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Connecting with South Africa: Cultural Communication and Understanding

by Astrid Berg & David H. Rosen

Available electronically in an open-access, full-text edition from the Texas A&M University Libraries' Digital Repository at  http : / /hdl .handle .net /1969 .1 /146845.

Child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst...

The Stammering Century

by Gilbert Seldes & Greil Marcus

Gilbert Seldes, the author of The Stammering Century, writes:

      This book is not a record of the major events in Ameri­can history during

      the nineteenth century. It is concerned with minor...

On Being Human: Folklore of Mormon Missionaries

by William Wilson

A collection of narratives, humorous stories, and songs from Mormon missionaries that has become a classic study of narrative folklore. The 64th annual Faculty Honor Lecture, in the Humanities, Utah State University....

The Dynamics of Folklore

by Barre Toelken

One of the most comprehensive and widely praised introductions to folklore ever written. Toelken's discussion of the history and meaning of folklore is delivered in straightforward language, easily understood...

Just a Bite: A Transylvania Vampire Expert's Short History of the Undead

by Istvan Pivarcsi

Mustering his extensive experience on the scene of the world's richest source of vampire lore, Transylvania, historian and author István Pivárcsi seeks to peel away the effects of popular culture and set the...

Chiron and the Healing Journey

by Melanie Reinhart

With the discovery of Chiron, a new dimension was opened in our understanding of how astrology reflects the soul's journey of awakening. This book is an indispensable reference for those who seek to understand...

Folklore and the Internet: Vernacular Expression in a Digital World

by Trevor J. Blank

A pioneering examination of the folkloric qualities of the World Wide Web, e-mail, and related digital media. These stuidies show that folk culture, sustained by a new and evolving vernacular, has been a key,...

Anguish of Snails: Native American Folklore in the West

by Barre Toelken

After a career working and living with American Indians and studying their traditions, Barre Toelken has written this sweeping study of Native American folklore in the West. Within a framework of performance...

Folk Groups And Folklore Genres: An Introduction

by Elliott Oring

Oring's introductory folklore text consists of a series of essays by leading scholars that give the student a solid sense of major folklore topics and interpretive techniques. Since 1986, when it was first published,...

Living Folklore: An Introduction to the Study of People and Their Traditions

by Martha Sims & Martine Stephens

Living Folklore is a comprehensive, straightforward introduction to folklore as it is lived, shared and practiced in contemporary settings. Drawing on examples from diverse American groups and experiences, this...

Midsummer Customs in Morocco (Folklore History Series)

by , Edward Westermarck

Morocco is a melting pot of cultures and religions, in this deeply researched essay, all the information is gathered from eye witness accounts and oral histories gathered first hand from the peasantry at the...

Scandinavian Folk-History - Including Finnish Origins - Ancient Icelandic Folklore - Popular Danish Tales

by Various

The folklore and myths of Scandinavia is fascinating and enchanting. This book looks into the creation myths of the Finnish people and the tales of Iceland. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating...

Irish Fairy and Folk Tales

by , W. Yeats

This early collection of Irish fairytales is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains stories of Changelings, fairies, ghosts and other mystical beings of Irish literature. This is a...

Women East and West: Impressions of a Sex Expert

by Magnus Hirschfeld

German sex expert Magnus Hirschfeld originally published these sexological observations in 1935. He noted sex customs among people in the Far East, the Pacific Islands, India, and the Near East. This digital...

Dartmoor Legends

by , Eva Roberts

Originally published in 1912, this fascinating book contains stories of the many 'Dartmoor Legends'. Contents include: The Magic Mist; The Vengeance of Belus; The Bards of the Wood of Wistman; The Story of the...

Modern Mythology

by , Andrew Lang

A fascinating treatise on the study of modern mythology the construction of myths so soon after an event. Andrew Lang was the foremost scholar in folklore and mythology of his time. Many of the earliest books,...

A Book of Dreams

by Robert Wolff

The fragments we remember of dreams dreamt in the night are more often than not bits and pieces that rarely make a story. There are modern and ancient books that list an abundance of "meanings" attributed to...

Masks and the Origin of the Greek Drama (Folklore History Series)

by , F. Jevons

Greek drama is fascinating and the real beginning of modern drama as we know it today. This well researched and concise book is a must for anybody studying the history of drama. Many of the earliest books, particularly...

Bird Cults of the Ainu of Japan (Folklore History Series)

by Batchelor John

Bird cults have existed in almost every culture from the ancient Egyptians to the Polynesians of Easter Island. This book looks at one of the worlds least known but most fascinating cultures, the Ainu people...

Blackfoot Lodge Tales, the Story of a Prairie People

by , George Grinnell

Originally published in 1892, this early work on Native American Folklore is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains tales of the plains of North America and the adventures and customs...