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The Humans: A Novel

It’s a quick read, entertaining, but also thought provoking.

Scalia: A Court of One

“Scalia: A Court of One” peaks with a sustained and gripping account of the court’s role in the 2000 presidential election.

The Rise & Fall of Great Powers

His new novel, “The Rise & Fall of Great Powers,” is weightier, more focused and considerably more melancholy, but it still exhibits the author’s impish wit and his fondness for tangled stories.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood: A Novel

Gabaldon works a successful formula, with few surprises but plenty of devices. And yes, there’s room for a sequel—or 10.

Pissing in a River

An honest and genuine DIY punk-rock lesbian love story from back in the day.

The Rise & Fall of Great Powers

While The Rise & Fall Of Great Powers is quite funny in places, there’s a darkness at its core that keeps the book grounded.


Carsick isn’t about the general challenge of hitchhiking from Baltimore to San Francisco, it’s about John Waters being John Waters—super-friendly, outgoing, extremely comfortable with being gay, and a little nervous about being out in the wild.


Atmospheric and sensual, with startling images throughout, Euphoria is an intellectually stimulating tour de force.

The Late Starters Orchestra

“The Late Starters Orchestra” is an anthem for the amateur, and if more people to took up an instrument with Goldman’s level of commitment, our classical music culture would surely improve.


All in all a cool trip and a delightful book.

Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space

Ride was intensely protective of her privacy, a “locked box,” friends said. But Sherr, with O’Shaughnessy’s blessing, has at last opened the lid with this captivating biography.

Eight World Cups

If only more writers of his caliber would help unravel the beautiful game for the American audience.

Mr Mercedes

King's richly layered, technologically savvy story that illuminates Mr. Mercedes, his evil deeds and even more monstrous plans is uncomfortable yet riveting to read.

I'll Be Right There

At its best, "I'll Be Right There" is a hopeful work about the power of art, friendship and empathy to provide meaning to people's lives.

The Farm

"The Farm" is a book with almost no urgency, no sense that anything's at stake.

My Struggle: Book 3

What we are getting [...] is not an epic life but one that, like every other life, is utterly ordinary — and yet, that is where its epic stature resides.

We Were Liars

Philosophically it's a classic story of decaying aristocracy and the way that privilege can often hamstring more than help.


It shows a talented writer unwilling to settle for what she already does well and eager to give herself new challenges; her ambition is laudable, even if the result isn't perfect.

China Dolls

See presents a sweeping, turbulent tale of passion, friendship, good fortune, bad fortune, perfidy and the hope of reconciliation.

The Director: A Novel

This is the kind of Smiley novel le Carré would probably write if he were 20 years younger, if he knew the CIA as well as he knows the British security services