of invention that have taken place in this extraordinary fun house of a novel, Mitchell's novel-writing rules allow him to retain his great sensitivity toward his main character from start to finish.


In terms of being realistic, well written, and effective, however, Justin Taylor most certainly has accomplished that.

One Plus One: A Novel

One Plus One was a memorable story that was incredibly hard to put down once I got going with it. I have been recommending it to everyone and will continue to do so!

Between the Spark and the Burn

If you imagine a Stephen King story written for the YA set in a gothic style, you’ll get this book. I think the two books together make a fabulous whole. And if you were like me, and viewed the romance in the first book with distaste, know this book will satisfy you

The Long Way Home

Here, the stately pacing dovetails nicely with the theme of Gamache’s slow regeneration, as he’s drawn back into life after his traumatic recent cases.

The Bone Clocks: A Novel

Rich in detail and incident, funny, rueful and terrifying by turns, “The Bone Clocks” is a tour de force, deeply enjoyable as both a literary puzzle and the story of one remarkable woman across nearly six tempestuous decades.

Mr. Gwyn

The two intriguingly interconnected novellas that make up “Mr. Gwyn” are beguilingly strange, somewhat reminiscent of Haruki Murakami’s fiction in the way they wander in what’s actually a tightly controlled simulation of aimlessness.

Before, During, After

For all the novel’s lovely description of romance “before,” Bausch is even more insightful when he follows the corrosive effects of anxiety “after.”

Bad Feminist

When she was younger, Gay turned her back on feminism (hence her title). With this book, she has made up ground. Her place in the sisterhood is secure.

Circle of Stones

Elegant, admirable and thought-provoking—but not, alas, engaging.

One Evening in Paris

This is a beautiful, old-fashioned, simplistic love story, set in modern day Paris that will restore your child-like belief that anything can happen, no matter how surreal or magical.

Ruby: A Novel

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

Mortal Danger

I just hope future volumes have better pacing so that those huge character changing moments have some impact instead of coming and going much in the same way as a mention that Edie went on a jog.