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Curriculum and Culture (RLE Edu B)

by Leslie Claydon, Tony Knight & Marta Rado

This book demonstrates how it is possible to value, respect and utilise cultural diversity and yet achieve a 'good education' for all. The authors contend that few issues in education can be examined in isolation...

Politics and Policy Making in Education (RLE Edu D)

by Stephen J. J. Ball

Based on interviews with key actors in the policy-making process, this book maps the changes in education policy and policy making in the Thatcherite decade. The focus of the book is the 1988 Education Reform...

Assessment, Schools and Society (Rle Edu D)

by Patricia Broadfoot

The 1970s saw a growing worldwide pre-occupation with school assessment; Britain witnessed lengthy debate in response to the proposals for examination reform initiated by the Schools Council, and the setting...

Changing Educational Assessment (RLE Edu D)

by Patricia Broadfoot, Roger Murphy & Harry Torrance

Assessment is a key area of interest and debate in education. Its increased use by governments as a powerful means of influencing educational practice are now features of the educational scene worldwide. This...

The Ecology of the School

by John Eggleston

Within a single educational system - that of England and Wales - the nature of schooling available to a child can be dramatically different. Even between residential areas the differences in educational climate...

Political Education in a Democracy (RLE Edu D)

by Harold Entwistle

In this volume the author analyzes the relationships of concepts such as socialization and political education, explains those aspects of the theory and practice of democracy that are especially relevant for...

Christianity in Education (Rle Edu D): The Hibbert Lectures 1965

by F H H Hilliard

The Christian churches have frequently pioneered educational advances - from the seventh century down to the nineteenth. Schools, universities and colleges of education stand as tangible evidence of these efforts....

Creativity and Education (Rle Edu D)

by Hugh Lytton

The author gives a lucid account of creativity and its educational context. He discusses the creative process, the character of different kinds of creativity, creative people, developing creativity, and the...

Broken Ground (RLE Edu D)

by Lawrence J J McAndrews

Throughout United States history, and particularly from the 1930s through the 1960s, education was a sensitive political issue which preoccupied Congresses, Presidents and interest groups. By the time of John...

The Education Industry (RLE Edu D)

by W Kenneth Kenneth Richmond

In one sense, education was always a service industry. This book examines the quality as well as the quantity of contemporary education as it answers the following questions: Are we getting value for money?...

The Drama of Schooling: The Schooling of Drama (Rle Edu D)

by Robert J J Starratt

Starratt's highly original book offers fresh insights into the nature of teaching, learning, schooling as a multi-cultural, social enterprise, and the importance of vision for that leadership-by using the analogy...

The Menace of Nationalism in Education (Rle Edu D)

by Jonathan Scott Scott French

Written between the two World Wars this volume examines education from the American, British, French & German perspectives and the degree to which the portrayal of those countries in school textbooks contributes...

The Changing Urban School (RLE Edu D)

by Robert Thornbury

The author takes a long look at what goes on in schools, and the roles played by people specifically concerned with them: but finally the problems of the school are seen as indissolubly bound up with the changes...

The Costs of Education (RLE Edu D)

by John Vaizey

This is the first book which authoritatively reviews the UK expenditure on education from 1920 - 1955, both by local authorities and private schools. The book takes the main elements of education in turn and...

Where State Education Fails (RLE Edu D)

by Lucie Simpson

Despite being published in the early part of the twentieth century many of the issues this volume discusses are still being debated in education today. The author maintains that state education is not functioning...

Educational Objectives and the Teaching of Educational Psychology (RLE Edu E)

by Edgar Stones

The purpose of this book is to promote discussion about educational objectives generally and objectives in the teaching of educational psychology in particular. To this end, Part 1 contains a review of the...

Method and Matter in Education (RLE Edu E)

by Mary Sturt

This volume discusses school practice and methods in the early twentieth century against their historical background. It covers the curriculum, time-tabling, lesson planning, exams and discipline. Each chapter...

The Imperial Curriculum (Rle Edu H): Racial Images and Education in the British Colonial Experience

by J. A. A. Mangan

This volume presents the first comparative analysis of racial attitudes in the formal schooling of both Britain and its former dominions and colonies. The various contributions examine the issue right across...

Benefits Bestowed? (Rle Edu H): Education and British Imperialism

by J. A. A. Mangan

This volume concentrates on the processes and practices of formal education, which shaped, and were shaped by, imperial values, attitudes and behaviour. It is concerned with:

  • The myths and visions of imperialism;...

Higher Education for All? (Rle Edu G)

by Gordon Roderick & Michael Stephens

The rapid expansion of higher education provision, particularly in Europe and North America during the 1960s opened up for the first time the question whether everyone should have the opportunity to experience...