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Summer Secrets

Overall, I enjoyed Summer Secrets and have been recommending it all over the place.

Maybe in Another Life: A Novel

Overall I would give Can’t Look Away two out of five.

The Girl at Midnight

I think that The Girl At Midnight would be best understood and appreciated by people between 12 and 15 as it has some mature themes but is also a very well written book.

Goodbye Stranger

This novel not only sensitively explores togetherness, aloneness, betrayal and love, it also acknowledges something crucial to the business of growing up: how anyone’s personal “we of me” might look different a little while from now, and later still, different again.

Fortune Smiles: Stories

Johnson is tremendously talented, and even though not all of the stories cohere, they still manage to enlighten.


He's mostly here to entertain — and in its smart, timely, electrifying way, that's exactly what Zer0es does.

Woman with a Secret

Lies and deceptions drive this particular woman with a secret. Over the course of the story, Nicki's mysteries begin to break open like overripe fruit, leaving readers to sample the forbidden pleasures of this tightly plotted psychological thriller.

The Fifth Season

With The Fifth Season, Jemisin brilliantly illustrates the belief that, yes, imaginative world-building is a vital element of fantasy — but also that every character is a world unto herself.

Black Chalk

This is the smart summer thriller you've been waiting for. The black and harmful little book you want in your carry-on. The novel you should be reading tonight.

Dragonfish: A Novel

Dragonfish is most effective when it moves past the physical world.

A Tour of Bones

A Tour of Bones is not a beach book, but neither is it a free fall into despair.

Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza

Among all the things that Slice Harvester seeks and succeeds to be, it's a love letter to Manhattan — one stained with spilled beer and cigarette burns, but still.

A Woman in Arabia: The Writings of the Queen of the Desert

It's a fascinating read, though not always smooth.

Bright Lines: A Novel

Bright Lines at its best becomes just what it sets out to be: An understated queer coming-of-age, a study of how much work it is to be a family, and a snapshot of a disappearing Brooklyn, set against the ghosts of the past, and a search for home.

The Beautiful Bureaucrat

It's a surprising revelation of a book from an uncompromising author as unique as she is talented.

The Complete Stories

Through these 85 stories, these mini invasions, it's apparent that yes, Clarice Lispector was indeed a singular artist. Decades after her death, she continues to champion the possibilities of language, and its ability to mesmerize.

Everybody Rise

Although Everybody Rise delivers a satisfying conclusion, it may come too late for many readers.

In a Dark, Dark Wood

In a Dark, Dark Wood makes for an easy read, with some fun twists and turns. The kind of breezy fluff, in other words, that you might want to bring along were you to spend the weekend at a hen party.


Stepdog is great fun, readers. Seriously, great fun! Galland, as always, is a pro and I think Cody and her humans are going to win over even the most anti dog readers out there!