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Psychology and Ethnology (Folklore History Series)

by , A. Hocart

This fascinating book, is a look at the history of different cultures and they way the psychology of the different peoples has changed. and Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's...

A Dialogue Concerning Witches and Witchcrafts

by , George Gifford

George Gifford was a 16th Century preacher and scholar, he wrote on many topics but is most well known for his work on witchcraft. This fascinating discourse is unusual for its moderate stance on witchcraft...

Curses! Broiled Again!

by Jan Harold Brunvand

From the master folklorist and sly wit, Jan Brunvand, comes a collection of all-new urban legends. Did your cousin's wife's dentist's daughter go to the tanning parlor once too often and had her insides cooked?...

The Journey of Tai-me

by N. Scott Momaday

This precursor to The Way to Rainy Mountain was originally published in a handmade edition in 1967 and has never before been commercially available.

The Unending Mystery: A Journey Through Labyrinths ansd Mazes

by David W. Mccullough

According to legend, anyone who wandered into the labyrinth in Ancient Crete never came out again. Some labyrinths may have offered patterns for an erotic spring dance. Those on the floors of Medieval cathedrals...

You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos

by Robert Arthur

Taboos are a burden on society. By protecting irrational views they hinder progress towards greater happiness.


by Sir George Grey

TOWARDS the close of 1845 Sir George Grey was unexpectedly requested to administer the affairs of New Zealand. On arrival he found the Maori tribes engaged in hostilities with the Queen's troops, against whom...

The Complete Fables of Jean de La Fontaine

by Jean La Fontaine & Norman R. Shapiro

Charming and elegant, Jean de La Fontaine's (1621-1695) animal fables depict sly foxes and scheming cats, vain birds and greedy wolves, all of which subtly express his penetrating insights into French society...

Made-From-Bone: Trickster Myths, Music, and History from the Amazon

by Jonathan D. Hill

Made-from-Bone is the first work to provide a complete set of English translations of narratives about the mythic past and its transformations from the indigenous Arawak-speaking people of South America. Among...

If Beale Street Could Talk: Music, Community, Culture

by Robert Cantwell

Seeking to demonstrate the intimate connections among our public, political, and personal lives, these essays by Robert Cantwell explore the vernacular culture of everyday life as a way of understanding the...

Archie Green: The Making of a Working-Class Hero

by Sean Burns

Archie Green: The Making of a Working-Class Hero celebrates one of the most revered folklorists and labor historians of the twentieth century. Devoted to understanding the diverse cultural customs of working...

Engaging Humor

by Elliott Oring

In this provocative book Oring asks essential questions concerning humorous expression in contemporary society, examining how humor works, why it is employed, and what its messages might be. Oring scrutinizes...

The Pimlico Dictionary Of Classical Mythologies

by Arthur Cotterall

The Pimlico Dictionary of Classical Mythologies is a unique work of reference which breaks new ground by treating for the first time the classical mythologies of the Old World as a whole. Never before have the...

The Fabled Coast

by Sophia Kingshill, The Estate Of Jennifer Westwood & Jennifer Beatrice Westwood

Pirates and smugglers, ghost ships and sea-serpents, fishermen's prayers and sailors' rituals - the coastline of the British Isles plays host to an astonishingly rich variety of local legends, customs, and superstitions....

Urbanism and Urbanity: The Spanish Bourgeois Novel and Contemporary Customs (1845-1925)

by Leigh Mercer

Urbanism and Urbanity is a groundbreaking cultural history of the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century bourgeois public sphere in Spain. It analyzes the literary representation and construction of gender-based...

Celebrating the Third Place: Inspiring Stories About the Great Good Places at the Heart of Our Communities

by Ray, Ph.D. Oldenburg

Nationwide, more and more entrepreneurs are committing themselves to creating and running “third places,” also known as “great good places.” In his landmark work, The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg identified,...

Mysticism, Myth and Celtic Identity

by Marion Gibson, Shelley Trower & Garry Tregidga

Mysticism, Myth and Celtic Identity explores how the mythical and mystical past informs national imaginations. Building on notions of invented tradition and myths of the nation, it looks at the power of narrative...

Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)

by , John Brand

Morris dancing is unique to the British Isles. In this book we explore the rich history of this long standing tradition. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are...

Bollywood Weddings: Dating, Engagement, and Marriage in Hindu America

by Kavita Ramdya

Bollywood Weddings explores how Indian-American Hindus negotiate two vastly different wedding cultures: those of mainstream America and of Hindu India. Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork and drawing on...

Diné Bahane': The Navajo Creation Story

by Paul Zolbrod

This is the most complete version of the Navajo creation story to appear in English since Washington Matthews' Navajo Legends of 1847. Zolbrod's new translation renders the power and delicacy of the oral storytelling...