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Three Hundred Million

A graphic horror story that aspires to repel its readers.

Glory O'Brien's History of the Future

With any luck, Glory's notebook will inspire a new wave of activists.

The Remedy for Love: A Novel

Lyrical, reserved and sometimes unsettling—and those are the happier moments. Another expertly delivered portrait of the world from Roorbach (Life Among Giants, 2012, etc.), that poet of hopeless tangles.

Leaving Time: A Novel

The ending borrows unforgivably from a source it would be equally unforgivable to reveal.

The Prince's Boy: A Novel

A love story coexists uneasily with the rise of fascism.

Crooked River
Kirkus Reviews : Crooked River (October 15, 2014)

A slightly jumbled debut that, while well-written, could have gone places it didn't quite manage to reach.

Your Atomic Self

A wondrous exploration of how our interconnections are vast and abiding, past, present and future.

Burying Water: A Novel

Believe me when I say that you are going to love Burying Water, full of romance, symbolism, character growth and karma

Consumed: A Novel

I can assure you that fans of Cronenberg's cinematic work as well as fans of dark literary fiction will be delighted with what he's produced.

Here Are the Young Men

Doyle tracks mood with grace throughout, and the passages depicting drug use are oddly moving. There is no doubting this young writer's integrity.

Falls the Shadow

Falls the Shadow is a forgettable, utterly meh novel that treads upon on the same trope-laden path that a million other superficial, mediocre YA dystopia/spec fic books have already traveled before.

Angel Killer

I dare anyone to pick up this book and not be immediately sucked in.

The Heart Is Strange

Here is Berryman’s masterpiece, one of those books of American poetry that, like certain mountains, has its own weather.

So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures

Corrigan’s book is chock-full of insights that enrich any reading of The Great Gatsby.


If you’re looking for a read that engages all of the senses and then some, look no further: Thrown is a safe bet to get your synapses firing.

The Counterfeit Heiress

The dual-layered mystery, while interesting, takes an awful long time to pick up steam. And while the climactic reveal is done with the proper amount of drama and emotion, I predicted it several chapters in advance.

Mr Mercedes

It's not the book I'd give you to start with his bibliography (that would probably be The Stand, or It, or The Shining) but it's an enjoyable read and worth picking up, especially if you're a big fan of his writing.

Murder at the Brightwell

A spunky heroine, a tense romance and red herrings galore make Weaver’s debut a pleasant read for nostalgia buffs who miss Agatha Christie.

The Missing Place

A satisfying, icy thriller.

The King's Curse

Given how poorly written the story is and how unsympathetic Margaret Pole is throughout most of the novel, readers will not just wonder but hope that Ms. Gregory moves on to some other period in history. It is long past time to do so.