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Empowering Our Military Conscience: Transforming Just War Theory and Military Moral Education

by Roger Wertheimer

Responding to increasing global anxiety over the ethics education of military personnel, this volume illustrates the depth, rigour and critical acuity of Professional Military Ethics Education (PMEE). While...

Participatory Research Methodologies: Development and Post-Disaster/Conflict Reconstruction

by Alpaslan Özerdem & Richard Bowd

This informative text assesses the use of participatory methods as a research tool in the contexts of development and reconstruction after conflict and disasters by identifying cross-cutting themes and establishing...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Warfare

by George Kassimeris & John Buckley

This research collection provides a comprehensive study of important strategic, cultural, ethical and philosophical aspects of modern warfare. It offers a refreshing analysis of key issues in modern warfare,...

The Politics of Security in Modern Russia

by Mark Galeotti

Fully up-to-date to reflect the evolving Medvedev presidency, the 2008 Georgian war and the impact of the economic downturn, this volume is a much needed objective and balanced examination of the ways in which...

The Prism of Just War: Asian and Western Perspectives on the Legitimate Use of Military Force

by Howard M. Hensel

Through a careful examination of religious and philosophical literature, this volume analyzes, compares and assesses diverse Western, Islamic, Hindu and East Asian perspectives concerning the appropriate criteria...

Mass Media and Modern Warfare: Reporting on the Russian War on Terrorism

by Greg Simons

Greg Simons tackles the complicated yet essential role of mass media in society. Taking the Global War on Terror as a prime example, the author adopts a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the various facets...

Mapping the European Public Sphere: Institutions, Media and Civil Society

by Cristiano Bee & Emanuela Bozzini

Combining theoretical and empirical perspectives, this book examines three relevant issues that are marking the European communicative landscape: the role of media and journalism in shaping the European debate,...

The Ashgate Research Companion to US Foreign Policy

by Robert J. Pauly Jr.

This comprehensive volume is designed as a research guide that will both inform readers on the basics of US foreign policy from historical and political science perspectives and provide a look ahead at the means...

Public Opinion and the Making of Foreign Policy in the 'New Europe': A Comparative Study of Poland and Ukraine

by Nathaniel Copsey

By drawing a new boundary between the EU and its eastern neighbours, the European Union has since 1989 created a frontier that has been popularly described in the frontier states as the new 'Berlin Wall'. This...

Development in an Insecure and Gendered World: The Relevance of the Millennium Goals

by Jacqueline Leckie

The Millennium Declaration was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 and explicit targets were set to eradicate key problems in human development by 2015. This collection focuses specifically...

Making Global Economic Governance Effective: Hard and Soft Law Institutions in a Crowded World

by John Kirton & Marina Larionova & Paolo Savona

This book examines how, and how well, the multilateral organizations and the G8 are dealing with the central challenges facing the contemporary international community, how they have worked well and poorly together,...

Russian Renewable Energy: The Potential for International Cooperation

by Indra Øverland & Heidi Kjærnet

What is Russia's potential as a partner in the global race towards a low-carbon economy? This book provides a balanced analysis of Russia's impressive, understudied and sometimes surprising strengths in the...

Afghanistan's Political Stability: A Dream Unrealised

by Ahmad Shayeq Qassem

Political stability has been a central theme of policy for all governments and political systems in the history of modern Afghanistan. This volume looks at Afghanistan's historic relations with Central and South...

Religion, Conflict and Military Intervention

by Rosemary Durward & Lee Marsden

Analyzing the events shaping conflict and conflict resolution today, this book uniquely combines chapters highlighting Christian and Islamist theological approaches and case studies on the role of religion in...

Foreign Interventions in Ethnic Conflicts

by Robert Nalbandov

This volume analyzes the successes and failures of foreign interventions in intrastate ethnic wars. It considers successes of third party actions by actual fulfilment of the goals and objectives of multilateral...

Power and Justice in International Relations: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Challenges

by Marie-Luisa Frick & Andreas Oberprantacher

Outstanding and thought-provoking, this book highlights the (unilateral) use of force in international relations, the chances and risks of international criminal justice, and the question of epistemic violence....

Partners in Peace: Discourses and Practices of Civil-Society Peacebuilding

by Mathijs van Leeuwen

How do international organizations support local peacebuilding? Do they really understand conflict? Framing the debate using case studies from Africa and Central America, Partners in Peace challenges the global...

Blair's Successful War: British Military Intervention in Sierra Leone

by Andrew M. Dorman

Andrew Dorman introduces Sierra Leone as Blair's second great military adventure after Kosovo and the first he undertook on his own. The book links Blair's move toward humanitarianism with the rise of cosmopolitan...

Persistent State Weakness in the Global Age

by Denisa Kostovicova & Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic

Persistent State Weakness in the Global Age addresses the question of why state weakness in the global era persists. It debunks a common assumption that state weakness is a stop-gap on the path to state failure...

Islam, Democracy and Dialogue in Turkey: Deliberating in Divided Societies

by Bora Kanra

Most deliberative democracy theorists neglect the importance of social learning and understanding; Bora Kanra has combined deliberative theory with research from social psychology to develop an innovative critique...