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by CJ Nicolson

600 word short story , a moment in a young student terraformer's day beneath the burnt sky of New Cape Town. Life after Lunar city.

Faerie Queen

by George Curtis

A young girl lives in an enchanted forest all on her own. One day she comes across a clue to a hidden mystery,and has adventures and romance and sex while looking for the answers. There are some rather naughty...

The Mirror of Darkness: Thane Amulet Tales Book Three

by CJ Nicolson

Thane Amulet Tales The Mirror of Darkness Book Three The Thane Amulet is missing. Tri Earth world is about to be torn apart because of one thoughtless deed. Its perpetrator the one and only Pascal Darkness gathers...

The Thane Amulet: Thane Amulet Tales Book One

by CJ Nicolson

The Thane Amulet is missing. Tri Earth world is about to be torn apart because of one thoughtless deed. Its perpetrator the one and only Pascal Two teenagers and an in between-ager are left to cope alone with...

A Tale of Two Castles: Thane Amulet Tales Book Two

by CJ Nicolson

Thane Amulet Tales A Tale of Two Castles Book Two The Thane Amulet is missing. Tri Earth world is about to be torn apart because of one thoughtless deed. Its perpetrator the one and only Pascal The second book...

Master Guardian Part Three: The Truth Is Uncovered

by Miss Barbara Boot

After Joe has unlocked one of the West gardens, May's life comes under threat when she uncovers one of Soul's secreters which has been hidden within for centuries. Darkness also mangers to open a secret entrance...

The Maker's Mask: Book One Of Requite

by Ankaret Wells

Tzenni Boccamera wasn't a soldier or a diplomat. She was an engineer. But when Tzenni's sister Catha was captured by soldiers from a rival Spire, there was no one else to go to Catha's rescue. Tzenni didn't...

Millennial Projections

by Author John O'Loughlin

A substantial collection of short stores (prose) which begins with 'Millennial Projections', a three-chapter 'novella' of futuristic science fiction, in which we explore otherworldly possibilities from within...

Apex Predator

by VKN Nadar

Futuristic prediction of mankind on the hands of deadly disease of Stavation

History of a Galaxy: Book 2 - Greenchair

by Amos Zoellner

If we are to understand why the Xenonites came to earth with such fury, we must understand what drove a Sheek Wanderer to the stars. Further, we must understand how the nation of Atakala became so great a power,...

Three Time Traveling Tales

by Gary M Whitmore

Bringing Him Back - A confirmed bachelor finally learns the truth as to why his true love married another man back in WWII. Only TIme - An engaged women accidentally time travels back to 1947 Los Angeles, where...

Saga Terra: Judge of Stellasolum

by J. Michael Gallen

The President of the Republic of Stellasolum has been kidnapped by terrorists from the rogue Kingdom of Arcadia, and Supreme General Judge Victor Hartford Bucks is sent to rescue her. His son will follow, unaware...

Diaries of Afterworld Book 2: Building a Life Epub

by Dale Johnson

Book 2 in a series. dalewj is a real avatar in a real MMORPG game called AfterWorld. Watch dalewj change from a newcomer to a full grown citizen. In his journey he will meet new friends, battle with old friends...

A Secret Technology of Building the Great Egyptian Pyramids - Part One: Who Were They?!

by Ivan Jilda

Dear reader! I am pleased to inform you that finally it was possible to solve the oldest and the most impregnable mystery of our civilization. I assure you that this is not mere words. The mystery of the construction...

The Chemical History of a Candle (Illustrated)

by Michael Faraday

"And how are these candles made? I have told you about dips, and I will shew you how moulds are made. Let us imagine any of these candles to be made of materials which can be cast. "Cast!" you say. "Why, a candle...

Something Known

by Joseph Atman

When a young monk escapes his monastery with an all-powerful secret, he implements it on a town whose inhabitants reap the benefits - and hidden disasters - of its potent, but dangerous knowledge. Eli Deo is...

"The Strange Trip of Jonah Rome"

by Steven M Leshin

Jonah Rome faces financial and professional ruin unless he tests the invention he labored on for seven years. If successful it will mean fame and fortune or it could mean a portal to the unknown.

Iron of the Innocent: The Dark Judge

by Daniel Bastion

Dreydan Ruin, a young warrior coming of age, a private in the Solorn Army, has met the enemy in unexpected battle. With shield broken and unable to reach his sword, he falls into destiny pursued by unknown,...

Orbbelgguren Series: Book I Istobarra Commencement

by Stephen Christiansen

Medri Jabbress Olis'inth, a female dark elf necromancer, finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue and conspiracies. In her journey through the underworld she uncovers more and more of a grand plot while discovering...

Stranded II: Return to Plusar

by Arthur Wyllie

While in orbit around Ganymede, the Explorer XV is attacked by an alien satellite and sustains considerable damage. Major Gibbons is forced to land on Ganymede and try to effect repairs. Back on Mars, General...