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Scattered Under the Rising Sun: The Gordon Highlanders in the Far East 1941-1945

by Stewart Mitchell

2nd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders was posted to Singapore in 1937 with their families. When the Japanese invaded Malaya in December 1941, the Battalion fought bravely until the surrender of Singapore on 14 February...

Unsung Eagles: True Stories of America's Citizen Airmen in the Skies of World War II

by Jay Stout

The nearly half-million American aircrewmen who served during World War II have almost disappeared. And so have their stories. Award-winning writer and former fighter pilot Jay A. Stout uses Unsung Eagles to...

The Boys of Shakespeare's School in the Second World War

by Richard Pearson

Like the Great War generation before them, the Old Boys of King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon, (known as Shakespeare's School) answered the Nation's call to arms in 1939 with steely determination and,...

Freedom in the Air: A Czech Flyer and his Aircrew Dog

by Hamish Ross

This biography tells of the life of a Czech airman who escapes from the Nazi invasion, fights with the French and finally arrives in Britain to fly as an air-gunner with the RAF during World War II. He returns...

Tank Commander: From the Fall of France to the Defeat of Germany -  The Memoirs of Bill Close

by Bill Close

Bill Close had a remarkable war. In campaign after campaign, from the defense of Calais in 1940 to the defeat of Germany in 1945, he served as a tank commander in the Royal Tank Regiment - and he survived. His...

With the Red Devils at Arnhem: Personal Experiences with the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade 1944

by Marek Swiecicki

The Battle of Arnhem remains a much-studied and discussed battle, with an uninterrupted flow of books being published about it. Helion are bringing back into print a fascinating eyewitness account that has remained...

Panzer Commander: The Memoirs of Hans von Luck

by Hans Von Luck

Panzer Commander is one of the classic memoirs of the Second World War. A professional soldier, Hans von Luck joined the Panzerwaffe in its earliest days, where he served under Erwin Rommel, and went on to fight...

Churchill's Secret Defence Army: Resisting the Nazi Invader

by Arthur Ward

By the spring of 1940, the phoney war suddenly became very real. In April Hitler's forces, invaded Norway and a month later began their assault on France and the Low Countries. The Anglo/French allies were routed....

The British Army in France After Dunkirk

by Patrick Takle

Although over 330,000 British and French soldiers were evacuated from the Dunkirk beaches between 26 May and 4 June, many thousands remained in France, most under French command. Churchill, now the Prime Minister,...

Ian Fleming's Secret War

by Craig Cabell

While his extravagant and glamorous lifestyle is well known, little has been published concerning Ian Fleming's contribution during the Second World War. In the very early days of the War, Fleming was earmarked...

Air-Launched Doodlebugs: The Forgotten Campaign

by Peter Smith

The V 1, or 'Doodlebug' or 'Flying-bomb' came into use in June 1944 and, together with the V 2 Rocket, was Hitler's final hope in face of the advancing Allied forces sweeping across Europe towards Germany. Of...

Air War Market Garden: The Build Up to the Beginning

by Martin Bowman

This is the first volume of a most impressive tribute and accurate four part work that uniquely presents a complete account of the air operations throughout 'Market-Garden' in September 1944 when British, US...

Beyond the Dams to the Tirpitz: The Later Operations of the 617 Squadron

by Alan W Cooper

First published to acclaim in 1983, this book is set to impact upon the book-buying public, eager for accounts of this period of World War history. Relaying the later operations of 617 Squadron, this book steers...

Last Days of the Luftwaffe: German Luftwaffe Combat Units 1944-1945

by Manfred Griehl

The end of the Second World War in Europe was an epoch of complete social, cultural and technological upheaval. In the realm of military and aviation history this period was revolutionary. The eclipse of the...

The Home Front in World War Two: Keep Calm and Carry On

by Susie Hodge

This book brings an era to life with vivid stories and information from those who were there. During World War Two, 90% of the British population remained civilians. The War affected daily life more than any...

Assaults From the Sky

by Martin Bowman

This is the second volume of a comprehensive five part work on D-Day that includes a multitude of personal military accounts from both Allied and German Aviation personnel 'who were there'. Overlord began with...

Flight 777: The Mystery of Leslie Howard

by Ian Colvin

On 1 June 1943 Flight 777, a Douglas DC-3, en route from Lisbon to Britain, was shot down over the Bay of Biscay by German aircraft. Among the dead was the actor Leslie Howard, who had returned from Hollywood...

Traditional Enemies: Britain's War With Vichy France 1940-42

by John D Grainger

After the surrender of the French government in May 1940, the British were concerned that the resources of the French Empire, and particularly the powerful French fleet, would be put at the disposal of the Germans....

Hitler Strikes North: The Nazi Invasion of Norway & Denmark, April 9, 1940

by J. Greene & A. Massignani

More than any other campaign of WWII, Operation Weserubing has been shrouded in mystery. Strategic political and legal issues were unclear and military issues were dominated by risk. The German success was the...

Disaster at Stalingrad: An Alternate History

by Peter Tsouras

It is early September 1942 and the German commander of the Sixth Army, General Paulus, assisted by the Fourth Panzer Army, is poised to advance on the Russian city of Stalingrad. His primary mission was to take...