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Keeping Your Own Chickens

by Deedee Moore

Raising enough chickens to produce fresh eggs for your family isn't as difficult as it might appear. Chickens do not require much space and once set up require very little maintenance. In fact, it's so simple...

Raising Goats - Easy Guide to Raising & Caring for Goats

by Deedee Moore

Are You a Shepherd? Seriously, have you ever herded sheep or for our purposes goats? If you haven't and are up to learning something new, you might want to give it some consideration. Raising goats for pets...

How to Train a Puppy

by Deedee Moore

Have a lovely dog, would like to help it to a happy life, how to train it? Properly training the dog will avoid a lot of danger, and will bring you more happiness. This e-book is simple to tell you how to help...

Caring for Your Dog

by Deedee Moore

caring for dog • Understanding Ingredients • Dogs Need Different Diets at Different Ages •Vitamin and Mineral Supplements •Boredom and Variety •Cost of Feeds •Dry Vs. Canned Food •Home Made Diets...

The A to Z Guide of Wild Animals

by Lisa Jones

Welcome to the A-Z Guide of Wild Animals from around the world. It is jammed packed full of facts and stunning photographs. It has key educational benefits and is dedicated to all the budding wildlife enthusiasts...

Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy - Every Cat Owner Needs This!

by Barbara Ford

The advantages of having a pet to share your life are well-known. Cats are more independent by nature even though they need support and care from their human owner. This gives a special quality to the relationship...

Understanding, Caring for & Training Your Cat

by Paul Brough

This book is definitely for YOU if you really want to have a healthy, well- behaved pet. There's more about having a cat than you may have considered and "Understanding, Caring For And Training Your Cat" is...

Canary Breeding for Beginners - A Practical Guide to the Cult of Canary Breeding, Designed Specially for the Use of the Beginner in the Hobby.

by John Claude

Contents Include: The Cages Considered Perches and other Fitments The Bird Room The Bath First Principles in Mating Building the Home The First Egg Commencement of Incubation Egg Food At Close of Incubation...

Bulldogs and All About Them (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic - Bulldog / French Bulldog)

by F. Barret-Fowler

BULLDOGS AND ALL ABOUT THEM By F. Barrett Fowler A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT "Bulldogs" was originally written by Henry St. John Cooper in 1914. This new edition was revised, updated, and almost completely...

The Modern Kerry Blue Terrier (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by Violet E. Handy

THE MODERN KERRY BLUE TERRIER BY VIOLET E. HANDY and Others. A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT. Originally published in 1933, this extremely rare early work on the Kerry Blue Terrier is both expensive and...

The Modern Airedale Terrier: With Instructions for Stripping the Airedale and Also Training the Airedale for Big Game Hunting. (A Vintage Dog Books Br

by W. J. Phillips

THE MODERN AIREDALE By W. J. Phillips A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT This scarce early work on the "King of Terriers" was first published in 1921. First editions are now extremely expensive and very hard...

Copycat: and a Litter of Other Cats

by David Yow

An irresistible and hilarious book of cat cartoon portraits for all cat lovers, old, young, and in-between.

Bloodhounds: History - Origins - Breeding - Training

by Edwin Brough

Originally published in 1907 as part of "The Kennel Encyclopaedia." Only 1500 copies of these volumes were ever published and consequently remain rare and expensive. This extremely comprehensive and informative...

White Monarch and the Gas-House Pup - A Story of Pit Bull Dogs

by R. G. Kirk

Originally published in 1917. An evocative and stirring tale of two American fighting dogs. White Monarch is a pure bred white Bulldog and a show champion. The Gas-House Pup or "McDonald's Grip" was a famous...

The Pointer and His Predecessors - An Illustrated History of the Pointing Dog From the Earliest Times

by William Arkwright

Originally published in 1906. This is a reprint of the second revised edition. The author was a pointer fanatic who spent many years on research before writing this book. The well illustrated book contains a...

The Widowhood Book - A Complete Guide to the Best Methods of Racing Pigeons on the Widowhood System as Described by the Foremost Experts in Britain, B

by C. A. Osman

Contents Include: W.S. Pearson Arthur Wright O.I. Wood Fred Shaw Joe Cheetham Lester Torrey Some Variations Henry Martens Violette Renier Gurnay Two Present day Belgian Champions More Variations The System of...

Aviaries, Bird-Rooms and Cages - Their Construction and Furnishing

by H. Norman

Contents Include: The Situation Considered The Materials Described Details of Construction On Various styles of Aviaries Mainly Details Methods of Feeding Entering and Cleaning Stocking the Aviary Bird Rooms...

Borzoi: The Russian Wolfhound - A Dog Anthology (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by Various

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pomona Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high...

Parrots for Pleasure and Profit - Their Breeding and Management

by C. P. Arthur

Contents Include: Parrots for Pleasure and Profit Grey Parrots The Breeding of Hybrid Parrakeets Six Popular Parrots Some Facts about Macaws

Diseases of Canaries

by Robert Stroud

Originally published in 1933. The author was well known as "The Bird Man of Alcatraz." He wrote this book while serving a life sentence. A comprehensive work containing much information on: - Anatomy - Feeding...