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Madame Zero

With her brilliant depictions of the strange places of the human mind, Hall has crafted an illuminating collection that will haunt readers for a long time.

The Half-Drowned King

This is a delightful novel, one that manages to summon the musty halls of a seemingly distant past and populate them with the complex heroes of our age.

The Tenderness of God: Reclaiming Our Humanity

Gillian Ahlgren has written an inspiring book that makes the teachings of Saint Francis and Saint Clare refreshingly accessible. Readers of different faiths will welcome her vision of a more just and peaceful world.

The Locals: A Novel

The Locals is first intriguing, then exasperating, and finally rather admirable in its open-ended narrative.

Beautiful Animals: A Novel

Beautiful Animals is compulsive reading.

Gainsborough: A Portrait

But what he does suggest in this astute yet generous book is that there is a third element to the painter’s life that explains why he continued with a branch of art that he maintained bored him.


This first volume of the Seasons Quartet quietly illuminates Knausgaard’s profound gift for making the reader see the world in fresh and unpredictable ways.


Through multiple definitions of the word “safe” – physical, emotional, psychological, financial – Gattis has created a gripping novel about opportunity, transformation and hope.

Kirkus Reviews : Visitations (August 16, 2017)

Poignant, exquisite, and endlessly witty.

The History of Bees: A Novel

Illuminating if not much fun.

Morningstar: Growing Up with Books

Steinbeck once encouraged aspiring writers to 'spread a page with shining.' Ann Hood has certainly done just that with this slim but substantial book. It would not surprise me if MORNINGSTAR sends many readers in search of their favorite books for another read.

Kirkus Reviews : Charlatans (August 22, 2017)

A return to form for the master of medical malevolence.

The Quiet Child
Bookreporter : The Quiet Child (August 12, 2017)

Burley is a gifted author, and his substantial skill set is on strong display in this work, which has overtones of the mystery, thriller and supernatural genres.

The Locals: A Novel
Bookreporter : The Locals (August 12, 2017)

An acute examination of life in a small New England town in roughly the decade after 9/11, it’s social realism or fictional sociology of the highest order.

The Locals: A Novel

From the murky perspective of here and now – summer 2017 – it seems clear that the so-called greatest nation needs to keep a close eye on itself in the mirror while considering its legacies, values and truths. Dee does precisely that. He deserves to be read.

Dark Light: Dawn

DARK LIGHT: DAWN jumps between past and present, all the while highlighting important moments and giving historical context to all that is happening. Things move at a lightning pace, which will keep you huffing and puffing to keep up with the fluid narrative.