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The Power of the Prophetic Blessing: An Astonishing Revelation for a New Generation

by John Hagee

God's prophetic voice thunders through time - from Adam and Eve, continuing through Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Prophets, and then through Jesus himself. While apocalyptic prophecy is a dark cloud over the heads...

Earth's Final Moments: Powerful Insight and Understanding of the Prophetic Signs that Surround Us

by John Hagee

According to biblical prophecy, Earth is careening toward its final act on the stage of life. God is assembling the cast of characters that will catapult Earth into its eternal moments, and final preparations...

The Three Heavens: Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead

by John Hagee

As sales of Hagee's current New York Times bestseller, Four Blood Moons, continue to soar, hundreds of thousands of readers have had their thirst whetted to know what is to come at the end of this world . ....

Jerusalem Countdown, Revised and Updated: A Prelude To War

by John Hagee

World War III Has Begun!This revision of Jerusalem Countdown, updated to address the recent conflict with Hezbollah, the roles of North Korea and Syria in the coming nuclear showdown, and the infiltration of...

Financial Armageddon: We Are in a Battle for our Very Survival¿

by John Hagee

This has been a year of global crisis. The oil crisis with its escalating prices at the gas station has created enormous stress for both Americans and Hispanics. Coming right on the heels of that, America is...

Life's Challenges.. Your Opportunities: God Has Given You A Promise...You've Come Into A Problem...How You Respond Will Determine How Quickly The Prov

Angels and Demons: Companion Study Guide to The Three Heavens

by John Hagee

An in-depth, interactive companion study to John Hagee's new bestseller, The Three Heavens.

God's Two-Minute Warning

by John Hagee

In our sports-saturated culture, we are all familiar with the two-minute warning—a signal to players and coaches that the game is nearing the end. . . 120 clicks left on the clock to attempt any last-minute...

From Daniel to Doomsday

by John Hagee

John Hagee says, "The world as we know it will end, neither with a bang nor a whimper, but in stages clearly set forth in God's Word." His latest and most provocative book takes a cue from a cultural icon, the...

Final Dawn over Jerusalem

by John Hagee

Pastor John Hagee never dreamed that his life would change the night he took a bold stand against terrorism and anti-Semitism in his own hometown. Though his life was threatened, his property destroyed, and...

The Battle for Jerusalem

by John Hagee

Newly updated and revised with the most current information about the events in the Middle East, Pastor John Hagee explains how the Israeli and Palestinian conflict will affect global politics, America's energy...

Avenger of Blood

by John Hagee

In Avengers of Blood the dramatic conflict between historic Christianity and ancient heresies parallels the resurgence of Gnostic and pagan beliefs in the late twentieth century under the guise of the New Age...

His Glory Revealed

by John Hagee

Bestselling author and pastor John Hagee offers seven weeks of daily devotionals that explore the meaning of the feasts of Isreal for believers today. A stirring look at the future through prophetic markers...

Devil's Island

by John Hagee

The apostle John pushed aside the incense. "I will not make your sacrifice," he announced to the Roman tribune. "There is one God, and his name is not Domitian." Standing next to john at the stone altar of the...