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Early Professional Development for Teachers

by Frank Banks & Ann Shelton Mayes

Early Professional Development has recently been recognized throughout the UK as a key area for improving the quality of teaching and learning in schools. All teachers need support to move from novice to expert....

Study Skills and Dyslexia in the Secondary School: A Practical Approach

by Marion Griffiths

This book is aimed at those who encounter secondary school students with dyslexia on a daily basis. It takes a practical approach by breaking down the whole process of assessing the issues involved and then...

Dyslexia: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Parents

by Barbara Riddick, Judith Wolfe & David Lumsdon

This book focuses on realistic strategies for non-specialists to use when working with pupils who have dyslexia.

It offers detailed, practical guidance on defining and identifying dyslexia, dyslexia in the early...

Curriculum Provision for the Gifted and Talented in the Primary School: English, Math, Science, Ict

by Eyre Deborah & Lynne McClure

The authors of this book offer practical help to teachers in making day-to-day provision for the gifted and talented pupils in their classroom. Designed mainly for primary teacher, intending teachers and teacher...

Inclusion for Children with Dyspraxia: A Handbook for Teachers

by kate Ripley

This book is about children with dyspraxia: developmental co-ordination disorders (DCD) and what teachers and other professionals can do to promote their learning and their social inclusion in a mainstream setting....

Challenging Behaviour in Mainstream Schools: Practical Strategies for Effective Intervention and Reintegration

by Jane McSherry

This book is designed to help; schools and LEAs meet their responsibilities under the new Social Inclusion: Pupil Support guidance; and teachers successfully include and reintegrate pupils with emotional and...

Dyslexia-Successful Inclusion in the Secondary School

by Lindsay Peer & Gavin Reid

Increasingly dyslexia is becoming a whole-school issue. The responsibility for addressing the needs of dyslexic students no longer rests with one individual but is the responsibility of all school staff - subject...

Creating a Responsive Environment for People with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

by Jean Ware

This revised and updated second edition aims to enable teachers and care staff working with people with PMLD in any context to create a positive interactive environment for the people with whom they work. Using...

Early Years Play: A Happy Medium for Assessment and Intervention

by Zahirun Sayeed & Ellen Guerin

This text provides a description and analysis of play and its use in helping young children to reach their potential. It is aimed at professionals working with young children with special educational needs and...

English Grammar and Teaching Strategies: Lifeline to Literacy

by Joy Pollock

This text aims to demystify grammar and equip any teacher to teach it in the classroom. Carefully set out for ease of reference, each grammatical term is clearly defined. Varieties of usage are illustrated and...

Improving Behaviour and Raising Self-Esteem in the Classroom: A Practical Guide to Using Transactional Analysis

by Giles Barrow, Emma Bradshaw & Trudi Newton

This book will help all teachers who face challenging behavior in their classrooms. It offers support and guidance for dealing with issues of behavior and offers suggestions for building creative relationships...

Meeting the needs of children with autistic spectrum disorders

by Rita Jordan & Glenys Jones

This text is meant as a companion for students in teacher-training, newly-qualified teachers, or for anyone teaching children with autistic spectrum disorders for the first time in a mainstream setting. Using...

Educational Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

by James E Ysseldyke & Martha L Thurlow

Educational Outcomes for Students With Disabilities provides readers with the most current perspectives on outcomes that are certain to have an influence on the services they provide. A shift from a focus on...

Understanding Educational Reform in Global Context: Economy, Ideology, and the State

by Mark Ginsburg & Mark B. Ginsburg

This book focuses on important theoretical and policy debates on educational reform, with detailed analyses of reforms in 11 countries. It also explores the effects of geographical location, political ideology,...

Children's Folklore: A Sourcebook

by Brian Sutton-Smith, Jay Mechling & Thomas W. Johnson

A groundbreaking collection of essays on a hitherto underexplored subject that challenges the existing stereotypical views of the trivial and innocent nature of children's culture, this work reveals for the...

Teaching Thinking Skills: Theory & Practice

by Carol Rhoder & Joyce N. French

Bringing together theory and research on models of thinking, this work explores thinking skills, strategies, content, and results in depth, providing a framework for their application in the classroom. The authors...

Sexual Harassment and Higher Education: Reflections and New Perspectives

by Billie Wright Dziech & Michael W. Hawkins

In 1984, Billie Dziech co-wrote The Lecherous Professor, one of the first books to articulate the problem of sexual harassment on college campuses. Since that time a number of books exploring the issues, cases,...

Hypermedia Learning Environments: Instructional Design and Integration

by Joanna Dunlap & R. Scott Grabinger

Hypermedia and multimedia have penetrated the world of computer games, Internet, and CD-ROM based reference manuals. However, the fields of education, schooling, and training ask more specific benefits from...

Cscl: Theory and Practice of an Emerging Paradigm

by Timothy Koschmann

This book, about a newly emerging area of research in instructional technology, has as its title the acronym "CSCL." Initially, CSCL was chosen as an acronym for Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. However,...

Labnet: Toward a Community of Practice

by Richard Ruopp, Shahaf Gal & Brian Drayton

Connected by a computer telecommunications network, ninth-graders from eight high schools scattered thousands of miles across Alaska work together, building a robot submarine to gather samples from the floor...