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The Grace of Kings

There are such excellent things about The Grace of Kings and the book gets better and better toward the ending. The female characters, when they appear, are wonderful.

The caveman

It’s a thought-provoking book – and, as in the gripping climax, an exciting one, as the two investigations merge in a well-engineered and entirely unexpected way.

A Crown for Cold Silver

A Crown for Cold Silver drags epic fantasy through the mud — but it does so with wit, wonder and wisdom.

The Fishermen: A Novel

This is a dark and beautiful book by a writer with seemingly endless promise.

The Dead Lands: A Novel

His story of broken weirdos wandering a dead America in search of a better life is a great read no matter how you approach it.

Natural Born Heroes: How a Daring Band of Misfits Mastered the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance

His personal quest to "rewild the psyche" might seem an awkward fit with war storytelling. But under McDougall's sure hand the combination improbably works.

Orhan's Inheritance

Orhan's Inheritance is Aline Ohanesian's response to the story she heard long ago from her great grandmother.

First There Was Forever

Juliana Romano created a captivating California setting for First There Was Forever. At times it felt like the setting was a character in the novel because it was so vivid.

All the Rage

An absolute must-read for anyone with two X chromosomes. Or a Y chromosome. Pretty much everyone on the planet.

The Remedy

Fans of the series are going to love it. Even those who have not read the first two novels will enjoy this thriller.

The Perfect Egg: A Fresh Take on Recipes for Morning, Noon, and Night

The Perfect Egg lives up to its promise of "perfect egg" recipes for "morning, noon, and night" and has earned its spot on my eclectic cookbook shelf as a definite go to!

The Dream Lover: A Novel

The book is written by a talented author, however, I struggled a bit with the over abundance of characters and the slow pace at the start of the book.

My Struggle: Book 4

“My Struggle: Book Four” is an elegiac kind of comic novel, and it is pure Karl Ove Knausgaard. This is to say, it comprises intimate descriptions of daily life, descriptions that build to something improbably greater than the sum of their parts.

Young Eliot

Crawford’s biography reveals Eliot’s great capacity for hard work as author, teacher, editor and banker while suffering financial pressure, marital tension and his own nervous breakdown in 1921.

Ordinary Light: A memoir

“Ordinary Light” glows not from the flare-ups of dramatic conflict and trauma, but from the steadier supply of insight derived from the habits and gradual transformations of everyday life.

Visions and Revisions

“Visions and Revisions” offers a personal philosophy grounded in trauma, collective struggle and a craving for language.

The Children's Crusade: A Novel

So the long, aimless slog through “The Children’s Crusade” begins with not that fascinating a family. And it ends with not that revelatory a resolution.

The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East

he book explains how, with the experience of an imperial power at its height, the British used dynastic rivalries to rally the Muslims of Arabia and the Levant against their Turkish overlords.

Operation Nemesis: The Assassination Plot that Avenged the Armenian Genocide

where it matters most he delivers: in his gripping action accounts of Nemesis at work, and in the sober assessment of its terrible aftermath.

American Warlord: A True Story

This provides the reader with at least a partial catharsis in an otherwise brutal but well-told tale.