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Outline marks an impressive deepening of Cusk's work, and a bold step toward integrating her fiction and nonfiction. There's nothing empty or sketchy about it.

The Whispering Swarm

This first book in a planned trilogy requires, but also rewards, patient readers and holds out plenty of promise for its sequels.

A Fine Summer's Day

If you're looking to start a new series and can't get enough of WWI-era England, I suggest snatching this one up ASAP!

The First Bad Man: A Novel

The First Bad Man feels visionary.

Specimen Days & Collect

In these pages, his vision still seeks pleasure and sustenance without blinding itself to anything, and there is a secular holiness—a sense of gratitude and consecration—in this way of speaking, this way of being alive.

Bonita Avenue: A Novel

A new writer as toe-curling as early Roth, as roomy as Franzen and as caustic as Houellebecq.

Bonita Avenue: A Novel

A considerable achievement for a seasoned writer much less a newcomer, Bonita Avenue is an entertaining end in itself, and evidence that Buwalda is just getting started.

Amnesia: A novel

It responds to some of the biggest issues of our time, and reminds us that no other contemporary novelist is better able to mix farce with ferocity, or to better effect.

10:04: A Novel

For those looking for the long plunge into the alchemy of a first-class fictive imagination rather than a carefully architected novel-as-thought-experiment, 10:04 will not be the one to get them there.

Golden Son

There are examples of clunky, cliché-ridden writing that could've been smoothed over, but with the breakneck pacing and all the narrow escapes, betrayals and armored space-knights falling dramatically from the sky, every ugly sentence ended up in the rearview so quickly that there must've seemed little point.

The First Bad Man: A Novel

It’s quirky, yes, but also beautifully worded, emotionally complex, impressively but quietly insightful, and, in the right light, so, so funny.

The Galaxy Game

I had no problem enjoying this story as a stand-alone, but I do believe that reading the preceding novel would have gone a long way towards steadying me in the unfamiliar gravity of Lord's world.

The Room: A Novel

The Room, with its quick writing and to-the-point style, is a very easy read, but that alone isn’t enough to get you to pick up a copy. More importantly, it’s a very relatable story, whether you know the Björn in your office or you are the Björn in your office

Honeydew: Stories

Her new book, Honeydew, will afford an international audience another opportunity to enjoy Pearlman’s distinctive and memorable fictions.

The Sacrifice

She’s unafraid to inhabit – with the confidence of a writer who believes absolutely in the power of her imagination to take her anywhere she seeks to go – the world of an African American family in Pascayne, a fictional New Jersey town, blighted by poverty and toxic decay.

It Will End with Us

Savage’s is a book of the heart as much as the head. Which is itself an accomplishment of no small note: to recognize the arbitrary, degraded thing that is memory, and allow it its loveliness for all of that.

All Eyes are Upon Us: Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn

It is certainly possible that when this decade ends it will have confirmed the relevance of W. E. B. Du Bois’s grim prophecy about America’s everlasting racism. Jason Sokol’s exceptional “All Eyes Are Upon Us” prepares us for just such a possibility.

Cowardice: A Brief History

His book is much more of a social and cultural survey of attitudes toward cowardice during various periods of American history.

My Life as a Foreign Country: A Memoir

History can only be served by this kind of attention. Man must look at what he has done. And Turner looks, brilliantly.

Lives in Ruins

“Lives in Ruins” leaves you with a tantalizing notion: The past is everywhere around us, and the forgotten is always underfoot.