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The Accident

Unputdownable books like Mr. Pavone’s help keep the business alive and well.

The Blazing World: A Novel

This is a funny, sad, thought-provoking, and touching portrait of a woman who is blazing with postfeminist fury and propelled by artistic audacity.

Bark: Stories

There are plenty of stories being written today that are exquisitely structured, attentive to what writers sometimes like to call “the rigors of the form.”

The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man

This story is not over, but Harding's tale of the opening act is a great read.

Queen Sugar: A Novel

Despite its shortcomings, Queen Sugar is an impressive debut from a talented writer and a fascinating look into the world of the contemporary South.

Cycle of Lies

Cycle of Lies reads more as an impassioned, 450-page deposition on why Armstrong is a flawed human being.

The Black-Eyed Blonde

The genre of new books by dead writers is a curious and questionable one, but Banville and his crime-writing pseudonym have played the game as well as anyone could.

The Haunted Life: and Other Writings

Here, in this small book, are the tentative beginnings of a journey that was always going to lead to the open road.

The French Intifada: The Long War Between France and Its Arabs

Taken as a whole, though, The French Intifada is a good introduction to the most sensitive issues of race, religion, citizenship and history that grip modern France.

Zenith Hotel

His writing is astonishingly powerful and direct and suggests a lot more life experience than one would expect from such a young writer.

The Sound of Broken Glass

The murder scenes aren't too detailed to really ick out a cozy reader but they're enough to satisfy fans of the darker stuff as well, which makes this a series that I think appeals to a broad spectrum of mystery fans.

Two Sisters

This is yet another read that I can't truly say I enjoyed - it was just too heart wrenching for that.

The Winner's Curse

For all its faults, The Winner’s Curse is an entertaining and competent book – and I’m interested enough to give the series another try.

Cycle of Lies

“Cycle of Lies” is a scrupulously reported and sourced book.

Black Moon: A Novel

Calhoun's biggest ideas, though, concern perception. His prose-rich passages of hallucinogenic abandon aren't psychedelic — they're razor-sharp.

All Our Names

In his latest book, Ethiopian-American writer Dinaw Mengestu explores the nature of loneliness, violence and love.

The Man Who Walked Away: A Novel

Without inventing a past that Albert can't remember himself, she cherry-picks moments to color in careful detail — then immediately drops them to pick up others, sometimes miles or years away.

The Black-Eyed Blonde

Mr. Black has already hit a bull’s-eye. He doesn’t have to aim for another.


Klay has a nearly perfect ear for the language of the grunts — the cursing, the cadence, the mixing of humor and hopelessness.


To write a novel in which well-to-do Germans are the main characters as well as the victims of the war is a precarious undertaking.