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Last Days of the Condor

Mr. Grady circles high with Last Days of the Condor. The novel reads crisp, topical, and not simply revisiting old glories which would have been easy enough.

Widows and Orphans First: The Family Economy and Social Welfare Policy, 1880-1939

Widows and Orphans is powerfully realistic. Francombe life is often comic and sometimes absurd, but everything has its price.

Vanessa and Her Sister: A Novel

Vanessa and Her Sister is a remarkable achievement, all the more so for being only Parmar’s second novel.

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.

This brave and beautiful book is successful, indeed triumphant, in exploring failure and the courage it takes to begin again.

The Winter War

The Winter War could happily accommodate more comedy and sustained dialogue but it is brave in its serious focus on ordinary things.

Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs

Hari is on surer footing when he writes about current events, and the most powerful parts of the book are his vivid sketches of combatants in the drug trade.

A Bad Character: A novel

“A Bad Character” is intoxicating, but I was left with the sense that something in Idha remains unrealized, that she is capable of more disobedience than appears on the page.

Munich Airport: A Novel

This is the position of high literature in the early 21st century. It is immaterial, but immaterial in the way that dreams are, which is to say — it still matters.

The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands

Despite his digital predilections, Topol is a humane and sympathetic observer of the plight of patients in our highly dysfunctional health care system.

Get in Trouble: Stories

It has taken Link 10 years to produce her new story collection, “Get in Trouble,” and it is just as brilliant as her last, “Magic for Beginners”.

The Jaguar's Children: A Novel

This is what novels can do — illuminate shadowed lives, enable us to contemplate our own depths of kindness, challenge our beliefs about fate. It’s the hope of every writer to change the way a reader perceives the world.

Bonita Avenue: A Novel

The brash destructive energy of Buwalda’s convoluted tale comes through loud and clear.

A Spool of Blue Thread: A novel

In “A Spool of Blue Thread,” as in her work in general, goodness trumps wickedness, there’s no place like home and, yes, we can all go there again, even if it isn’t that perfect place we long for.

Once Upon A Revolution: An Egyptian Story

His story of what happened will do much to keep that memory alive.

Green on Blue: A Novel

This novel as a whole attests to Mr. Ackerman’s breadth of understanding — an understanding not just of the seasonal rhythms of war in Afghanistan and the harsh, unforgiving beauty of that land, not just of the hardships of being a soldier there, but a bone-deep understanding of the toll that a seemingly endless war has taken on ordinary Afghans who have known no other reality for decades.

Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano

Devoted followers of fashion history will relish Thomas’s sumptuous runway-show descriptions, complete with quotations culled from published fashion criticism of the era.

The Damned: A Novel

Pyper has more than mastered the art of the profluent plot and The Damned guarantees many sleepless nights.

My Sunshine Away

My Sunshine Away is the type of novel that will astound readers with its simple but powerful message and well-crafted delivery.

Penelope Fitzgerald: A Life

I wanted to read all of Hermione Lee’s biographies after reading this one. She’s written about Virginia Woolf, Edith Wharton, Elizabeth Bowen and Philip Roth. Also, you get a sense of how important Victorian and Edwardian culture and values were to Penelope Fitzgerald from reading this biography and I wanted to backtrack to read about that.

The Price of Blood: A Novel

If you're a fan of historical fiction who has yet to discover Bracewell and Emma, you should definitely add both Shadow on the Crown and The Price of Blood to your immediate reading plans!