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Perky Emigrates

by Janet Simmonds & Sonja Koster

Perky the Tortoise is a real life tortoise, who loves getting into lots of mischief. and lives for adventure.  The Adventures of Perky the Tortoise follows Perky through his adventures, beginning with Perky...

Dzifa the Tri-Coloured Lizard

by Elizabeth Kassa & Joshua Allen

This is a story to read with toddlers and preschoolers. Mostly the children in Africa Country such Ghana wouldunderstandthat particular lizard with a coat of different colours , as Dzifa the ewe lizard will...

Leonard the Lobster

by Mr. Charles Perez & Angel Dela Pea Jr.

Leonard the Lobster is a story that teaches young children to listen to their mother's warnings of danger. The story ends happily when Leonard escapes a tragic end and returns safely to his native habitat.

Harry, Harry, the Dancing Hippo

by Yvette Daniels

Harry, Harry, the dancing hippo is a happy and loving hippopotamus who loves to dance. He is very lively and energetic. He dances in the water, and on the Land. He dance when he eats and when he sleep. Harry,...

Ruben the Reptile and the Missing Cap

by Miriam Spiller & Sandy Burrow

Like always, Ruben the Reptile was hanging around his new friend Lila the Lighting bug. One rainy and windy Saturday, Ruben and Lila were playing their favorite game - catch what you want with your tail.

Lydia Lion Goes Exploring

by Jim Spensley

Lydia Lion Goes Exploring is a collection of fresh and realistic read-aloud stories about a little lion cub discovering her world. Lydias adventures dramatically create an aura of danger or mishap for young...

Lizzy Lizard Couldn't Say Her Name

by Pat Holloway & Stewart Maxcy

This is an educational children's picture book that has been recorded onto a CD. This book can be used as a teaching tool to help children to say the letter "L" sound correctly. The colorful illustrations are...

All About the Reptiles of the World - Animal Books | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

Let’s talk about the reptiles. What kind of animals are they? What are the features that make them unique from all the other animals? What are the most popular reptiles in the world? All these questions will...

What are Amphibians? Animal Book Age 8 | Children's Animal Books

by Baby Professor

This book goes beyond the basic definition of amphibians because it also includes pictures and other examples. Learning while having fun is one of the most effective means of acquiring information. That’s...

Box Set Children's Books: Frog Pictures & Frog Facts Book For Kids & Panda Book For Kids - Intriguing & Interesting Fun Animal Facts: 2 In 1 Box Set A

by Kate Cruise

This 2 In 1 Box Set Compilation includes Kate Cruise's & Timmie Guzzmann's intriguing & interesting frog & panda fact book for kids. The compilation includes: Book 1: Frog Discovery Book Book 2: Panda Discovery...

Name That Reptile: With Fun Facts and Matching Games For Kids

by Baby Professor

Can you name all the reptiles? By the end of this cool activity book, you can! Using activities to promote knowledge is highly effective because it energizes the part of the brain that holds memories. Your child's...

Animals That Hatch from Eggs | Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Your child probably already knows how to identify common animals found around them. This Children’s book though focuses on animals that hatch from eggs. Cool photos of said animals and their families are featured...

Reptiles: Animal Group Science Book For Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s raise smart kids, and let’s do that with one educational book at a time. Learning is most effective when it is experienced. While a child can be introduced to reptiles through computer programs, it...

Turtles, Frogs, Snakes and Lizards | Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Let’s talk about turtles, frogs, snakes and lizards, which are all reptiles. The purpose of this educational book is to teach your child about the distinct characteristics of reptiles. Through this book, it...

1st Grade Science Workbook: Reptiles and Amphibians

by Baby Professor

Teach your child to identify reptiles and amphibians to increase learning on animals. One way of doing this without boring your little ones is to present information in a cool and modern way. A perfect example...

The Littlest Animals of the Desert | Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Even an arid area like the desert can be home to the most resilient animals. You can't see these animals because they're very small but they are there - burrowing in and/or walking on the hot sand everyday....

1st Grade Books For Boys: Science Edition - Frog Life Cycle

by Baby Professor

The cycle of life is most popularly taught through frogs. Why? Because little boys are easily drawn to them, being omnipresent in gardens and parks. Therefore, this little book with big facts about frogs will...

Amphibians: Animal Group Science Book For Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Amphibians aren’t that bad once you get to know them. They may look eecky and yucky at first but with the right knowledge, comes proper awareness and appreciation. That is why this book has been designed to...

The Fable of the Snake Named Slim

by Doug Snelson

In this poignant tale told in fable style--a story featuring animals and conveying a moral--young readers will meet Slim, a snake that wobbles instead of wiggles and they will discover that being different can...

Snakes That Slither: Fun Facts About Snakes of The World: Snakes Books for Kids - Herpetology

by Baby Professor

Everyone knows that snakes can be get very dangerous because of their venom. But only a few children know how important they are to the ecosystem. Your child will be one of those knowledgeable on snakes if you...