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The Ships of Durostorum: Keys to the Dimensions Book 5

by Kenneth Bulmer

WANTED: ONE ENGINEER FOR MANAGERIAL POSITION IN IRUNIUM. WAGES HIGH. DEATH BENEFITS SUDDEN. "I am the Contessa Perdita di Montevarchi. Here in Irunium the only law is my will. "I shall seek out another engineer....

The Wizards of Senchuria: Keys to the Dimensions Book 4

by Kenneth Bulmer

Scobie Redfern was just a nice good-looking American young man who had never heard of such things as Portals, parallel worlds, and Trugs. So when someone materialized in his apartment with the Trugs in hot pursuit,...

Other Americas

by Norman Spinrad

Spinrad examines one of his most compelling obsessions - the possible "futures" of America.

Street Meat: In New York City, streeties, zonies and subway cannibals are locked in a nighmarish scrabble for rat meat,...

In the Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave

by Garry Kilworth

To escape his life in England, John Trencher volunteers to teach schoolchildren on a tropical island. But paradise has its darker, less innocent side, and a web of violence, taboo and sexuality soon begins to...

The Key to Irunium: Keys to the Dimensions Book 2

by Kenneth Bulmer

INTO THIN AIR ?A porteur? Never heard of it.? Robert Prestin was just an ordinary aviation journalist who had never heard of such things as porteurs, nor of other dimensions that supplied jewels to the Earth,...

The Wind of Liberty

by Kenneth Bulmer

A planet's destiny trembled in the balance. Waiting, quiet and as dangerous as a timber-wolf, Vickery heard another faint slither of foot on stone. A dark shape flitted past the lighted shop front on the opposite...

The Electric Sword-Swallowers

by Kenneth Bulmer

Delilah was beautiful. Delilah was sexy. And Delilah was to blame for all of Ferdie Foxlee?s problems. She had let him down at the crucial moment by falling apart. Literally. And in pieces. Her right eye popped,...

Star Trove

by Kenneth Bulmer

Among the myriad colourful characters of the galaxy, men called him a Treasure Troubleshooter.

His name was Felix Vereker, and he liked good food and fine wines and his taste ran to Moliere and ancient legends...

Little Heroes

by Norman Spinrad

Muzic Inc had become a music industry giant by staying one step ahead of the game, but for some reason APs (totally cybernetic rock stars) had failed to ship gold.

That was where Glorianna O'Toole came in....

Saint Hiroshima

by Leigh Kennedy

As a boy Phil Benson tried to summon up an enthusiasm for baseball. He could see that his real passion, classical music, was considered somehow subversive - not really American. That is why Mr Tackett's became...


by Leigh Kennedy

It is hard to say how it started - all the unexplained little signs of a new baby about the house in 'The Silent Cradle' - but soon none of the O'Bannons could deny that there had been a highly irregular addition...


by Garry Kilworth

There is a citywide epidemic of arson in San Francisco, and Detective Dave Peters and his partner, Danny, are on the case. Their routine investigation becomes more and more bizarre as the fires seem more and...

House of Tribes

by Garry Kilworth

In every mouse's long life, there comes a time when ancestral voices tell him to move on. Pedlar, a yellow-necked mouse, has reached that point. Told to leave the Hedgerow and go on a long journey, the adventurous...

Frost Dancers: A Story of Hares

by Garry Kilworth

Amongst the gorse and the heathers of his native highlands, Skelter the mountain hare enjoyed an idyllic life: browsing and gambolling; taking in the superb scenery and making female friends, including the beautiful...

The Purity Plot: Family d'Alembert Book 6

by E.E.'Doc' Smith & Stephen Goldin

What is happening on Purity - an obscure planet peopled only by religious introverts? Hitherto the hairshirt brigade have turned their backs on the rest of the Empire. But now, inspired by the aggressive zeal...

Appointment at Bloodstar: Family d'Alembert Book 5

by E.E.'Doc' Smith & Stephen Goldin

The Empire's boldest agents - Jules and Yvette d'Alembert - blast off against the most dangerous conspiracy in the Galaxy. But even the lightning-powers inherited from their triple-gravity planet are no match...

The Clockwork Traitor: Family d'Alembert Book 3

by E.E.'Doc' Smith & Stephen Goldin


Jules and Yvette d'Alembert had faced challenges before - but rarely one as daunting as this. To them fell the perilous task of infiltrating a vicious conspiracy which threatened to destroy the Stanley...

Subspace Encounter

by E.E.'Doc' Smith

Bursting right through the four-dimensional travel zone of subspace, Tellurian psiontists make an amazing discovery on the other side.

Beyond the bounds of subspace, a parallel universe is cruelly ruled by a...

Cycle of Nemesis

by Kenneth Bulmer

Seven thousand years ago one of Earth's earliest civilisations was confronted by a menace from the stars - and died in a world-shaking effort to destroy that cosmic monster. But the death of that forgotten empire...

The Wizard of Starship Poseidon

by Kenneth Bulmer

CONSPIRACY OF GENIUS His height barely reached five feet, his spindly legs supported a bulging chest, and his eyes protruded grotesquely from a gnome-like head - but within that absurd-looking man lay the mind...