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A Social Critique of Corporate Reporting: Semiotics and Web-Based Integrated Reporting

by David Crowther

In the critically acclaimed first edition of A Social Critique of Corporate Reporting, David Crowther examined the perceived dialectic around traditional and environmental corporate reporting to show it to be...

Managing Value in Organisations: New Learning, Management, and Business Models

by Donal Carroll

If change was a song it would be: 'Ready or not, here I come. You can't hide...' But when change finds you, can you generate new ideas to meet its challenges? Enable the necessary staff commitment? What are...

Effective Multi-Unit Leadership: Local Leadership in Multi-Site Situations

by Chris Edger

Land-based multi-unit service enterprises face significant economic disruption at the present time. A pivotal actor in these organisations is the Multi-Unit Leader (MUL) - otherwise known as District, Area or...

The Palestinian Executive: Leadership Under Challenging Conditions

by Farid A. Muna & Grace C. Khoury

The Palestinian Executive is based on field research in the West Bank and Gaza, which involved interviewing 110 executives from 63 publicly and family-owned companies. Using a cross-cultural and contextual approach,...

Customer-Centric Project Management

by Elizabeth Harrin & Phil Peplow

This short guide explains what customer-centricity means in terms of how you work and its importance for project performance; using tools and processes to guide customer-centric thinking will help you see the...

Building Lean Companies: How to Keep Companies Profitable as They Grow

by Hans D Baumann

Hans D. Baumann, has almost fifty years of business experience analyzing the organizational structure & internal workings of hundreds of companies &, as a result, has reached some startling conclusions as to...

Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific: A Companion to the World Development Report

by World Bank

Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific examines the relationship between gender equality and development and outlines an agenda for public action to promote more effective and inclusive development...

New Century, Old Disparities: Gender and Ethnic Earnings Gaps in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Hugo Ñopo

After a sustained economic growth period at the end of the last century and the beginning of this one, Latin America still faces high inequality and lower well-being indicators among women, afro-descendants,...

Natural Resource Abundance, Growth, and Diversification in the Middle East and North Africa: The Effects of Natural Resources and the Role of Policies

by Ndiame Diop & Daniela Marotta

MENA is one of the richest regions in the world in terms of natural resources: it holds more than 60 percent of the world's proven oil reserves, mostly located in the Gulf region, and nearly half of gas reserves....

Fashion Marketing: Contemporary Issues

by Tony Hines & Margaret Bruce

'Fashion Marketing' is a book of key chapter contributions from renowned academics and practitioners that addresses many of the contemporary issues facing one of the world's largest and most global of industries....

The Advertising Handbook

by Sean Brierley

The Advertising Handbook is a critical introduction to the practices and perspectives of the advertising industry. Sean Brierley explores the structures of the profession and examines the roles of all those...

Manufacturing Competitiveness in Asia: How Internationally Competitive National Firms and Industries Developed in East Asia

by Jomo K. S.

There are competing theories to explain the reasons behind the international competitiveness of manufacturing in Asia. Analysing these different theories will bring important lessons, not just for Asia, but...

Unpaid Work and the Economy: A Gender Analysis of the Standards of Living

by Antonella Picchio

In economics, the voluntary sector is surprisingly understudied. In order to fully understand economics, unpaid and voluntary work needs to be taken into account and afforded the same status as paid activities....

Liberalization in the Developing World: Institutional and Economic Changes in Latin America, Africa and Asia

by Alex E. Fernandez Jilberto & André Mommen

Liberalization in the Developing World compares the success of liberalization strategies in Asia, Africa and Latin America over the past decade. Three models emerge, corresponding to the three continents covered,...

Market Evolution in Developing Countries: The Unfolding of the Indian Market

by Erdener Kaynak & Subhash C Jain

Markets in Third World countries are growing rapidly and in the next several decades will offer tremendous business opportunities. Firms aspiring to be a part of this growth must establish their presence in...

New Strategies in Higher Education Marketing

by James A Burns & Thomas J Hayes

With rising financial difficulties and declining enrollments, many colleges and universities are finding that they need new and better ways to present and promote themselves to potential students and the general...

Symbiosis of Government and Market: The Private, the Public and Bureaucracy

by Sadao Tamura & Minoru Tokita

In this volume, a group of international scholars address issues relating to community wellbeing and the role of politics, law and economics in Europe and Japan in achieving human-centred symbiotic governance....

Internal Marketing: Your Company's Next Stage of Growth

by William Winston & Dennis J Cahill

In today's business world, competence is no longer enough in an employee-competent employees are merely a starting point. Internal Marketing: Your Company's Next Stage of Growth details how you can improve employee...

Interpreting Macroeconomics: Explorations in the History of Macroeconomic Thought

by Roger E. Backhouse

Interpreting Macroeconomics explores a variety of different approaches to macroeconomic thought. The book considers a number of historiographical and methodological positions, as well as analyzing various important...

Japanese Views on Economic Development: Diverse Paths to the Market

by Kenichi Ohno

This newly revised clearly-presented text looks at Japan's economic history from the nineteenth century through to World War II. Within a framework based on the theories and approaches of Development Studies,...