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Roosevelt's Beast

Roosevelt’s Beast is a lovely, horrific exploration of an exotic place and time. Bayard’s language is engaging, so it’s easy to turn the pages.

Don't Look for Me

Don’t Look for Me, the 23rd book in the long-running series, didn’t disappoint and delivers everything Estleman fans have come to expect.


Mai’s digressive, even meandering, style slowly worked its way under my skin.

Half Bad

A unique and exciting story in its own right.

Mind of Winter

Her writing is emotional and descriptive but never flowery. She seems to know exactly how to perfectly draw a scene in a reader's head.

The 100

Most of the time, The 100 felt like a romantic novel set in a dystopian world, rather a dystopian story with elements of romance.

Kinder Than Solitude: A Novel

The aggregate is a carefully assembled, sharply observed world filled with achingly real characters. Rarely are ordinary humans given such eloquent witness.

Mount Terminus

This endlessly inventive story about an artistic youth alone in the world reads at times like a more carefully modulated version of Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch.”

The Good Luck of Right Now

Everything happens for a reason.
If you can read that sentence without rolling your eyes, you just might get a kick out of Matthew Quick’s twee, offbeat new novel, “The Good Luck of Right Now.”

Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade

It is only through literary analogies that Mr. Kirn can come close to expressing something beyond mere personal revulsion about what he witnessed in Clark’s orbit.

The UnAmericans: Stories

If this impressive book sometimes makes the sound of a writer still figuring it all out, Ms. Antopol’s soulfulness and wit make even holding actions memorable and promising.

Dragnet Nation

The book is pacy and eye-opening – but don’t count on it making you feel any better.

Dragnet Nation

"Dragnet Nation" is certainly a useful, well-reported study.

The Porno Girl

Wondrously written, but hobbled by the sort of tunnel vision that leads to thoughts of class war.

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

The over-the-top clichés seem to come with the fictional territory as the novel explores just what it means to be a man.

The Chase: A Novel
Bookreporter : The Chase (March 14, 2014)

A fun, page-turning action series with fresh new characters and themes as current as our ever-turbulent world events.

All Our Names
Bookreporter : All Our Names (March 14, 2014)

A riveting and important commentary on the rootlessness of immigrants from war-ravaged countries and the challenges of assimilation in Western lands.

The Black-Eyed Blonde

Chandler aficionados will flock to THE BLACK-EYED BLONDE, as should anyone who ever enjoyed a private-eye novel, however peripherally.

City of Darkness and Light

In spite of the severity of Molly's situation, it's a fun romp that allows her to cross paths with several famous names from the art world during that period of time.

The Lost Sisterhood: A Novel

Fortier's boldly original take on [THE ILIAD], as well as her consideration of issues of artifact restitution and the ethics of archaeological research, will intrigue lovers of ancient worlds as well as those who are just fans of a good story.