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The Gunsmith 343: The Hunt for Clint Adams

by J. R. Roberts

The GUNSMITH goes gun to gun...

Five years ago, Clint Adams helped put lightning-quick gunfighter Jed Tarver behind bars without having to draw on the man. But now, the Gunsmith doesn't have a choice, because...

The Gunsmith 309: Outlaw's Reckoning00

by J. R. Roberts

A wily outlaw is looking for redemption-by paying back everyone he's ever robbed. Too bad his old gang doesn't think it's his money to give. Too bad Clint Adams and his Colt are on the case.

The Gunsmith 310: Way with a Gun00

by J. R. Roberts

Some men seek the Gunsmith for help-and others to gain notoriety. This time three gunfighters have grown mighty bored with all the killing, money, and women. They want the jackpot: Clint Adams. Winner takes...

The Gunsmith 308: Clint Adams, Detective00

by J. R. Roberts

The Gunsmith and author Mark Twain are both in Hannibal, Missouri, where a black man's accused of killing a white woman. Mark Twain believes the man's innocent and, courtesy of the Gunsmith, he'll learn that...

The Gunsmith 341: The Bandit Princess

by J. R. Roberts

THE GUNSMITH is plagued with a royal pain.

Clint Adams and a spunky female deputy must show a self-proclaimed 'bandit princess' how to behave like a proper young lady.

The Gunsmith 394: The South Fork Showdown

by J. R. Roberts

Secret Service Agent Jeremy Pike calls on the Gunsmith to help investigate the South Fork Sporting Club outside Pittsburgh, where the likes of Dale Carnegie and Henry Frick go hunting-and don't take kindly to...

The Gunsmith #354: Cross Draw

by J. R. Roberts

When Clint Adams lends a gaggle of stranded ladies a hand, it ends up crushed under their wagon, leaving him to rely on his cross draw. And when word gets out, every lowlife gunhand comes around to take on the...

The Gunsmith 393: The Counterfeit Gunsmith

by J. R. Roberts


Clint Adams is in St. Louis to relax and play poker when an old friend calls on him for help. Secret Service Agent Jeremy Pike is in town under an assumed name, investigating a counterfeiting operation-and...

The Gunsmith 392: The Clint Adams Special

by J. R. Roberts


The gold bug never bit Clint Adams, but he's not against providing protection to prospectors looking to strike it big-so long as the price is right. But when George Oswalt's treasure map leads...

The Gunsmith 391: Showdown in Desperation

by J. R. Roberts

Ace in the Hole

Clint Adams finds himself in El Legado, New Mexico, for what he intends to be a laid-back stopover-a few drinks, a fine woman, and some poker. But when a respected gambler ends up with a bullet...

The Gunsmith #353: The Deadly Chest

by J. R. Roberts

When a beautiful Loretta Burns offers Clint Adams ten thousand dollars to find her lost luggage, the Gunsmith has to ask himself one question: Does this woman have a chest worth dying for?

The Gunsmith 390: Copper Canyon Killers

by J. R. Roberts


Riding through Copper Canyon, Wyoming, Clint Adams is trying to mind his own business for a change. But when a man is murdered, it's everybody's business-at least according to Big Al Henry....

The Gunsmith #352: Unbound by Law

by J. R. Roberts

Clint Adams's investigation into the deaths of over a dozen people brings him to the attention of those responsible for the massacre- people who have no qualms about putting the Gunsmith at the top of their...

Gunsmith 388: Magic Man

by J. R. Roberts


Clint Adams has seen plenty-but nothing quite like the Magic Man. After watching him take down three petty thieves with a pair of guns that appear out of thin air, Clint decides to ride along...

The Gunsmith 387: Mexico Mayhem

by J. R. Roberts


Someone has a score to settle with the Gunsmith, and after a few attempts are made on his life, Clint Adams decides to lay low in Mexico until it blows over. But he's not the only gringo taking refuge...

The Gunsmith 386: Vengeance Ride

by J. R. Roberts

Pack Mentality

Clint Adams just narrowly escapes an ambush that leaves his Darley Arabian, Eclipse, with a bullet wound. Coming after the Gunsmith is one thing, but messing with his horse makes things a bit...

The Gunsmith 385: The Silent Deputy

by J. R. Roberts


The Gunsmith is being followed-but so far, his stalker hasn't shown any sign that he's got a mind to kill. Clint Adams has no clue as to the young man's identity or motive, so the only...

The Gunsmith #384: Louisiana Stalker

by J. R. Roberts


Capucine Devereaux is being stalked. The infamous Baton Rouge madam is used to unwanted attention from the weaker sex, but one man's obsession is unnerving her. Making matters worse, Lee...

The Gunsmith #351: The Trial of Bat Masterson

by J. R. Roberts

Legendary gunslinger Bat Masterson is facing a hangman's noose-unless his old friend Clint Adams can clear his name.

The Gunsmith #350: With Deadly Intent

by J. R. Roberts

When an old friend ropes Clint Adams into providing security for the Colorado River Festival, he's challenged to a shooting contest by "Wild Bill" Flanagan. And the Gunsmith Clint realizes he's been dupe into...