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Tim Tebow: A Football Star Who Cares

by Ken Rappoport

When he scrambles out of the pocket, Tim Tebow makes incredible things happen on the football field. In Ken Rappoport's biography of Tebow, you will see that he does even more amazing things off the field. Having...

Shaun White: A Snowboarder and Skateboarder Who Cares

by John Albert Torres

Whether he's flying up a half-pipe on his skateboard or whizzing through the air on a gold-medal snowboard run, Shaun White is one of the most exciting athletes in the world. In a competition, or making a public...

Slam Dunk! Science Projects with Basketball

by Robert Gardner & Dennis Shortelle

Slam dunk your next science project! Physics concepts play a big role in the sport of basketball. Learn about friction, mass, vectors, and more-all while playing your favorite sport! Great science project ideas...

Home Run! Science Projects with Baseball and Softball

by Robert L. Bonnet & Dan Keen

Hit a home run on your science fair project or science test! Learn about transfer of energy, friction and pressure, and more by playing your favorite sport of baseball or softball! Great ideas for science fair...

Goal! Science Projects with Soccer

by Madeline Goodstein

Get a kick out of science! Have fun using soccer balls to learn about angles, momentum, rebound ratings, and more while enjoying a favorite sport of soccer. There are lots of physics concepts involved in the...

Wheels! Science Projects with Bicycles, Skateboards, and Skates

by Madeline Goodstein

How do bicycle gears work? Why does it look like a skateboard sticks to a skater's feet? Learn all about the physics involved in your favorite wheeled sport, whether it be cycling, skating, or skateboarding....

Space Word Problems Starring Ratios and Proportions: Math Word Problems Solved

by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Make ratios and proportions word problems easy and fun using facts about space. This fully-illustrated book provides you with all the tools needed to start solving ratios and proportions word problems-including...

Fun Food Word Problems Starring Fractions: Math Word Problems Solved

by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Fraction word problems don't have to be hard! Learn the four simple steps to solve any problem. This fully-illustrated book uses entertaining food examples to make solving math word problems easy and fun.

Big Truck and Car Word Problems Starring Multiplication and Division: Math Word Problems Solved

by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Author Rebecca Wingard-Nelson makes multiplication and division word problems fun using facts about big trucks and cars. Take the mystery out of word problems, and find out what clue words to look for to help...

Sports Word Problems Starring Decimals and Percents: Math Word Problems Solved

by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Using sports word problems-from soccer to white-water rafting-author Rebecca Wingard-Nelson makes decimal and percent word problems easy and fun. Included are some helpful clue words and ways to figure out if...

Amusement Park Word Problems Starring Pre-Algebra: Math Word Problems Solved

by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Pre-algebra word problems become a snap with fun amusement park examples. Learn how to figure out if you have enough information, how to read and understand any word problem, and more with this fully-illustrated...

Weird But True Weather

by Carmen Bredeson

Snow donuts?! Animal rain?! Ten-story waves?! Can it really be true? Find out as you read and learn about some weird and wonderful weather!

Weird But True Space Facts

by Carmen Bredeson

Moon lava?! Planets with no ground to stand on?! Can it really be true? Find out as you read and learn about the weird and wonderful world of space!

Animal Word Problems Starring Addition and Subtraction: Math Word Problems Solved

by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson & Tom LaBaff

Solve the mystery of addition and subtraction word problems. Each word problem uses animal examples to make doing word problems fun! Learn four steps for solving any word problem-how to read, plan, solve, and...

Weird But True Human Body Facts

by Carmen Bredeson

A sneeze that travels 100 mile per hour?! A person makes over four cups of spit in a day?! Can it really be true? Find out as you read and learn about the weird and wonderful human body!

Weird But True Food

by Carmen Bredeson

Fried crickets?! Rose petal soup?! Seaweed in ice cream?! Can it really be true? Find out as you read and learn about some weird and wonderful food!

Weird But True Animal Homes

by Carmen Bredeson

Do some birds really build their nests in a cactus? Do some salamanders live so deep in caves that they have no eyes? Are there animals living under the Antarctic ice? Find out as you read and learn about some...

Weird But True Rocks

by Carmen Bredeson

Rocks that spark? Rocks that float? Rocks that fizz? Is it really true?! Read and learn about some weird and wonderful examples of the three different types of rocks.

Soil: Green Science Projects for a Sustainable Planet

by Robert Gardner

What is soil? How do plants grow in soil? How is contaminated soil cleaned? Using the scientific method, readers will explore Earth's soil and learn how to protect it. This informative and entertaining text...

Energy: Green Science Projects About Solar, Wind, and Water Power

by Robert Gardner

What material best absorbs solar energy? How can wind and water be used to create energy? How does insulation affect heat flow? Explore ways to create and conserve energy with author Robert Gardner. Use easy-to-find...