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The Great Ethics of Aristotle

by Peter L. P. Simpson

In this follow up to The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle, Peter L. P. Simpson centers his attention on the basics of Aristotelian moral doctrine as found in the Great Ethics: the definition of happiness, the nature...

Ten Philosophical Mistakes

by Mortimer J. Adler

An illuminating critique of modern thought from America's "Philosopher for Everyman" (Time).

Ten Philosophical Mistakes examines ten errors in modern thought and shows how they have led to serious consequences...

How We Hope: A Moral Psychology

by Adrienne Martin

What exactly is hope and how does it influence our decisions? In How We Hope, Adrienne Martin presents a novel account of hope, the motivational resources it presupposes, and its function in our practical lives....

Art and Ethics in a Material World: Kant S Pragmatist Legacy

by Jennifer A McMahon

In this book, McMahon argues that a reading of Kant's body of work in the light of a pragmatist theory of meaning and language (which arguably is a Kantian legacy) leads one to put community reception ahead...

Environmental Ethics: An Introduction with Readings

by John Benson

Presupposing no prior knowledge of philosophy, John Benson introduces the fundamentals of environmental ethics by asking whether a concern with human well-being is an adequate basis for environmental ethics....

Euthanasia: All That Matters

by Richard Huxtable

The Dignitas clinic in Switzerland may be a long way away. But the issues around euthanasia can suddenly become very close to home. To many, it seems remarkable that in a society where freedom of choice is eulogised,...

Ethics: Bullet Guides

by Robert Anderson

Open this book and you will

  • Understand morals

  • Discover freedom

  • Meet key figures

  • Apply ethics

  • The Social Contract Theorists: Critical Essays on Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau

    by Christopher W. Morris

    This rich collection will introduce students of philosophy and politics to the contemporary critical literature on the classical social contract political thinkers Thomas Hobbes (1599-1697), John Locke (1632-1704),...

    Wealth Plus+ Empowering Your Everyday!

    by Christopher Alan Anderson

    Wealth Plus+ Empowering Your Everyday! comprises a series of concise articles created for the purpose of increasing your wealth. Wealth here is being used in the broadest sense to include anything that empowers...

    Finding Ourselves at the Movies: Philosophy for a New Generation

    by Paul W. Kahn

    Academic philosophy may have lost its audience, but the traditional subjects of philosophy—love, death, justice, knowledge, and faith—remain as compelling as ever. To reach a new generation, Paul W. Kahn argues...

    Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to Do the Right Thing

    by Barry Schwartz & Kenneth Sharpe

    A reasoned and urgent call to embrace and protect the essential human quality that has been drummed out of our lives: wisdom.

    In their provocative new book, Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe explore the insights...

    Misogyny Re-Loaded

    by Abigail Bray

    Blending personal experience with rigorous study, this explosive manifesto rails against what it presents as the resurgent sexual fascism of the new world order. By exposing everything from the casual acceptance...

    Why It's Hard to Be Good

    by Al Gini

    In a series of brief chapters, Al Gini lays out ideas for 'stepping out of the shadow of the self' - an argument for stopping thinking of yourself as the centre of the universe. It's hard to be good, he explains,...

    In the Light of Humane Nature: Human Values, Nature, the Green Economy, and Environmental Salvation

    by Arthur B Weissman

    In the Light of Humane Nature describes the underlying, causal roots of our environmental problems and offers a conceptual solution to them. It argues that what causes these problems and stymies resolution ultimately...

    Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals

    by Iris Murdoch

    The decline of religion and ever increasing influence of science pose acute ethical issues for us all. Can we reject the literal truth of the Gospels yet still retain a Christian morality? Can we defend any...

    Doing the Right Thing

    by Scientific American Editors

    Most of us have probably had those discussions, either in a classroom setting or otherwise, where a hypothetical situation is given and you’re asked to choose between two or more unsatisfying options. If you...

    War after September 11

    by Verna V. Gehring, Lloyd J. Dumas & Benjamin R. Barber

    War After September 11 considers the just aims and legitimate limits of the United States' response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

    Jesus the Radical: The Parables and Modern Morality

    by Raymond Angelo Belliotti

    Jesus the Radical connects the lessons of six parables of the New Testament with moral issues examined by leading contemporary philosophers. The book demonstrates how deeply opposed is Jesus’ radical moral...

    The Science of Right in Leibniz's Moral and Political Philosophy

    by Christopher Johns

    Providing a comprehensive examination of Leibniz's most important writings on natural right, this study argues that Leibniz, properly understood, provides a compelling account of the grounds of morality and...

    From Northern Ireland to Afghanistan: British Military Intelligence Operations, Ethics and Human Rights

    by Jon Moran

    Moran concentrates on three aims: to provide an overview of British military intelligence operations in the last 30 years which concentrates on operational not strategic intelligence; to examine the debates...