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Sleeping on Jupiter

The world she creates is ambitiously imagined, her characters possessed of an inner verity.

Power at Ground Zero

Sagalyn has written a great epic of political wrangling and real estate. We now need to ponder its larger meaning.

Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939

Mr. Ullrich offers a fascinating Shakespearean parable about how the confluence of circumstance, chance, a ruthless individual and the willful blindness of others can transform a country — and, in Hitler’s case, lead to an unimaginable nightmare for the world.

The Huntress: The Adventures, Escapades, and Triumphs of Alicia Patterson: Aviatrix, Sportswoman, Journalist, Publisher

The heyday of print journalism may be long gone, but thanks to this rollicking biography, the path-breaking Alicia Patterson will continue to inspire another generation of newshounds.

A Truck Full of Money: One Man's Quest to Recover from Great Success

“A Truck Full of Money” gives us a sensitive and vivid portrayal of bipolar disorder, often capturing English’s manic stages in long, colorful quotes that careen riotously from topic to topic.

Carousel Court: A Novel

The California fires cool, and so do the pages. Characters slow down, reflect and gradually reveal new depth as they struggle toward an ending full of resilience and — dare they imagine — hope.