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Surviving Twice

by Trin Yarborough

Inspiring and sometimes tragic personal stories of five Amerasian children left behind after the Vietnam War

Public Health and National Reconstruction in Post-War Asia: International Influences, Local Transformations

by Liping Bu & Ka-Che Yip

This book, based on extensive original research, considers the transformation of public health systems in major East, South and Southeast Asian countries in the period following the Second World War. It examines...

Japan's Modern History, 1857-1937: A New Political Narrative

by Junji Banno

Over the course of the period 1857 to 1937 in Japan, six distinct stages can be identified as the country moved from Shogun rule and its subsequent overthrow, from industrialisation and investment to the Meiji...

Levi-Strauss (RLE Social Theory): Structuralism and Sociological Theory

by C.R. Badcock

What is the significance of Structuralism for social science? How original is Lévi-Strauss' contribution to social theory? Is he Marxist? Though Structuralism, and its leading representative Lévi-Strauss,...

The Normative Structure of Sociology (RLE Social Theory): Conservative and Emancipatory Themes in Social Thought

by Hermann Strasser

In this provocative analysis of the central issues and developments in modern social theory, Dr Strasser contends that enquiry into the function, tasks and mission of sociology as a discipline can be understood...

The Family, Politics, and Social Theory (RLE Social Theory)

by D.H.J. Morgan

This book explores and clarifies all the major issues and developments within 'family theorising'. It covers the extraordinary growth and variety of approaches to the family over the last decade, the most significant...

Field-theory (RLE Social Theory): A Study of its Application in the Social Sciences

by Harald Mey

This is an important account of the development of the 'field-theory' approach in the social sciences. Harald Mey concentrates on the writers from the 1930s to the present day who have used this approach to...

Functionalism, Exchange and Theoretical Strategy (RLE Social Theory)

by Michael Mulkay

M.J. Mulkay traces the development of certain recent versions of functionalism and exchange theory in sociology, with special attention to 'theoretical strategy'. He uses this term to refer to the policies which...

The Hermeneutic Imagination (RLE Social Theory): Outline of a Positive Critique of Scientism and Sociology

by Josef Bleicher

In his previous book, Contemporary Hermeneutics, Josef Bleicher offered an introduction to the subject, locating it mainly within the philosophy of social science, and looking at the profound impact it is having...

Ideas and Intervention (RLE Social Theory): Social Theory for Practice

by Joe Bailey

Theorizing in sociology has increasingly become a self-generating and self-fulfilling activity, as sociologists absorb theory as an isolated and formalist part of their discipline. Joe Bailey believes that sociological...

Ideological Representation and Power in Social Relations (RLE Social Theory): Literary and Social Theory

by Mike Gane

This collection reflects the French influence on literary and representational theory which has been predominant in recent years. It contains stimulating essays on the fiction of Perault, Borges, James, Eco...

Ideology and Social Order (RLE Social Theory)

by Eric Carlton

Truly interdisciplinary work between Sociology and History is are, because one discipline usually exploits the concerns or data of the other. Eric Carlton, however, has succeeded in bringing together the distinctive...

Interests and the Growth of Knowledge (RLE Social Theory)

by Barry Barnes

Intriguingly different in approach from conventional works in the same area of inquiry, this study deals with the central problems and concerns of the sociology of knowledge as it has traditionally been conceived...

Knowledge and Politics (RLE Social Theory): The Sociology of Knowledge Dispute

by Volker Meja & Nico Stehr

Karl Mannheim's Ideology and Utopia has been a profoundly provocative book. The debate about politics and social knowledge that was spawned by its original publication in 1929 attracted the most promising younger...

Legitimacy and the Politics of the Knowable (RLE Social Theory)

by Roger Holmes

Roger Holme's work in social and industrial psychology is widely respected. The theme of this first collection of his essays is the relationship of the individual with the formal, value-laden group on the one...

Marx and Mead (RLE Social Theory): Contributions to a Sociology of Knowledge

by Tom W. Goff

It has often been suggested that a resolution of issues generated by the sociological study of ideas might be reached through a synthesis of specific insights to be found in the works of Karl Marx and George...

Value Theory in Philosophy and Social Science (RLE Social Theory)

by Ervin Laszlo & James B. Wilbur

The annual Conferences on Value Inquiry bring together philosophers, scientists and humanists to discuss the many facets of the problem of value in the experience of the individual and in contemporary society....

The Scope of Understanding in Sociology (RLE Social Theory)

by Werner Pelz

In their efforts to emulate the methodology which had proved so successful in the natural sciences, the social sciences - including sociology - have not yet faced the question as to what constitutes understanding...

Knowledge and Social Structure (RLE Social Theory): An Introduction to the Classical Argument in the Sociology of Knowledge

by Peter Hamilton

The primary concern of this study is to present, elucidate and analyse the developments which have characterized the sociology of knowledge, and which have set for it the outlines of its major problematics....

Men, Masculinities and Social Theory (RLE Social Theory)

by Jeff Hearn & D.H.J. Morgan

This volume presents a series of illustrative and critical perspectives upon the developing study of men and masculinities and its importance for sociological theory. The contributions, by women and men from...