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Sixteen Small Deaths: A Collection of Stories

by Christopher J. Dwyer

Sixteen Small Deaths is a collection of short fiction that will break your heart, shatter your soul and unravel the boundaries of space and time.

Escape from CONICA

by Robert Cummings

In an America that achieved equality long before our own, Phillip Barcardi works as a security contractor. He's hired as a site commander at a major pharmaceutical company, only to be kidnapped from his post...

The Chessmen of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The fifth book in the popular Barsoom series, The Chessmen of Mars is a 1922 science fiction novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tara, princess of the great city state of Helium, is initially impervious to the courtship...

Home Is Where You Left It

by Stephen Marlowe

Stephen Marlowe (born Milton Lesser) was an American author of science fiction, mystery novels, and fictional autobiographies of Christopher Columbus, Miguel de Cervantes, and Edgar Allan Poe. This is one of...

The Colossus of Ylourgne

by Clark Ashton Smith

Nathaire a thrice infamous alchemist, astrologer and necromancer has unleashed upon the world horrors from Abaddon. Can Gaspard du Nord fight this evil? Or will the world be overrun by the horrors of Abaddon......

The Chain of Aforgomon

by Clark Ashton Smith

The strange tale of John Milwarp, an author whose mysterious death was baffling to both law and science, yet all too soon forgotten, as if being erased from the human record...

Blasphemer's Plateau

by Alexander Snyder

Mason was headed to visit the mysterious Doctor Santurn on the Blasphemers' Plateau... where strange and dangerous experiments seem to be preformed...

9Introduction: 9Eyes 9Deceiving Faces: Da Movie Score Novel

by S. Andrew LinZy

9Introduction: 9Eyes 9Deceiving Faces: Da Movie Score Novel also known as "Da Little Book", contains mainly (Scriptures of Life) chapters from the novel: 9Eyes 9Deceiving Faces: Return of Da 9Ruby Prince of...

Beyond the Greene

by Givon Wayne

A group of college students join their beloved professor on an environmental expedition. They travel to a remote area in Northern California that has been experiencing unprecedented growth rates. While they...

Bite Me: Zombie Apocalypse Are You Ready?

by Marlize Schmidt

In case of a Zombie Apocalypse what will you do? Will you be ready? Is it real or is it just fantasy? Are today's people obsessed with Zombies? What do you think? Read this book to see if you are ready for a...

Professor La Forge's Sabbatical

by Cecil Cory

Dumont La Forge held an associate professor position at a small collage on Erudition. Here he taught Ancient Technology, Nanotechnology, Nano-robotics, and Latin. He applied to the Twin suns system for a grant...

Creators of the Towers

by Cecil Cory

Davin Mac Ferson is a young man who spent his young life not wanting to be different from anybody else. As he grew older, he wanted people to look up to him. His time in the Federation military gave him an opportunity...

Atlantis Conspiracy

by Cecil Cory

The Ambassador to the planet Atlantis daughter has been kidnapped. Chandler Christianson, a Federation Security field investigator, has been given the assignment to locate and to rescue her from her kidnappers....

Raid on Sector Delta 34

by Cecil Cory

A group of investors was informed that large deposits of extremely rich material were located in Sector Delta 34. That sector of space was under dispute with factions that claimed they held the rights by conquest....

Einherjar Warriors

by Cecil Cory

In Norse mythology, the Einherjar (Old Norse "lone fighters") are those that have died in battle and they are brought to Valhalla by Valkyries. In Valhalla, the Einherjar eat their fill of the nightly resurrecting...

The New Worlds

by Cecil Cory

Challenged by the Council of Warriors to move their way of life from their old planet to the three new planets, the young people stepped forwards. After the conflict with the Elder Council, they asked Sofia...

A Meeting with the Federation

by Cecil Cory

The Twin Suns system young warriors were learning to use the new technology they had found. Their numbers were expanding and with the alliance between the Triskelia and the Cawte. Expectations were high that...

To Walk in Our Fathers Footsteps

by Cecil Cory

After the war with the waste landers to the north the remaining people were freed, hope and some prosperity returned to the land. Many families that had been separated for generations were once again reunited....

Into the Night 2

by Clara Cummings

Cecelia is in her twenties and feels like her life is nothing more than a rut in the road. She is stuck as a bartender at her local bar, and while she enjoys the various engaging conversations she has with customers,...

Into the Night

by Clara Cummings

Cecelia is in her twenties and feels like her life is nothing more than a rut in the road. She is stuck as a bartender at her local bar, and while she enjoys the various engaging conversations she has with customers,...