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Leading Ladies

by Kay Bailey Hutchison

United States senator Kay Bailey Hutchison examines the lives of sixty-three pioneers in military service, journalism, public health, social reform, science, and politics—all American women.

Following in the...

The London Underworld in the Victorian Period - Authentic First-Person Accounts by Beggars, Thieves and Prostitutes

by Henry Mayhew

A fascinating history of the underbelly of London at the end of the 19th century. A collection of articles written by intrepid journalists wishing to see how the rest of London lived, interviewing prostitutes,...

The Modern State

by R. M. Maciver

A fascinating study of the modern state as a collection of associations and a tool that has to be given power by the people but musty follow checks and balances put in place. A relevant text when written and...

Goddesses in Older Women: The Third Phase of Women's Lives

by Jean Shinoda Bolen & Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

At some point after fifty, every woman crosses a threshold into the third phase of her life. As she enters this uncharted territory -- one that is generally uncelebrated in popular culture -- she can choose...

The Abolition Crusade And Its Consequences - Four Periods Of American History

by Hilary A. Herbert

The author, in the following pages, is undertaking to write a connected story of events that happened, most of them, in his lifetime, and as to many of the most important of which he has vivid recollections;...

The Rise Of Russia In Asia

by David J. Dallin

An in-depth history of Russia's involvement in Asia. Dallin escaped from Russia at an early age and studied its global policies for the rest of his life. A book that is a must read for any keen amateur historian...

Great White Fleet: Celebrating Canada Steamship Lines Passenger Ships

by John Henry & Paul Martin

The passenger steamers of the Canada Steamship Lines were known as the Great White Fleet. No fewer than 51 steamers comprised the passenger fleet at the company's inception, and its network of routes was awesome....

Miracles and Extraordinary Experience in Northern Kenya

by Bilinda Straight

The miraculous blends with the mundane in this book as the Samburu continue their day-to-day twenty-first-century existence. Straight describes miracles inside the cultural logic that makes them possible, questioning...


by Claire BARCHAM

This pocketbook for Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP) is a useful guide, not only for social workers but also those in the social care profession considering a route into AMHP and doctors. It provides...


by Daisy BOGG

This book provides a guide to assessing and supporting individuals with complex needs in the context of personalisation. This step-by-step pocketbook shows how these issues can be applied to the eligibility...

Common Sense

by Thomas Paine

Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves—and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged,...

South America and Peace Operations: Coming of Age

by Kai Michael Kenkel

This volume is the first English-language work to focus specifically on South America in the context of peace operations.

The region of South America has been undergoing significant changes recently with regard...

Analyzing American Democracy: Politics and Political Science

by Jon R. Bond & Kevin B. Smith

Analyzing American Democracy teaches students to think analytically by presenting current political science theories and research in answering the engaging, big questions facing American politics today. It serves...

Social Work in the Middle East

by Hussein Hassan Soliman

Countries across the Middle East face a number of social problems such as poverty, unemployment, housing, internal immigration and caring for vulnerable groups such as children, women, the disabled and the elderly....

Lula, the Workers' Party and the Governability Dilemma in Brazil

by Hernán F. Gómez Bruera

While scholars, activists and pundits from around the world have heralded the Lula years as a breakthrough for poverty reduction and the forthcoming emergence of Brazil as a dynamic economic superpower, many...

Global Civil Society and Transversal Hegemony: The Globalization-Contestation Nexus

by Karen M. Buckley

There has been clear recognition of tendencies towards uncritically celebrating resistance and the need for critical appraisal within the literature on globalization and contestation.

This book provides a conceptual...

Workforce Development and Skill Formation in Asia

by John Benson, Howard Gospel & Ying Zhu

Asia has undergone rapid transformation over the past several decades as many countries have embraced new technologies and the processes of globalisation. Over this period the inflow of foreign capital into...

Rumor and Communication in Asia in the Internet Age

by Greg Dalziel

New communication technology has transformed the way in which news about key events is communicated. For example, in the immediate aftermath of catastrophic events such as the Mumbai attacks or the Japanese...

Water, Democracy and Neoliberalism in India: The Power to Reform

by Vicky Walters

Since the early 1990s, the achievement of 'good governance' has been a dominant discourse in the pursuit of social and economic development. This book presents a critical challenge to the contemporary development...

Civil Disobedience and Deliberative Democracy

by William Smith

Civil disobedience is a public, nonviolent, conscientious yet political act, contrary to law, carried out to communicate opposition to law and policy of government. This book presents a theory of civil disobedience...