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After the War Is Over

It is the type of story that is immensely satisfying and leaves readers a bit more inclined to do the right thing. Sometimes, those are the most important novels one can read.

City of Liars and Thieves: A Novel

I would have liked for certain aspects of City of Liars and Thieves to have been further fleshed out.

The Night Garden

For readers to be able to resonate with Olivia and Sam, there should've been more of a focus on telling a compelling story than on how the story was told.

Bad Romeo

Bad Romeo is completely addictive, happy, sad, hot and occasionally cringe worthy but one hell of a story.

The First Bad Man: A Novel

It’s perfect and if you don’t love it as much as I do we can no longer be friends.

The Happiest People in the World: A Novel

Clarke offers keen and memorable observations and descriptions of places — especially as seen through a foreign eye — which will leave a more lasting impression than the story and characters.

How to be both: A novel

Her inimitable writing sneaks into you with its deceptive readability, but it’s her radiating intelligence that stays with you.

A Single Man

I thought A Single Man was nearly perfect (only nearly, because I’m not sure perfection exists). The characters are so complete they came off the page in my mind.

The Girl on the Train: A Novel

What really makes The Girl on the Train such a gripping novel is Hawkins' remarkable understanding of the limits of human knowledge, and the degree to which memory and imagination can become confused.

The First Bad Man: A Novel

In literary fiction, it can be hard to deliver a happy ending, or at least an ending where everyone gets what they deserve. July pulls this off, and more than adequately ties up any narrative loose ends with a few finely executed surprises.

The Girl on the Train: A Novel

Even the most astute readers will be in for a shock as Hawkins slowly unspools the facts, exposing the harsh realities of love and obsession’s inescapable links to violence.

Cold Cold Heart

A top-notch psychological thriller.

Moonlight Water

A strangely dispassionate affair with a picturesque Southwest setting.

Lillian on Life

A slim novel that feels just perfect—each thought measured, each syllable counted, a kind of haiku to an independent woman.

The Carrier
Kirkus Reviews : The Carrier (January 13, 2015)

Fans will love the endlessly knotty complications; those unable to commit their full attention to the problem at hand may well quit in exhaustion before the denouement.

Amnesia: A novel
Kirkus Reviews : Amnesia (January 13, 2015)

A relatively forgettable entry in a top-shelf novelist’s oeuvre.

The Unquiet Dead

Khan’s stunning debut is a poignant, elegantly written mystery laced with complex characters who force readers to join them in dealing with ugly truths.

The Work: My Search for a Life That Matters
Kirkus Reviews : The Work (January 13, 2015)

An inspired story of a passionate American who has delved into a variety of livelihoods and made a distinctive mark on each.


Outline marks an impressive deepening of Cusk's work, and a bold step toward integrating her fiction and nonfiction. There's nothing empty or sketchy about it.