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Societies in Making Ils 89

by NoContributor

Published in 1998, Societies In Making IIs 89 is a valuable contribution to the field of Sociology & Social Policy.

Soc Relign Pt5: Typ Rel Ils 83

by NoContributor

Published in 1998, Soc Relign Pt5: Typ Rel IIs 83 is a valuable contribution to the field of Sociology.

Sane Society Ils 252

by NoContributor

Following the publication of the seminal Fear of Freedom, Erich Fromm applied his unique vision to a critique of contemporary capitalism in The Sane Society. Where the former dealt with man's historic inability...

The Radical Women's Press of the 1850's: Radical Women's Press of the 1850's

by Cherise Kramarae & Ann Russo

First published in 1991. The volume reprints excerpts from six radical feminist journals of this crucial decade:The Lily, the Genius of Liberty, the Pioneer and Women's Advocate, the Una, The Woman's advocate...

Shivapur: South Ind VILL Ils 71

by NoContributor

Published in 1998, Shivapur: South Ind Vill LLs 71 is a valuable contribution to the field of Sociology & Social Policy.

Max Weber and His Contempories

by NoContributor

Max Weber and His Contemporaries provides an unrivalled tour d'horizon of European intellectual life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and an assessment of the pivotal position within it occupied...

Transforming Tragedy, Identity, and Community

by Lilla Crisafulli, Tilottama Rajan & Diego Saglia

The volume explores the interrelated topics of transnational identity in all its ambiguity and complexity, and the new ways of imagining community or Gemeinschaft (as distinct from society or Gesellschaft))...

Cultural Studies and Environment, Revisited

by Phaedra. C Pezzullo

The environment is perhaps most misunderstood as a static place, somewhere "out there," separated from the practices of our everyday lives. Given this assumption, environmental movements and concerns have remained...

Rethinking Violence

by Vittorio Bufacchi

Violence is a prevalent and persistent theme in all aspects of human affairs. A comprehensive understanding of violence therefore requires exposure to the research coming out from all the disciplines in the...

Assembling Culture

by Tony Bennett & Chris Healy

If the social does not exist as a special domain but, in Bruno Latour's words, as 'a peculiar movement of re-association and reassembling', what implications does this have for how 'the cultural' might best...

Genre and the City

by Michael Shapiro

This book's chapters analyze aspects of urban politics with a combination of critical thinking (influenced by Walter Benjamin, Jacques Ranciere, Henri Lefebvre, and Achille Mbembe, among others) and readings...

Living Through Terror

by Suvendrini Perera & Antonio Traverso

In the era of war on terror, the term terror has tended to be applied to its sudden eruptions in the metropolises of the global north. This volume directs its attention to terror's manifestations in other locations...

Digital Media, Cultural Production and Speculative Capitalism

by Freya Schiwy, Alessandro Fornazzari & Susan Antebi

This collection of essays explores the interfaces between new information technologies and their impact on contemporary culture, and recent transformations in capitalist production. From a transnational frame,...

Theorizing Southeast Asian Relations: Emerging Debates

by Amitav Acharya & Richard Stubbs

The recent proliferation of theories of international relations has transformed analyses of Southeast Asia's international affairs. A new generation of scholars has promoted a lively and illuminating debate...

The Microstructures of Housing Markets

by Susan J. Smith & Moira Munro

House prices and mortgage debt have moved to centre stage in the management of national economies, regional development and neighbourhood change. Describing, analysing and understanding how housing markets work...

Quantifying Neighbourhood Effects: Frontiers and Perspectives

by Jorg Blasius, Jürgen Friedrichs & George Galster

Many policies in several Western European countries and the U.S. aim to counter spatial concentrations of deprivation and create more socio-economically mixed residential areas. Such policies are founded on...

Strengthening Systems to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence

by Pat Conway, Pamela J. Cox & Patricia G. Cook-Craig

Over the past 25 years, developing coordinated responses to intimate partner violence and sexual violence has improved both perpetrator accountability, and victim safety and self-determination. However, preventing...

Poverty, Income and Social Protection: International Policy Perspectives

by Richard Hoefer & James Midgley

This book provides insights into the way social protection policy is being redefined as a result of the new commitment by governments around the world to use these programs to reduce poverty. The case studies...

Gender Consciousness and Politics

by Sue Tolleson Rinehart

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Generational Intelligence: A Critical Approach to Age Relations

by Simon Biggs & Ariela Lowenstein

This book examines intergenerational relations, presenting the innovative notion of 'Generational Intelligence'. It develops a pathway for reflecting on generational issues and increasing awareness about one's...