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Invaders From Infinite

by John Campbell

The famous scientific trio of Arcot, Wade and Morey, challenged by the most ruthless aliens in all the universes, blasted off on an intergalactic search for defenses against the invaders of Earth and all her...

Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink

by John Campbell

In this thoroughly updated edition, John Campbell explores Nigeria’s post-colonial history and presents a nuanced explanation of the events and conditions that have carried this complex, dynamic, and very...

The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher, from Grocer's Daughter to Prime Minister

by John Campbell & David Freeman

The Iron Lady, the definitive Margaret Thatcher biography, is available just in time for the movie starring Meryl Streep as one of the most infamous figures in postwar politics.

Whether you love her or hate...

Islands of Space

by John Campbell

As Earth's faster-than-light spaceship hung in the void between galaxies, Arcot, Wade, Morey and Fuller could see below them, like a vast shining horizon, the mass of stars that formed their own island universe....

The Ultimate Weapon

by John Campbell

When star fights star, is chaos the best defense?

The Black Star Passes

by John Campbell

The arrival of an unseen dark sun whose attendant marauders aimed at the very end of civilization in this Solar System....

The Last Evolution

by John Campbell

I am the last of my type existing today in all the Solar System. I, too, am the last existing who, in memory, sees the struggle for this System, and in memory I am still close to the Center of Rulers, for mine...

The Mazinaw Experience: Bon Echo and Beyond

by John Campbell

The Mazinaw District in eastern Ontario is famous for Bon Echo Rock. This book traces the presence of human habitation from the areas earliest beginnings to the present.

The Business Value of DB2 for Z/OS: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator and Optimizer

by John Campbell, Namik Hrle & Ruiping Li

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first release of DB2, this book highlights the important milestones, capabilities, and impacts of the database management software for IBM’s mainframe operating system....

Climate Change and Small Island States: Power, Knowledge and the South Pacific

by John Campbell & Jon Barnett

Small Island Developing States are often depicted as being among the most vulnerable of all places to the effects of climate change, and they are a cause c�l�bre of many involved in climate science, politics...

DB2 10 for z/OS: The Smarter, Faster Way to Upgrade

by John Campbell, Cristian Molaro & Surekha Parekh

Addressing the cost control and efficiency pressures in the current economic climate, this handbook offers solutions for DB2 for z/OS customers seeking competitive advantages for increased productivity and more...

Complete Casting Handbook: Metal Casting Processes, Techniques and Design

by John Campbell

Complete Casting Handbook is the result of a long-awaited update, consolidation and expansion of expert John Campbell's market-leading casting books into one essential resource for metallurgists and foundry...

In Colours Green and White

by John Campbell

In Colours Green and White is the second volume in John Campbell's fascinating post-war history of Hibernian Football Club, which continues to relive the club's past with a game-by-game and goal-by-goal account...

At Easter Road they Play

by John Campbell

Since 1875 Hibernian Football Club has been an integral part of sporting life in the City of Edinburgh and Port of Leith; its early history up to 1946 has been brilliantly documented in The Making of Hibernian...

Paris Travel Guide: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Vacationing In Paris

by John Campbell

When planning a vacation to Paris you want to consider activities, entertainment, meals, flight, and so on. Paris has a wide array of choices from sporting events to entertainment. No matter what you enjoy,...

Berkeley's Puzzle: What Does Experience Teach Us?

by John Campbell & Quassim Cassam

Sensory experience seems to be the basis of our knowledge and conception of mind-independent things. The puzzle is to understand how that can be: even if the things we experience (apples, tables, trees etc),...

U.S. Policy to Counter Nigeria's Boko Haram

by John Campbell

John Campbell, Ralph Bunche senior fellow for Africa policy studies, evaluates the implications of the Boko Haram insurgency and recommends that the United States support Nigerian efforts to address the drivers...