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The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse

by Beatrix Potter

Mrs. Tittlemouse is a very tidy little mouse. She will be very busy tidying up her home after some insect intruders have left footprints on the floors and all sorts of messes about the place. Book illustrated...

The Tale of Two Bad Mice

by Beatrix Potter

Lucinda and Jane are two dolls living in a beautiful doll-house in the nursery. During their absence for a walk in perambulator, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munc, a curious pair of mice, bring havoc throughout the house...

On the Road to Find Out

by Rachel Toor

On New Year's Day, Alice Davis goes for a run. Her first ever. It's painful and embarrassing, but so was getting denied by the only college she cares about. Alice knows she has to stop sitting around and complaining...


by Lisa Fiedler & Vivienne To

The Warriors series meets Redwall in this first book in an epic animal adventure series set in the subway tunnels of Brooklyn and for “fans of Erin Hunter, Brian Jaques, and Kathryn Lasky” (School Library...


Spy Mice #1

by Heather Vogel Frederick & Sally Wern Comport

Winter break is off to an exciting start with Oz and D. B. jetting off to London for Oz¹s mom¹s opera premiere. And Glory Goldenleaf, private eye, comes along for a pleasure trip.

But this jolly holiday winds...

For Your Paws Only

Spy Mice #2

by Heather Vogel Frederick

In Book 2 of the Spy Mice series, adventure is in store when a secret agent mouse and her fifth-grade friends travel to New York City.

Glory Goldenleaf, spy mouse extraordinaire, is assigned her first solo Silver...

WANTED! A Guinea Pig Called Henry

by Wendy Orr & Patricia Castelao

Sam wants a pet for her birthday, but her mom and dad have already said that their apartment is too small for a cat or a dog. A trip to Rainbow Street Shelter to look at the smaller animals can't hurt, though!...

Eugene the Mouse at the Big Farmhouse

by Lynn C Skinner & Pharis Davis

Eugene, the mouse, likes to drive his go-kart. On a recent ride, he makes an interesting discovery and then must make an important decision.

Other books by this author:

Eugene at the Christmas Ball with Christine:...

The Mudhog That Stole Groundhog Day

by Jane Kopper Hilleary

It had been an especially cold and hard winter for human and animals alike. It was the coldest, snowiest winter on record. A crowd was now anxiously gathered at the burrow hole of Uncle Root, the groundhog who...

Mouse in the House

by Laura A. Allen & Amanda Maitri Mullenbach

When the teeny tiny mouse moves from the field into the great big house, hes pleased with his surroundings. He loves exploring and eating the crumbs from the kitchen floor. There is one person, though, who is...

Tiny Makes a Friend

by Eva Schmidler


Have you ever wanted something a lot but youre afraid of doing what you need to get it? What do you do about it?

Tiny Makes a Friend takes place...

Percival, a Mouse in the President’S House

by Rod Harrington

It is Washington, August 24, 1814, and the presidents house is burning. Percival Mouse and his wife, Annie, have known for years this was coming, and they are not unprepared. They have risked everything to live...

Adventures of Fred in the Shed

by Lynette Wynn

Fred is a mouse that was discovered in someones shed. He was not caught in a trap but embraced as a part of the shed owners family. Follow Fred and his family through their daily routine, adventures and the...

Rinnie the Weasel

by Debby G. Bowes Ed.D

Rinnie the Weasel is very clever and kind of obnoxious. Hes about as much fun as a barrel of monkeys mixed with a puppy rolling in the mud; in other words, he likes getting into mischief. He lives in the McElvery...


by Lawrence Quammen & Marc Noreikas

Evergreen is a lively story of 3 sisters, the daughters of Mama and Papa Hopkins, a family of mice. The Hopkins family lives in an old sawdust pile located behind the Hillendale Sawmill and Lumber Company in...

The Adventures of Eenie, Meeney, and Miney!

by Vicki Teague

When the sun comes out after a dreary, rainy day, arent you ready to run outside with your friends to have sun? Thats what Eenie, Meeney and Miney did. Eenie is an ivory, long, wavy-haired hamster; Meeney is...

Messy Maize

by Carol Ann Sheldon

One day Maize and her mom were deciding to go shopping. Maizes mom asked Maize to go put on her dress. Maize ran upstairs to get dressed, but her bedroom was messy. She could not find her dress. The more she...

Popcorn Opossum and the Ookey Gookey Carrots

by Hilary Neiman & Daniel McCloskey

This whimsical book is part of series to teach children the benefi ts of living a healthy life. In this book, Popcorn the Opossum, teaches your child the importance of eating healthy food.

The Amazing (And Accurate) Adventures of Chester Chipmunk

by Lily Beth Linders

Chester Chipmunk is busy foraging for nuts for his wife and five adorable children when, in the blink of an eye, a terrifying black-and-white monster springs out from a bush and turns his world upside down!...

The Adventures of Theodore Mouse

by Sharilin, I.J. Smith & S.L.

Children of all ages will be delighted as author Sharilin pens the epic beginning of The Adventures of Theodore Mouse. Splashed with vibrant illustrations, this tale of obedience, friendship, dreams, and determination...