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A Drop of Night

A Drop of Night wasn't awful by any stretch. It was enjoyable, just not terribly memorable.

My Sunshine Away

It's something of a mystery as well and more than a little bit of a love letter to south Louisiana.

The Shadow Queen

If you are a fan of Snow White or love fairytale retellings, this will probably be a satisfying read. If you want the familiar feel of Snow White, yet with a unique twist, you will probably be disappointed.

The North Water

A great white shark of a book — swift, terrifying, relentless and unstoppable.

And After Many Days: A Novel

In the absence of plot, however, the novel gathers a different kind of energy, and a political subplot.

Save Room for Pie

Curmudgeons like me will happily munch on the prose and leave everything ragged right for those with an appetite for it.

Lust & Wonder

I’m happy to see Augusten Burroughs happy. It took 40-some years for him to finally catch a break. And his fans will cheer this, too.

Alligator Candy: A Memoir

The book strains, at times, to extrapolate broader lessons from what happened. It needn’t; the study of a family in extremis is enough.

The Summer Before the War: A Novel

The book is prettily written, with charming descriptions and bits of historical detail.

Rush Oh!

Barrett offers us a fresh and subversive take on a genre traditionally owned by male leviathans like Melville and Hemingway.

A Place Called Winter

Gale’s generally nimble language is alternately as breezy as an E.M. Forster drawing room and as unyielding as the pre-climate-change Canadian north.

Burning Down the House: A novel

Mendelsohn has constructed her narrative well and disposed of her characters according to their karmic deserts, but she has let her romantic sensibilities overpower her artistic judgment.

The Finest Traditions of My Calling: One Physician's Search for the Renewal of Medicine

He writes beautifully, in a lucid prose as notable for its process as its conclusions: The reader can actually watch him think.

Tuesday Nights in 1980

Her book falls neatly into the current New York grit nostalgia, captured in Garth Risk Hallberg’s “City on Fire” and HBO’s “Vinyl.”

The Bed Moved: Stories

If these stories are not the real thing, they’re such a good imitation of it that the distinction is meaningless.

The Little Red Chairs

The reach of this novel is far darker than most of O’Brien’s subject matter, and there is something courageous in her willingness to engage with such horror.

So Sad Today: Personal Essays

Her poignant (and at times profane) writing remains a wonderful antidote to a constant stream of other people’s touted successes, delivered with generosity and without any judgment.

Glory over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House

Absolutely spectacular. I want more.

Twisted River: A Novel

Our perception as readers begins in one inevitable place and changes almost with each new chapter, making Twisted River a truly twisted and surprising read. And I loved every minute of it!

Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors and Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City

If you're looking to explore Italian food in greater detail or have visited and tasted Rome's food already, Tasting Rome is a great choice!