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Moving the Rock: Poverty and Faith in a Black Storefront Church

by Mary E. Abrums

Moving the Rock tells the stories of a group of African American women who belong to a small storefront church in central Seattle.

I Fired God

by Jocelyn Zichterman

A compelling memoir and account of the Independent Fundamental Baptist church and its shocking history of religious abuse.

Jocelyn Zichterman was born, raised, married into, and finally, with her family, fled...

Historical Dictionary of the Baptists

by William H. Brackney

The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of the Baptists expands upon the first edition with an updated chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries...

The Baptist Faith and Message 2000: Critical Issues in America's Largest Protestant Denomination

by Joseph D. Wooddell, Douglas K. Blount & Susie Hawkins

Since its inception, controversy has surrounded the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, Southern Baptists' most recent confession of faith. The present volume of essays by Baptist scholars explains that document...

Every Man His Own University

by Russell H. Conwell

A distinct university walks about under each man’s hat. The only man who achieves success in the other universities of the world, and in the larger university of life, is the man who has first taken his graduate...

The Key to Success

by Russell H. Conwell

Among all of you who read this book I am looking for the kings and queens. I am looking for the successful men and women of the future. No matter how old you may be, you yet have life before you. I am looking...

Acres of Diamonds

by Russell H. Conwell

Acres of Diamonds, the idea, has continuously been precisely the same. The idea is that in this country of ours every man has the opportunity to make more of himself than he does in his own environment, with...

Praying for Money

by Russell H. Conwell

It would be no more surprising for the discovery of a means of direct spirit communication with the spiritual life than it was to be convinced that Marconi had discovered a sure method of telegraphing and telephoning...

It Is Written

by Adebiyi Adesuyi

Jesus Christ already gave us a blank cheque when he said, in John 14:14, If ye ask anything in my name, I will do it. The Bible also says in Psalm 119:89, Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. Based...

The Prodigal That Didn't Come Home

by Christopher A Bell Sr

When your expectations are disappointed and life doesn't turn out like you thought it would, you can become disappointed and disillusioned. As aircraft pilots depend upon their navigational control systems to...

The Earth and the Sons of Men

by Kenneth A. Faminu

The book The Earth and the Sons of Men is lucid and laconic, very easy to read and to understand. It is full of intrigues, suspense, and character manipulation. It is really a religious fiction of the highest...

Pastoral Leadership Skills for the Multicultural, Multiethnic Church:

by Rev. Dr. F. Lee Jones

Church leaders have attempted acclimation of Cambodian-Americans into their American Baptist church and leadership yet challenges loom relative to skill requirements, decision-making styles and processes. Since...

C. H. Spurgeon and the Metropolitan Tabernacle

by Ernest LeVos

Charles Haddon Spurgeon passed away on January 31, 1892, but the influence of his faith lives on. He is not the Forgotten Spurgeon. Besides, he has been called the Prince of Preachers, the Heir of the Puritans,...

The Se7en Keys to the Kingdom

by Pinky

Have you ever been wrong about anything?

Have you ever passionately believed in something, only to find out later that you were mistaken all along? It seems that every church teaches something different from...

The Minutes of Salem Baptist Church

by Daniel Roark

"To endure the hardships of the frontier took more than a determined pioneer spirit. It required a faith that everything would work out for the best-that something more was to come other than the meager crops...


by Jasper

Have you ever wondered what life is all about? ONE starts you on a honest, open and personal journey to examine your true life, what you believe in, what you value and how to live life more abundantly. ONE helps...

Touched by God

by Charles Muller

The contributors to this little volume are or were remarkable people whom the Lord had touched in one way or another, manifesting His divine love and miraculous power. It was the editor's own unexpected experience...

Baptist Revival Fellowship

by Phil Hill

This book explores the history of the Baptist Revival Fellowship from 1938-1972, its effectiveness in promoting spiritual renewal and the influence of its most prominent member, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

About the...

All of Grace

by Charles Spurgeon

C. H. Spurgeon writes, “Only God can justify the ungodly, but He can do it to perfection. He casts our sins behind His back; He blots them out. He says that though they be sought for, they shall not be found.”...

Into the Pulpit

by Elizabeth H. Flowers

The debate over women's roles in the Southern Baptist Convention's conservative ascendance is often seen as secondary to theological and biblical concerns. Elizabeth Flowers argues, however, that for both moderate...