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Tropic of Violence

Searing, lyrical, and ultimately devastating, Appanah’s latest novel might be her finest yet.

The Other Bennet Sister

In The Other Bennet Sister, Hadlow builds an immersive and engaging new version of a familiar world; her approach feels at once true to the source material and to life.

Untold Night and Day

To read this novel of shrouded pilgrimages is also to arrive at a meaning that is “bewitching, and utterly private, a secret for me, a single ship, a single concealed place”.

The Dominant Animal

This is a delightful, mischievous, and mysterious collection that’s perfect for fans of Lydia Davis and Mary Ruefle.

Strange Hotel

Strange Hotel is a finely controlled, complex and emotionally absorbing novel that manages to burrow deep into the heart of something essential about the human experiences of love and loss.

Strange Hotel

Reading Strange Hotel is indeed a matter of strange immersion, and one that will often puzzle and sometimes frustrate the reader, but its portrait of sadness and alienation is, in the end, also strangely revivifying.

Sharks in the Time of Saviors

Washburn has given us a meditation on the tragedies of living too long in the darkness.

The Book of V.

“The Book of V.” is a meditation on female power and powerlessness, the stories told about women and the ones we tell about and to ourselves.

Kirkus Reviews : Fracture (March 01, 2020)

A quiet study of a man struggling to find a serenity to quell his long-entrenched terror.

The Life and Medieval Times of Kit Sweetly

A rousing, funny, feminist workplace romp that also takes a frank look at modern poverty.

Kirkus Reviews : Sparrow (January 15, 2020)

A heartbreaking yet hopeful debut.

Like Flies from Afar

Though ultimately unsatisfying as a mystery, it works as an existential parable, with a protagonist whose character is destiny.


This is a spellbinding, heartbreaking tale.