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The Expectant Secretary



Brody Fortune got the surprise of his life when Jillian Tanner walked through his office door—pregnant with another man's child. She was the woman he had never forgotten, but time and circumstances...

Convincing Alex

by Nora Roberts

The Stanislaskis: an unforgettable family saga by #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts

When Alex Stanislaski mistakenly arrested daringly bold soap-opera writer Bess McKnee for soliciting, she decided...

The Wrangler's Bride

by Justine Davis

He'd always been an outsider. And Grant McClure liked it that way. Stepson to the Fortunes, he'd made his own destiny without the family's riches—or their love. But now the rugged loner had found someone who...

Working Overtime

by Raye Morgan

As the devoted single mother of two rambunctious boys--and as the best darn paralegal in town--Chareen Wolf knew all about hard work. But she'd never before had a job so demanding that she and her boss actually...

The Wolf and the Dove

by Linda Turner


Dr. Lucas Greywolf had carved a life for himself in Wyoming, tending to the needs of his people—until Rachel Fortune arrived. Her outsider's ways annoyed him. Her delectable body aroused him....

With a Little T.L.C.

by Teresa Southwick

A racing heartbeak...check.

Heightened senses...check.

Flush of color to the cheeks...check.

A shivery quiver in the pit of the stomach...check.

An intense desire to throw herself into Joe Marchetti's arms...check-check-check-check....

Winning Back His Bride

by Teresa Southwick

Wealthy businessman Michael Sullivan needs help on the most important project of his career—if he pulls this one off, his family's fortunes will be guaranteed for life. There's only one person who can help...

The Will to Love

by Lindsay McKenna

When Lieutenant Quinn Grayson reached the earthquake-ravaged L.A. Basin, he discovered devastation. But when he looked into survivor Kerry Chelton's eyes, he saw hope. For the spirited deputy sheriff had single-handedly...

Wife Wanted

by Christine Rimmer

What other disaster could befall Natalie Fortune? Her longawaited vacation had been waylaid, her “new life” postponed. Now she was marooned with a broken leg, a St. Bernard—and a way-too-sexy neighbor....

What If We Fall in Love?

by Teresa Southwick

He had a secret--and it was a doozy! Sheriff Grady O'Connor's twins--the girls he loved more than anything--were actually fathered by Jensen Stevens's late husband. And now their uncle wanted to claim them for...


by Pamela Toth


Years ago steely attorney Cole Cassidy had been forced to give up the only woman he'd ever loved—Annie Jones. Now she was his last hope; he desperately needed Annie to play his beloved wife....

Twilight Memories

by Maggie Shayne

Book 2 in Maggie Shayne’s Bestselling Wings in the Night Series

To Love Her Could Destroy Them Both…

For centuries, Roland de Courtemanche had spurned Rhiannon, banishing her to eternal darkness, eternal loneliness....

Twice a Princess

by Susan Meier

Dearest Godmother,

I only have one more match to make to break this curse...if only I wasn't utterly distracted by my devastatingly handsome boss, resort owner Alexander Rochelle. I know I should stay away from...

A Triple Threat to Bachelorhood

by Marie Ferrarella


And to Melinda Morrow's triplets, he was a wonderful pal. But to Melinda herself, well that was a different story! Sure, deputy sheriff Carl Cutler's calm strength made her...

To Wed a Sheik

by Teresa Southwick


Too late! Once Kamal Hassan drew her into his arms for a breathless kiss, Ali Matlock was already halfway to losing her heart. Though the sensual sheik...

To Love & Protect Her

by Margaret Watson


Secret Agent Griff Fortune faced his greatest challenge when charged with the task of protecting Willa Simms. Her life was in his hands and to make certain she stayed alive, Griff moved her to a remote...

To Kiss a Sheik

by Teresa Southwick

Desperate for a job, American beauty Crystal Rawlins would have done anything to become nanny to Sheik Fariq Hassan's children. And telling a little white lie about her looks to secure a dream job in an exotic...

To Catch a Sheik

by Teresa Southwick

To Catch a Sheik by Teresa Southwick released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Their Little Cowgirl

by Myrna Mackenzie

Dearest Godmother,

You said all I must do to regain my youth is play matchmaker for twenty-one couples. Well, it's harder than you made it sound! Luckily, I've only got six more to go.

Take my latest attempt:...

That Touch of Pink

by Teresa Southwick

Now Playing: A tale of a woman in need of a man--but only for the weekend....

Starring as Single Mom: Abby Walsh--She'd bid on an ex-army ranger with "survival" skills at the charity auction to help her daughter...