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Culture and External Relations: Europe and Beyond

by Jozef Bátora & Monika Mokre

While the importance of culture has been on the rise in the realm of foreign affairs, its role in this field remains one of the most under-studied aspects of state policy. In this book, a range of international...

Reshaping Gender and Class in Rural Spaces

by Barbara Pini & Belinda Leach

Leach and Pini bring together empirical and theoretical studies that consider the intersections of class, gender and rurality. Each chapter engages with current debates on these concepts to explore them in the...

Global Financial Crisis: Global Impact and Solutions

by Paolo Savona & John J. Kirton

This collection gathers experts from Africa, North America, Asia and Europe to examine international policy responses to the 2008 global financial crisis. In doing so they reveal the implications for international...

Victims as Security Threats: Refugee Impact on Host State Security in Africa

by Edward Mogire

The refugee phenomenon is a major force in international politics, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where refugees are major actors in the affairs of their home and host countries. This book analyses why...

Revolutionary Iran and the United States: Low-intensity Conflict in the Persian Gulf

by Joseph J. St. Marie & Shahdad Naghshpour

In this volume the authors frame the conflicted relationship between Iran and the United States as a low intensity conflict and explore how diplomatic, military, and economic weapons are employed to bolster...

Shifting Geo-Economic Power of the Gulf: Oil, Finance and Institutions

by Matteo Legrenzi & Bessma Momani

This volume brings together, for the first time, distinguished Gulf experts to analyze the renewed geo-economic prominence of the oil-exporting states in the Gulf. It investigates some of these 'new power brokers'...

China and the European Union in Africa: Partners or Competitors?

by Jing Men & Benjamin Barton

This book intelligently weaves together China and the EU's policy in Africa and the impact of this interaction on Africa's future. A much needed insight into how the interaction between the three holds the key...

Conflict Management and Dispute Settlement in East Asia

by Ramses Amer & Keyuan Zou

This volume studies the management settlement of conflict and disputes in East Asia. Drawing on expertise in Peace and Conflict, International Relations, and International Law it presents a general picture of...

Building Regions: The Regionalization of the World Order

by Luk Van Langenhove

In this title Luk Van Langenhove advances the concept of region building as an alternative to the construction of regions. He brings together, under one conceptual framework, different processes and concepts...

The Legal Empowerment Agenda: Poverty, Labour and the Informal Economy in Africa

by Dan Banik

Defined as a process which increases access to justice and the legal rights of the poor, 'legal empowerment' is increasingly being considered to be an important tool in anti-poverty efforts in developing countries....

Shaping the Post-Soviet Space?: EU Policies and Approaches to Region-Building

by Laure Delcour

Drawing on a wealth of sources and extensive fieldwork conducted in the Commonwealth of Independent States and interested in exposing why the EU has not pursued a strategy of 'region-building' in the post-Soviet...

The Development and Antidevelopment Debate: Critical Reflections on the Philosophical Foundations

by Martha Jalali Rabbani

This book reflects on the philosophical assumptions that sustain the development debate. Rabbani analyzes how the modern project of development and the antidevelopment discourse reduce the human condition to...

Cities and Global Governance: New Sites for International Relations

by Mark Amen & Noah J. Toly

This volume advances understanding of the significance of 'the city' in global governance, demanding innovation in international relations theory. A rich assortment of case studies adds breadth to theorizing...

Defining Iran: Politics of Resistance

by Shabnam J. Holliday

Defining Iran presents a new and revealing analysis of the way in which Iranian political discourses compete with each other. Deconstructing the intellectual roots and development of Iranian nationalism through...

Justice beyond 'Just Us': Dilemmas of Time, Place, and Difference in American Politics

by Gregory W. Streich

Notions of justice and community in the United States are increasingly challenged by trends like immigration, multiculturalism, and economic inequality. Gregory W. Streich offers a fresh re-examination of the...

EU Counterterrorism Policy: A Paper Tiger?

by Oldrich Bures

A critical analysis of the measures the European Union has taken to combat terrorism which demonstrates how, in a number of key areas, EU counterterrorism policy is more of a paper tiger than an effective counterterrorism...

National Solutions to Trans-Border Problems?: The Governance of Security and Risk in a Post-NAFTA North America

by Isidro Morales

After the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canada, the US and Mexico redefined their public policies to facilitate the regionalization of transactions. However, institutional gaps remain in the cross-border...

The Roots of Political Instability in Nigeria: Political Evolution and Development in the Niger Basin

by E.C. Ejiogu

At a time when the question of state building in Africa is still unresolved, this book makes a timely and valuable contribution to the literature on transition processes in African politics. It is particularly...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Non-State Actors

by Bob Reinalda

How do non-state actors matter in international relations? This volume recognizes and examines three types of non-state actor: non-governmental organizations (NGOs), intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and...

Securing the Global Economy: G8 Global Governance for a Post-Crisis World

by Andreas Freytag & John J. Kirton

An exploration of how and why the G8 and other institutions of global governance deal with increasingly comprehensive and complex economic-security connections. These connections are explored from an intnerdisciplinary...