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The Postcolonial Eye: White Australian Desire and the Visual Field of Race

by Alison Ravenscroft

The Postcolonial Eye is about the 'eye' and the 'I' in the contemporary Australian scene of race, specifically the subjectivity of vision and the troubled project of knowing one another across the cultural divide...

Translation, Authorship and the Victorian Professional Woman: Charlotte Brontë, Harriet Martineau and George Eliot

by Lesa Scholl

In her study of Charlotte Brontë, Harriet Martineau and George Eliot, Scholl shows how three Victorian women writers broadened their capacity for literary professionalism by participating in translation and...

Imaginings of Time in Lydgate and Hoccleve's Verse

by Karen Elaine Smyth

Through a series of close readings of selected short poems and Lydgate's Troy Book, Fall of Princes, and Siege of Thebes and of Hoccleve's Regiments of Princes and Series, Smyth looks at expressions of time...

Genre, Reception, and Adaptation in the 'Twilight' Series

by Anne Morey

Avoiding the reductive tendency of some recent scholarship to focus on the purported shortcomings of the 'Twilight' series with respect to literary merit and political correctness, this volume adopts a cultural...

Towards Liturgies that Reconcile: Race and Ritual among African-American and European-American Protestants

by Scott Haldeman

Towards Liturgies that Reconcile reflects upon Christian worship as it is shaped, and mis-shaped, by human prejudice, specifically by racism. African Americans and European Americans have lived together for...

Grief and Genre in American Literature, 1790-1870

by Desirée| Henderson

Focusing on the role of genre in the formation of dominant conceptions of death and dying, Desirée Henderson examines literary texts and social spaces in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century America. Henderson's...

Religion and Conflict Resolution: Christianity and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

by Megan Shore

This book examines the ambiguous role that Christianity played in South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). It has two objectives: to analyse the role Christianity played in the TRC and to highlight...

The Richard & Judy Book Club Reader: Popular Texts and the Practices of Reading

by Jenni Ramone & Helen Cousins

The Richard & Judy Book Club Reader is the first book to consider the impact of the televised book club on reading practices and the publishing and promotion of books in the UK, in comparison with other reading...

Early Modern Englishwomen Testing Ideas

by Jo Wallwork & Paul Salzman

Early Modern Englishwomen Testing Ideas explores how women in England participated in the considerable intellectual and cultural diversity which characterised the late early modern period. This collection looks...

John Armstrong's The Art of Preserving Health: Eighteenth-Century Sensibility in Practice

by Adam Budd

Adam Budd's critical edition presents John Armstrong's poem The Art of Preserving Health (1744) and other key sources of the eighteenth-century cult of sensibility. It also includes a comprehensive introduction...

Motherhood and Patriarchal Masculinities in Sixteenth-Century Italian Comedy

by Yael Manes

Exploring individual and collective formation of gender identities, this book analyses plays in the genre of 'erudite comedy' (commedia erudita), which was extremely popular among elite sixteenth-century Italians....

Queer Environmentality: Ecology, Evolution, and Sexuality in American Literature

by Robert Azzarello

Offering a model for meaningful dialogue between queer and environmental studies, Azzarello's book traces a queer-environmental lineage in American Romantic and post-Romantic literature. Azzarello's study treats...

Women and Literary Celebrity in the Nineteenth Century: The Transatlantic Production of Fame and Gender

by Brenda R. Weber

Focusing on representations of women's literary celebrity in nineteenth-century nonfiction and fiction, Weber examines the transatlantic cultural politics of gender, sex and the body. Looking at discursive patterns...

History and the Construction of the Child in Early British Children's Literature

by Jackie C. Horne

Jackie C. Horne examines little-studied robinsonnades, historical novels, and didactic history books to show how changes in the writing of history for adults influenced the construction of child characters in...

Renaissance Romance: The Transformation of English Prose Fiction, 1570-1620

by Nandini Das

Renaissance Romance examines how and why the fears and expectations surrounding the old genre of romance resonated in early modern England. Examining a range of texts and the fiction of Sir Philip Sidney, Robert...

Conduct Books for Girls in Enlightenment France

by Nadine Berenguier

At the same time that secular and religious authorities suppressed women's efforts to read, conduct books written specifically for girls and young unmarried women emerged as a new genre. Nadine Berenguier offers...

Dialectical Practice in Tibetan Philosophical Culture: An Ethnomethodological Inquiry into Formal Reasoning

by Kenneth Liberman & Harold Garfinkel

Tibetan Buddhist scholar-monks have long engaged in face-to-face public philosophical debates. This original study challenges Orientalist text-based scholarship, which has missed these lived practices of Tibetan...

Risk: Second Edition

by Deborah Lupton

We are now living in a 'risk' society: risk analysis, risk assessment and risk management are ever-expanding industries. In this fully revised and expanded update of her highly cited, influential and well-known...

Panama: 2012 Article IV Consultation

by International Monetary Fund. Western Hem

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Foreign Relations of the PRC: The Legacies and Constraints of China's International Politics since 1949

by Robert G. Sutter

This cogent but comprehensive book examines the international relations of the People’s Republic of China since its founding in 1949. Noted scholar Robert G. Sutter provides a balanced assessment of the country’s...