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Baby Sign Language

by Sarah Christensen Fu

What’s your baby thinking? You might be surprised. Babies have a lot to say, and they learn signs and gestures long before they are able to articulate themselves through speech. Inside Baby Sign Language discover...

The Mother of All Toddler Books

by Ann Douglas

Your baby's growing up! The joys and challenges of parenting a toddler are many, and you may be wondering how best to prepare for this exciting time. The Mother of All Toddler Books provides the skinny on what...

Terrible Twos: Stopping Toddler Tantrums & Toddler Behavior Problems Quickly

by Bowe Packer

"Frustrated with your toddlers behavior changes?" "wondering why your youngster is having uncontrollable temper tantrums?" "At your wits end and want to learn how to manage your two year olds behavior problems?"...

Your Baby & Toddler

by Anne Marie Mueser, Ed.D.

An indispensable A-to-Z guide to the first three years of life

Your Baby & Toddler is an all-inclusive, concise, and reliable resource for all new parents. Covering newborns through age three, it is written in...

Sleep Solutions for your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler

by Ann Douglas

Finally, a no-worry, no-guilt guide to sleep. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sleep solution. That's why Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler provides you with the tools you need...

Mealtime Solutions for your Baby,Toddler

by Ann Douglas

Finally, a no-worry, no-guiltguide to feeding your baby, toddler and preschooler.

Featuring real world solutions, this reassuring and wisdom-packed guide gives you the lowdown on:

  • getting your child off to a healthy...

The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood

by Jane Buckingham

From the author of the bestselling The Modern Girl's Guide to Life comes a must-have book for the young mom, including best-kept secrets, practical advice, and multiple solutions for problems from birth to age...

Maybe Baby

by Lori Leibovich

To breed or not to breed? That is the question twenty-eight accomplished writers ponder in this collection of provocative, honest, soul-searching essays. Based on a popular series at, Maybe Baby offers...

Foundations of Responsive Caregiving: Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

by Jean Barbre

Learn the foundations of responsive caregiving and create and sustain environments that foster young children's growth and development.

The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting

by Bunmi Laditan

As seen on Good Morning America, the irreverent, bracingly honest, and “awfully funny” (The Boston Globe) satirical parenting guide from the Internet’s most infamous tot, whose unchecked sense of entitlement...

Is It a Big Problem or a Little Problem?

by Amy Egan, Amy Freedman, Judi Greenberg & Sharon Anderson

Your road map through the ups and downs of early childhood

Almost every child, at some point during their early years won't listen, will throw a tantrum, will be mean or aggressive, shy or withdrawn, be a picky...

Let's Panic About Babies!

by Alice Bradley & Eden M. Kennedy

BABIES. Maybe you're thinking of having one. There might even be one inside you right now, draining nutrients from your system via a tube growing from its midsection. Or maybe you've already got one around the...

365 Days Of Organic Baby Puree Recipes: A Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook

by Jenna Gill


Is it time to start considering new meals for your baby? Baby food can be challenging to prepare but this baby puree cookbook should change everything. 

With the use of healthy...

Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy

by Deborah Schein

Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy offers a series of thoughtful practices for child care providers to nurture a child’s spiritual development—an extension of social-emotional learning. The book helps educators...

Knack Raising Your Toddler

by Marsha Greenberg & Sue Barr

Packed with 375 full-color photographs of care essentials, emotions, and stages of growth (12–36 months), it gives busy parents a visually-driven reference filled with general advice, parenting tips, toddler...

E.A.C.H. Little Step

by Md Launice Melbourne

Created by pediatrician and neonatologist Dr. Launice Melbourne, E.A.C.H. Little Step is a collection of daily affirmations tailored to moms who unexpectedly find themselves in the neonatal intensive care...

Infant-Toddler Social Studies

by Carla B. Goble

  • First book to market on infant and toddler social studies
  • Includes 160 activities, organized by age group
  • Examines social-emotional development and how to lay the foundation for socialization, which are hot topics...

  • The Care and Feeding of Children -  A Catechism for the Use of Mothers and Children's Nurses

    by Luter Emmett Holt


    Bathing Genital Organs Eyes Mouth Skin Clothing Napkins Nursery Airing Weight, Growth, and Development Dentition


    Nursing Weaning Artificial Feeding Selection and Care...

    The Baby Led Feeding Cookbook

    by Aileen Cox Blundell

    There is growing recognition that baby-led weaning is the healthiest way for children to develop a love of good food. Aileen Cox Blundell used this method to successfully wean her three children. Since she began...

    Cop On: What It Is and Why Your Child Needs It

    by Colman Noctor

    Raise your child with cop on – give them the grit and good judgment to cope with life’s challenges

    Full of expert advice tempered by first-hand experience of modern parenthood, Cop On is the perfect book...