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by John Sladek

Maps is the definitive collection of John Sladek's uncollected work put together by his friend, fellow writer and critic David Langford who also provides an introduction. It includes all the solo stories - science...

The Reproductive System

by John Sladek

Wompler's Walking Babies once put Millford, Utah, on the map. But they aren't selling like they used to. In fact, they aren't selling at all and the only alternative to winding the company up is to tap the government...

Step to the Stars

by Philip E. High

Waking Nightmare! He awoke, stretched and scratched the top of his head with his right hand. It hurt, must have a pimple there or something. Only a few seconds later his forehead tingled, and he brushed at it...

Fugitive from Time

by Philip E. High

He thought he knew himself, his strength, weaknesses and limitations. A frightening encounter with two muggers, however, changed everything. He had knowledge which he had no conscious memory of learning. He...

Come, Hunt an Earthman

by Philip E. High

If you're a humanthe deadliest game. You may consider yourselves experienced huntersYou have hunted on many planetsBut here things are different. For there are no mindless monsters or charging carnivores, but...

These Savage Futurians

by Philip E. High

Don't think new thoughts, don't improve anything, don't wander over the next hillthese were the commandments for the men and women of the experimental village - one of those careful nurtured settlements established...

Invader on My Back

by Philip E. High

In the far future, the world has fallen to chaos with the criminal elements controlling the cities and vast police forces ruling the unknown wilderness beyond. Only one man, unknowingly, holds the key to the...

Twin Planets

by Philip E. High

Earth and Firma were twin planets - mirror worlds in a single time-track. Now Firma was halted in its rotation around the sun by the Aliens. Unless Denning and Liston, twin humans, could destroy the Aliens and...

Reality Forbidden

by Philip E. High

If wishes would only come truehow often has every human being thought that? How wonderful life would be if only we could have everything we ever dreamed of? But the man who invented the dream-machine turned...

Still River

by Hal Clement

The Riddle of Enigma Years of exacting study were coming to an end. All five student scientists, each the best its species had to offer, were one step away from their final degrees. One examination remained:...

Star Light

by Hal Clement

The return of Barlennan Dhrawn was a giant rockball, more than 3,000 times the mass of Earth. Perhaps a planet, perhaps a nearly dead star, the 17 billion square miles of mystery cried out for investigation....

Cycle of Fire

by Hal Clement

Stranded on an alien planet, light years from home, wandering from blistering heat to searing cold, Nils Kruger was not a happy man. So when he met another being - even though it wasn't human - things seemed...


by Hal Clement

As the planet gleamed in his viewport, Sallman Ken could not believe that such a bleak and icy globe could have produced intelligent life. Yet when the expedition had sent in unmanned landers, that was what...


by Hal Clement

Two ships race in from outer space and crash in the Pacific Ocean. One contains a hunter, entrusted with a vital mission. The other, his quarry - corrupt, evil, a criminal from an unearthly civilisation light...


by Richard Cowper

In the 24th Century, mankind lives in Utopia. Everyone is happy, apart from one man. 'A misfit, a throwback, a genuine freak' is how eighteen year old Bard (with typical eighteen year old romanticism) describes...

A Dream of Kinship

by Richard Cowper

They came to destroy! The treacherous Falcons, uniformed in the black leather tunics of the fanatic Secular Arm, descended on Corlay to burn and kill. Commanded by Lord Constant, ruler of the Seven Kingdoms,...

Dangerous Visions

by Harlan Ellison

Anthologies seldom make history, but Dangerous Visions is a grand exception. Harlan Ellison's 1967 collection of science fiction stories set an almost impossibly high standard, as more than a half dozen of its...

Beyond the Galactic Lens: Cap Kennedy Book 16

by E.C. Tubb

Three times had the scientific genius, Kaifeng, slipped through the hands of the men of FATE - and three times those equally fanatic guardians of the fragile structure of interworld peace had tracked him down...

Earth Enslaved: Cap Kennedy Book 9

by E.C. Tubb

THROUGH THE TERROR TOROID It could have bee a black hole - one of those terrifying rips in space that defy all laws. That it was artificial in origin did not make it any less deadly. Worst of all, that strange...

The Eater of Worlds: Cap Kennedy Book 8

by E.C. Tubb

THE VAULT IN THE VALLEY On a far semi-desert world, shunned by trade routes, and unattractive to star travellers, there is a barren and isolated valley. Dominating this valley is a great time-eroded Sphinx-like...