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Island of a Thousand Mirrors

The devastation in “Island of a Thousand Mirrors” gets delivered in a captivating story tempered with sensuality and moments of grace.

Wittgenstein Jr

Iyer is to be applauded for his spare style, but Beckett, at his finest, was much more cryptic and laconic; however, Iyer wins on laughs.

We Are Water
Kirkus Reviews : We Are Water (October 03, 2013)

We all know that life is tangled and messy. Still, in reminding readers of this fact, Lamb turns in a satisfyingly grown-up story, elegantly written.

City of Stairs

As someone with a deep and abiding interest in war, colonialism, power, genocide, oppression, and a love of bad-ass monster killing scenes, City of Stairs was just the right mix of awesome for me.

Broken Monsters

If you fancy something well written, disturbingly dark but with some real depth, then Broken Monsters is it.

The Tottenham Outrage

I lapped up The Tottenham Outrage: jam-packed both with characters and with character: funny, vivacious and enthralling.

The Zone of Interest: A novel

He has turned his copious talent into writing something east of history, beyond nightmare, and somewhere north of the conventional wisdom about the nature of hell.

Perfidia: A novel

His is still an awe-inspiring artistic vision and this is a novel that should surely be read by new readers as well as fans.

Wittgenstein Jr

Wittgenstein Jr is as much a satire on the contemporary academy as it is an existential novel of ideas. But it is also a love story.

Friendswood: A Novel

While this novel is compassionate and haunting, it is unlikely the real Friendswood’s real estate agents will be handing out free copies.

Stone Mattress: Nine Tales

Although the stone mattress will not produce restful dreams, its literary and imaginative pleasures are abundant.

The Children Act

The Children Act is a good novel. Too neat, too tidy, not a jazzy flourish in sight, but one could do much worse than an unremarkable book by McEwan.

The Children Act

The intimate glimpse into the world of the High Court, the portrayal of a couple fighting to save their marriage even as they fight each other: these storylines make The Children Act worth reading, and more than once. It’s the timeworn tale of the too-good-to-be-fully-human invalid that unfortunately, doesn't do the Judge any justice.

Perfidia: A novel

It's business as usual—the business of masterful storytelling on an enormous scale. Nobody does it like Ellroy. Grok its groin-grabbing gravity.

Stone Mattress: Nine Tales

Stone Mattress is therefore an infinitely rich read, one certain to please old fans, or in my case, make new ones. Definitely pick up this book.

Broken Monsters

This is proper horror, with the requisite amount of killings, and this is proper crime, with clues and red herrings and scumbag journalists trying to get rich on YouTube. The fact that both exist in the same novel doesn’t make it a mash up. It makes it a fresh, super-fun read.

Love Me Back: A Novel

Ultimately, Love Me Back should be a tale of heartbreak and inevitable redemption, but thankfully Tierce realizes there’s no such thing as atonement, there’s only the next shift.

The Bone Clocks: A Novel

I thought it an excellent read, highly original and very well told, even it does occasionally stray too close to Dan Brown territory.

Law of the Jungle: The $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who'd Stop at Nothing to Win

“Law of the Jungle” is a cautionary tale that supports the wisdom of skepticism about the claims we hear.