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Rethinking Development Geographies

by Marcus Power

Development as a concept is notoriously imprecise, vague and presumptuous. Struggles over the meaning of this fiercely contested term have had profound implications on the destinies of people and places across...

Rational Choice Theory: Resisting Colonisation

by Margaret S. Archer & Jonathan Q. Tritter

Rational Choice Theory is flourishing in sociology and is increasingly influential in other disciplines. Contributors to this volume are convinced that it provides an inadequate conceptualization of all aspects...

Stone Age Economics

by Marshall Sahlins

Stone Age Economics is a classic of economic anthropology, ambitiously tackling the nature of economic life and how to study it comparatively.

Security as Practice: Discourse Analysis and the Bosnian War

by Lene Hansen

This important text offers a full and detailed account of how to use discourse analysis to study foreign policy. It provides a poststructuralist theory of the relationship between identity and foreign policy...

Ethnic Violence and the Societal Security Dilemma

by Paul Roe

Ethnic Violence and the Societal Security Dilemma explores how the phenomenon of ethnic violence can be understood as a form of security dilemma by shifting the focus of the concept away from its traditional...

Law of the Sea in East Asia: Issues and Prospects

by Keyuan Zou

Law of the Sea in East Asia selects the most prominent maritime legal issues that have emerged since the post-LOS Convention era for a detailed discussion and assessment. The current marine legal order in East...

Propaganda, the Press and Conflict: The Gulf War and Kosovo

by David R. Willcox

An incisive analysis of the use of the press for propaganda purposes during conflicts, using the first Gulf War and the intervention in Kosovo as case studies.

As the contemporary analysis of propaganda during...

Social and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi

by Bidyut Chakrabarty

During his campaign against racism in South Africa, and his involvement in the Congress-led nationalist struggle against British colonial rule in India, Mahatma Gandhi developed a new form of political struggle...

Human Rights in Asia: A Comparative Legal Study of Twelve Asian Jurisdictions, France and the USA

by Randall Peerenboom, Carole J. Petersen & Albert H.Y. Chen

Human Rights in Asia considers how human rights are viewed and implemented in Asia. It covers not just civil and political rights, but also social, economic and cultural rights.

This study discusses the problems...

The Egyptian Revival: Ancient Egypt as the Inspiration for Design Motifs in the West

by James Stevens Curl

In this beautifully illustrated and closely argued book, a completely updated and much expanded third edition of his magisterial survey, Curl describes in lively and stimulating prose the numerous revivals of...

Economic Statecraft During the Cold War: European Responses to the Us Trade Embargo

by Frank Cain

Discussing a rarely researched aspect of the Cold War, this volume uses new material to examine how the United States trade embargo on the Soviet Union and communist China severed relationships with Europe,...

Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe: Convergence or Divergence?

by Bertrand Fort & Douglas Webber

A fascinating insight into how regional organizations in Europe and East Asia are currently grappling with a striking number of essentially similar challenges.

This issue-based overview of political integration...

Morality and Nationalism

by Catherine Frost

This book takes a unique approach to explore the moral foundations of nationalism.

Drawing on nationalist writings and examining almost 200 years of nationalism in Ireland and Quebec, the author develops a theory...

Attending Krishna's Image: Chaitanya Vaishnava Murti-Seva as Devotional Truth

by Kenneth Russell Valpey

There is a steady and growing scholarly, as well as popular interest in Hindu religion - especially devotional (bhakti) traditions as forms of spiritual practice and expressions of divine embodiment. Associated...

Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West

by T.R. Reid

Those who've heard T. R. Reid's weekly commentary on National Public Radio or read his far-flung reporting in National Geographic or  The Washington Post know him to be trenchant, funny, and cutting-edge,...

From the Dragon's Mouth: 10 True Stories that Unveil the Real China

by Ana Fuentes


Through on-the-ground interviews, Ana Fuentes uncovers the real China and offers a panoramic look at Chinese culture from the point of view of its citizens. She spent nearly 4 years living...

Culture of Opportunity: Obama's Chicago

by Rebecca Janowitz

Rebecca Janowitz's portrait of Hyde Park-the Chicago South Side neighborhood long noted for its progressive politics-offers an expert, insider's social and political perspective on this intriguing community...

From the Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover

by Athan Theoharis

Documents from the late FBI director's secret files reveal for the first time the shocking extent of FBI activities in spying on prominent Americans and political groups. "A grimly fascinating-and profoundly...

How the Other Half Dies

by Susan George

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Elderescence: The Gift of Longevity

by Jane Thayer & Peggy Thayer

Thirty-five million Americans are living beyond the age of sixty-five, a twenty-five year increase in life expectancy since 1900. This longevity, once the gift of a few, has become the destiny of many. This...