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I Sit in the Light

by Fatma Durmush

Description 'I Sit in the Light' is a collection of short plays and stories written by a successful artist, playwright and former schizophrenic. They chart 20 years of life experience and are clearly influenced...

A Slender Thread: Rediscovering Hope at the Heart of Crisis

by Diane Ackerman

his astonishing book by the prizewinning, bestselling author of A Natural History of the Senses reveals Ackerman's parallel lives as an observer of the wildlife in her garden and as a telephone crisis counselor....

Confessions of an Unashamed Asperger

by Ron Hedgcock

Description This book is not any sort of professional manual on Asperger's Syndrome nor yet an autobiography. It comprises a revealing series of Essays on Ron's experiences and speculations in the light of the...

Abuse UK

by Lars G Petersson

Description A large part of Britain's care home sector has in recent years been outsourced to private companies. From time to time appalling conditions in some of these homes are disclosed to the public by undercover...

Death Friend

by Yvonne Woodland

Description Autobiography of the fractured and tomented life of a young girl and woman which was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and ending up with cancer. Story of her life and the effects it had on...

Smoker's and Dog's Guide to the Gal-Alexy Volume II

by Bess Howard McPherson

Description This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, to make you puzzle and question the everyday and to make you nod your head in agreement, thinking ""I always wondered about that!"" Bess again takes us...


by Pegler Jordan David

Description The human population has increased sixfold in little over 150 years and may already be well past its safe and sustainable level. Forests are rapidly disappearing and deserts are expanding. Much if...

Cuckoo Club

by Cairns Clery

Description Cuckoo Club is a compelling, epic novel spanning twenty years in the lives of five people with mental and physical health issues. In a readable and accessible manner it addresses grief and suicidality,...

Cyber Soldiers

by Francis Branney

Description Some friends had met on the internet in a chat room many years ago, Martin the main character in the story goes back to America to meet with his Fiancée, and some of his friends. They start out...

The Cycle Path

by Fiona Whelpton

""After reading The Cycle Path I came away with a better understanding of the issues sufferers face and of the opportunities."" - Sir Nigel Crisp, Former NHS Chief Executive "Delightful and full of expression...

Abi's Story

by Teferra Haile-Giorgis

Description Written by his mother, this is the tragic story of Abi, a young man from Ethiopia who took his own life after a battle against mental illness. Abi escaped the horror of Ethiopia's Marxist military...

A Pillar of Impotence

by Mark Edgar

Description A Pillar of Impotence deals with many issues in mental health. Fundamentally it is a story of recovery, the damage done by misdiagnosis, and finding a simple, medication based solution after 10 years....

An Unexpected Journey

by Stan James

Description An extremely honest and open account of a man who had been successful academically, and in his career, who has suffered with depression and Bi-Polar disorder. The book describes how he suffered from...

Curing Madness

by Jason Pegler

Description Curing Madness is an inspirational selection of works by manic depressive and mental health activist Jason Pegler which details the thought processes he used to help himself survive. It includes...

A Familys' Journey to Help Their Autistic Daughter

by Jacqui Wells

Description The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes is the story of a family's journey through the world of Autism. Beginning with the early scary days of diagnosis, statementing and finding the correct educational...

A Terrible Blue

by Fatma Durmush

Description The book a terrible blue began as a novel and ended up as poetry. The long poem is about how I became a schizophrenic. It is the beginning mostly of our lives how mum lost her leg and how my family...

An Ethics of Sanity

by Sid Prise

Description This work analyzes the insanity of world civilisation, pointing out how delusions such as racism, sexism, homophobia, regionalism, ableism, speciesism, and the slavery to the beauty standard all...

A Reconciliation of Scientific Observation with Spiritual Revela

by Thomas Edward McNeight

Description 'A Reconciliation of Scientific Observation with Spiritual Revelation' is my latest book dealing with issues of a philosophical as well as of a spiritual nature, using as its backdrop the spectre...

Am I Still Laughing?

by Dolly Sen

""An epistle to equality, tolerance and the true beauty of madness. Dolly Sen's powerful personal pilgrimage to love, life and humanity again is a very intimate tale about the power of dreaming, taking control...

A Cry For Ever

by Georgina Wakefield

Description The book consists of 30 Nursery Rhymes and 6 true case histories about Addicts the Author met during research for the book. Craig O'halloran was found dead in the gutter after overdosing on Heroin....