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World War 3.0: Microsoft, the US Government, and the Battle for the New Economy

by Ken Auletta

The Internet Revolution, like all great industrial changes, has made the world's elephantine media companies tremble that their competitors-whether small and nimble mice or fellow elephants-will get to new terrain...

Backstory: Inside the Business of News

by Ken Auletta

It is said that journalism is a vital public service as well as a business, but more and more it is also said that big media consolidation; noisy, instant opinions on cable and the Internet; and political “bias”...

Googled: The End of the World As We Know It

by Ken Auletta

A revealing, forward-looking examination of the outsize influence Google has had on the changing media Landscape.

There are companies that create waves and those that ride or are drowned by them. As only he...

Three Blind Mice: How the TV Networks Lost Their Way

by Ken Auletta

What happened to network television in the 1980s? How did CBS, NBC, and ABC lose a third of their audience and more than half of their annual profits?

Ken Auletta, author of Greed and Glory on Wall Street, tells...

The Streets Were Paved with Gold

by Ken Auletta

How - and why - did one of the world's greatest cities come to be teetering on the edge of bankruptcy? Ken Auletta, writer for THE NEW YORKER and columnist for THE DAILY NEWS, shows how the decline of New York...

The Highwaymen: Warriors of the Information Superhighway

by Ken Auletta

A struggle is taking place--not just among corporate titans, but among entire industries. At stake is control of the world's fastest-growing industry: communications. The contestants are Hollywood studios, television...

Hard Feelings: Reporting on the Pols, the Press, the People and the City

by Ken Auletta

Hard Feelings by Ken Auletta covers reporting on the pols, the press, the people, and the city.