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When the Moon Turned Green

by Hal K Wells

Outside his laboratory Bruce Dixon finds a world of living dead men-and above, in the sky, shines a weird green moon.

Zehru of Xollar

by Hal K Wells

Three Earthlings are whisked on an inter-dimensional journey to the den of the Scientist Zehru.

The Cavern of the Shining Ones

by Hal K Wells

Layroh's hiring of husky down-and-outers for his expedition is part of a plan made ages past.

The Gate to Xoran

by Hal K Wells

He sat in a small half-darkened booth well over in the corner-the man with the strangely glowing blue-green eyes. The booth was one of a score that circled the walls of the "Maori Hut," a popular night club...