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by Lady Tracilyn George

This is a collection of poems focused on hope, mental illness and life struggles. Through these words, it is the desire of the author to bring understanding and compassion to those dealing with mental health...

Poetry - Volume One

by Dakota-Luise Wolf

A poem that everyone can relate to for every mood and occasion. A collection of poetry of comfort, confidence, courage, fear, friendship, love, loss, memoirs and vulnerability. A poem that will tug at your heart...

Spectrum of Unspoken Thoughts

by Jill Vance

Spectrum of Unspoken Thoughts is a collection of poems about things we think but that remain unspoken for a variety of reasons. These poems reflect on a wide variety of factors such as; nature, emotions, love...

Seasons of the Wind

by Lou Pizzi

Seasons of the Wind is a collection of poems by Lou Pizzi. This book takes you on a journey through all four seasons, reflecting changing emotions and differing viewpoints on life. Also available in Italian...

Philosophic Flights of Poetic Fancy

by Author John O'Loughlin

A roller-coaster ride through a poetico-philosophic landscape tinged by otherworldly yearnings and fancies that are more often grounded in some degree of logic and taken to new heights of ideological insight...

Sacred Journey - Sacred Earth (epub)

by Gladys Dinnacombe

In her second book, Gladys has devoted the pages to poetry. Within these pages she takes us on her sacred journey on this sacred Earth.

Gift: Poems

by Justine Camacho-Tajonera

This is the first collection of Justine Camacho-Tajonera's poetry, spanning earlier published poems and poems from her blog, Claiming Alexandria, beautifully illustrated by Melissa dela Torre. "This first collection...

Collected Poems

by Risa Bear

These poems, collected for the first time, appeared in the books Desire for the Land and Lettuce in Winter, and in the journals Bellowing Ark, Sand River Journal, New Zoo Poetry Review, Lynx: Poetry from Bath,...

Maui Love Letters

by Jason Messinger

Maui, Hawaii was the inspiration for this collection of romantic poems, accompanied by original ink drawings. The island's beauty and the emotions that it inspires makes it beloved by couples young and old....

I'm Ready for the World, But is it Ready for Me

by Deion Lee III

A compilation of short story/poetry narratives gracefully combining ideas and opinions of life's most sensitive areas of introspection such as love, romance, passion, despair, guilt, and heartbreak. In addition...

Asphyxiation of Hope, Holding

by Gloria Steele-Hatten

Expectation. Propriety. Property. Honor. Devotion. Conflicted loyalty. Infidelity. Self-assertion. Social limitations.... These are all concepts explored and tackled in this collection. These poems address this...

Life On the Icu

by CJ Juarez

This is a personal journey, it contains nothing more than what amounts to a collection of poems, by a patient that felt compelled to document the interesting, sometimes dark, sometimes less so, and even, sometimes...

Fables of a Creole Dove

by Linda Marie-Joseph

This is a collection of colourful and vivid poems to inspire and boost anyone's moral in diverse subjects about facts of life. This book offers a wide array of topics, from love, historical sentiments to political...

Eighty Very Short Poems

by Cupideros

EIGHTY VERY SHORT POEMS proves one doesn't need a novel to say something important, vast, inspirational or spiritual. These 80 inspirational poems about spirituality and life and love.

The Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker

by James Elroy Flecker

The Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker JAMES ELROY FLECKER was born in London (Lewisham) on November 5, 1884. He was the eldest of the four children of the Rev. W. H. Flecker, D.D., now Head Master of Dean...

The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers

by Robinson Jeffers

This is the definitive selection of Jeffers poetry. His narrative poetry shares a greatness with the best poets of the ages. The poems included here range from Roan Stallion and Cawdor from the twenties to his...

The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013

by Derek Walcott & Glyn Maxwell

A collection spanning the whole of Derek Walcott's celebrated, inimitable, essential career

"He gives us more than himself or ‘a world'; he gives us a sense of infinity embodied in the language." Alongside...


by Derek Walcott

In Moon-Child, the poet and playwright Derek Walcott returns to the island of St. Lucia for a lush and vivid tale of spirituality and the supernatural. In this lyrical new work, the crafty Planter (who may or...

XXI: The Dawning Begins

by Dawn Gregory



Publisher's website: http://sbprabooks.com/DawnGregory

Poems of G.K. Chesterton

by G. K. Chesterton

This antiquarian volume contains a collection of poems written by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. A delightful collection worthy of a place atop any bookshelf, this compendium is a veritable must-have for fans of...