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Future of the Nation-State: Essays on Cultural Pluralism and Political Integration

by Sverker Gustavsson & Leif Lewin

The tension between culture, politics and economy has become one the dominant anxieties of modern society. On the one hand people endeavour to maintain and develop their cultural identity; on the other there...

Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics

by Jan Jindy Pettman

In Worlding Women Jan Jindy Pettman asks 'Where are the women in international relations'? She develops a broad picture of women in colonial and post-colonial relations; racialized, ethnic and national identity...

Idealism and Realism in International Relations

by Robert M. A. Crawford

The author argues for a revised conception of international relations that acknowledges the irreconcilability of realist and idealist theories, and concerns itself instead with important substantive issues.

Foreign Policy and Discourse Analysis: France, Britain and Europe

by Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen presents discourse analysis as an alternative approach to foreign policy analysis. Through an extensive empirical study of British and French policies towards Europe in the 1980s, he demonstrates...

Regions in Europe: The Paradox of Power

by Patrick Le Gales & Christian Lequesne

Regions in Europe explores the state of regional politics in an increasingly integrated Europe. It argues that the predicted rise of increased political power at the regional level has failed to materialise...

Ethnicity and Violence: The Case of Radical Basque Nationalism

by Diego Muro

This book provides a genealogy of radical Basque nationalism and the means by which this complex, often violent, political movement has reinforced Basque identity. Radical nationalists are mobilized by a shared...

Politics of Civil Wars: Conflict, Intervention & Resolution

by Amalendu Misra

Civil war is one of the critical issues of our time. Although intrastate in nature, it has a disproportionate and overwhelming effect on the overall peace and stability of contemporary international society....

Japan's Middle East Security Policy: Theory and Cases

by Yukiko Miyagi

This study examines how Japanese policy toward Middle East security issues is shaped by the need to both maintain Japan's security alliance with the US and its oil relationship with states in the Middle East....

Zhao Ziyang and China's Political Future

by Guoguang Wu & Helen Lansdowne

What legacies have previous reformers like Zhao Ziyang left to today's China? Does China have feasible political alternatives to today's repressive 'market Leninism' and corrupt 'state capitalism'? Does Zhao's...

Monetary Policy and Central Banking in the Middle East and North Africa

by David Cobham & Ghassan Dibeh

This book examines monetary policy, central banking and exchange rate regimes in the Middle East and North Africa. Part I covers central banking and monetary policy, while Part II covers monetary policy and...

After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discord in the World Political Economy

by Robert O. Keohane

This book is a comprehensive study of cooperation among the advanced capitalist countries. Can cooperation persist without the dominance of a single power, such as the United States after World War II? To answer...

Honest to God: A Change of Heart That Can Change the World

by Brad Blanton & Neale Donald Walsh

This is a conversation between two great minds, exploring the possibilities of creating a world in which the truth is told, compassion is more important than the bottom line and how we can make a contribution...


by Eileen McGann & Dick Morris

Half of all illegal immigrants came into this country legally—and we have no way of knowing they’re still here!

Congressmen are putting their wives on their campaign payrolls—so that campaign contributions...

Spoken Soul: The Story of Black English

by John Russell Rickford & Russell John Rickford

In Praise of Spoken Soul: The Story of Black English

"Spoken Soul brilliantly fills a huge gap. . . . a delightfully readable introduction to the elegant interweave between the language and its culture."


Secret History of the Iraq War

by Yossef Bodansky

In the months leading up to March 2003, fresh from its swift and heady victory in Afghanistan, the Bush administration mobilized the United States armed forces to overthrow the government of Iraq. Eight months...

Perspectives in Bioethics, Science, and Public Policy

by Jonathan Beever & Nicolae C. Morar

In this book, nine thought-leaders engage with some of the hottest moral issues in science and ethics. Based on talks originally given at the annual "Purdue Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science," the chapters...

The Idea of World Government: From ancient times to the twenty-first century

by James A. Yunker

The notion of a single political organization encompassing the whole of humanity-a world state-has intrigued mankind since earliest recorded history. This book provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of...

Autonomy and Ethnic Conflict in South and South-East Asia

by Rajat Ganguly

This book uses empirical evidence from various case studies to examine the relationship between territorial and regional autonomy, the nation-state and ethnic conflict resolution in South and South-East Asia....

Who Speaks for the Poor: National Interest Groups and Social Policy

by Richard A. Jr Hays

This book addresses the central question of how the interests of the poor gain representation in the political process by examining the interest group system.

The Social Economics of Poverty

by Christopher B. Barrett

A unique analysis of the moral and social dimensions of microeconomic behaviour in developing countries, this book calls into question standard notions of rationality and many of the assumptions of neo-classical...