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Arnett continues to create a fascinating galaxy for her characters to inhabit and the space adventures continue to excite.

My Father's Wives

Much dribbling punctuated by a few slam dunks.

The Rabbit Back Literature Society

Has some Twin Peaks moments even if it tries a little too hard. Still, read with all the lights on!

The Same Sky: A Novel

Earnest and well-told. Heartstrings will be pulled.

The Accidental Countess

Worthy of a novelette, perhaps, or a novella if you try hard, but when nothing stands between the characters except stupidity, misunderstandings, lack of communication, and general jiggery-pokery, you’re not going to have a novel that reads well.

The Evil Hours: A Biography of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Kirkus Reviews : The Evil Hours (January 20, 2015)

An eye-opening investigation of war’s casualties.

Baltimore Blues

As a series kick off, it works perfectly. Tess is engaging and stands out - an athletic and inquisitive woman who's more than a bit judgmental but incredibly clever.

The Rabbit Back Literature Society

It’s one of those rare books that trusts its readers far more than it should, allowing them to piece together clues and suggestions without providing easy answers.

Ships, Clocks, and Stars

Whether called by a love of seamanship and navigation, an attraction to science and technology, or an appreciation of 18th- and 19th-century history, a wide range of readers is sure to enjoy this beautiful book.

Uncle Janice: A Novel
Bookreporter : Uncle Janice (January 17, 2015)

Uncle Janice is more of a character study than a work of crime fiction, but has enough elements of both to attract readers willing to cross genre borders.

The Undertaker's Daughter

Mayfield finds her stride in this evocative return to the 1960s, to a society that dared not speak of disease, disability or difference to a South not yet liberated from racism, despite the public face of integration and to a home dominated by dead bodies.

Amnesia: A novel

It was still a jarring departure which left me wishing for more of the sucker's tale told so well at the start.

The Winter War

He may not have the consistency and sophistication of Franzen, but The Winter War remains an intelligent debut.

Selected Letters of Norman Mailer

Anyone familiar with the personal essays will know where Mailer siphoned that energy. With their unguarded directness, the letters allow us access to his naked thought, unshrouded by his often byzantine prose.

See You in Paradise

Step through a portal into one of Lennon’s tales, and you will find a suburban dystopia peppered with lyricism and wonder, touched with moments of transformation and grace.

The Secret Wisdom of the Earth

The first half of “The Secret Wisdom of the Earth” moves with the leisurely pace of summer, but the second half is a page turner featuring masculine challenges, bloodshed and stoic survival.

The First Bad Man: A Novel

It’s warm. It has a heartbeat and a pulse. This is a book that is painfully alive.

Her: A Novel

My only quibble with Her is that Nina’s preternatural ability to accurately anticipate Emma’s every reaction and thought is a little too, well, preternatural.

When the Facts Change: Essays, 1995-2010

If the arc is down, those who miss Judt cannot take solace in the thought that it will someday bend toward justice. The facts have not changed enough. No wonder this book, and Judt’s assumption of the role of political critic after the Cold War, remain so relevant.