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Men of Power: The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain / The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny / The Heart of a Ruler / The Substitute Millionaire / The Boss's Bedroom Agenda / Virgin: Wedded at the Italian's Convenience (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Carole Mortimer, Rebecca Winters, Marie Ferrarella & Susan Mallery et al.

Six ruthless, powerful men and the women they love in this thrilling new collection from M&B.

The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain by Carole Mortimer

No one makes a fool of Dominick Masters. When estranged...

A Billionaire and a Baby (Mills & Boon Vintage Cherish)

by Marie Ferrarella


Reporter Sherry Campbell thought she might be asking too much, but her baby was coming and the only one in sight was enigmatic corporate raider St. John "Sin-Jin" Adair. Despite...

Do You Take This Maverick? (Mills & Boon Cherish) (Montana Mavericks: What Happened at the Wedding?, Book 2)

by Marie Ferrarella

“I DO…I DON’T. . . I DO?”


The fallout from last month’s wedding-to-end-all-weddings continues. Did you hear that Claire Strickland and her oh-so-handsome husband Levi Wyatt have...

Wife in the Mail

by Marie Ferrarella


Dr. Shayne Kerrigan thought his brother's mail-order bride would be boarding the next flight out of Alaska once she learned of her fiance's sudden marriage. Instead, Sydney Elliot just picked up...

What the Single Dad Wants...

by Marie Ferrarella

"He's Brandon Slade, for God's sake, and you're…just you."

He was a famous writer, the son of a Broadway legend. How had levelheaded Isabelle Sinclair let herself fall head over heels in love with Brandon Slade?...

Wanted: Husband, Will Train

by Marie Ferrarella


Her father's will was positively medieval! Blue Blood Courtney Tamberlaine had to select a blue-collar spouse—pronto—or lose her huge inheritance. Luckily, right on the Tamberlaine...

Unwrapping the Playboy

by Marie Ferrarella

As rakishly handsome as he was successful, attorney Kullen Manetti was a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of guy. Until Lilli McCall, his long-lost love, suddenly appeared in his office—and turned his carefully...

Undercover M.D.

by Marie Ferrarella


When he began his mission at Blair Memorial, undercover agent Terrance McCall collided with the only woman capable of rattling his equilibrium. Dr. Alix DuCane had grown haughty over the years,...

A Triple Threat to Bachelorhood

by Marie Ferrarella


And to Melinda Morrow's triplets, he was a wonderful pal. But to Melinda herself, well that was a different story! Sure, deputy sheriff Carl Cutler's calm strength made her...

Travis's Appeal

by Marie Ferrarella

He never mixed business with pleasure. But when fresh-faced Shana O'Reilly appeared at his office door, she threw no-nonsense attorney Travis Marlowe's carefully ordered world into a tailspin. For the first...

This Heart for Hire

by Marie Ferrarella


With Logan Buchanan's life in jeopardy, private investigator Jessica Deveaux's conscience demanded she guard her ex-lover. She'd once loved Logan with her whole, young heart,...

Taming the Playboy

by Marie Ferrarella

She was just what the doctor ordered.—

When he rescued Vienna Hollenbeck and her grandfather from a fiery car wreck, Dr. Georges Armand wasn't prepared for his reaction to the petite blonde. Vienna aroused his...

The Strong Silent Type

by Marie Ferrarella

Until Jack Hawkins, Teri Cavanaugh had never encountered a case she couldn't crack or a cop whose life wasn't an open book after day one as her partner. Male detectives wanted to be "Hawk." Women flat-out wanted...

Stand-In Mom

by Marie Ferrarella

He's Got A Lot To Learn

Scott Matthews had no idea Ginger Winchester was a teacher when they first met—he didn't even know her last name. That didn't stop them from sharing a night of passion. Scott hoped...

Special Agent's Perfect Cover

by Marie Ferrarella

"What have they done to you?"

Cold Plains, Wyoming, should be a ghost town. Then why are its once-decaying streets gleaming? And why are there only beautiful, smiling Stepford-like wives in those streets? Hawk...

The Sheriff's Christmas Surprise

by Marie Ferrarella

The morning after Thanksgiving, Enrique "Rick" Santiago, the sheriff of Forever, Texas, opens his front door and discovers…a baby! Before he has a chance to say "who's the mommy" big-city lawyer Olivia Blayne...

She's Having a Baby

by Marie Ferrarella

Something was happening to MacKenzie.

Feeling as if she were free-floating, she realized that her feet were off the ground. Quade had caught her so fast, so hard, he'd raised her off the ground. Her face was...

Serena McKee's Back in Town

by Marie Ferrarella

And she's got one thing on her mind….


Eleven years had passed since the shocking murder that forced Serena McKee to flee her childhood home. Now she was back, seeking more than just the...

Secret Agent Affair

by Marie Ferrarella

Dr. Marja Pulaski knew she was inviting danger by treating the wounded stranger. The man called Kane wasn't what he pretended to be. But she couldn't begin to guess how much of a threat he really was—or the...

The Second Time Around

by Marie Ferrarella

By the way, did you know you're pregnant?

Eight tiny words, but strung together in one sentence…they are destined to destroy life as Laurel Mitchell knows it. For after twenty-five years of wedlock and three...