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The Dog That Called the Pitch

The Comeback Challenge

by Matt Christopher

Mark Conway is staying with his grandparents while his parents fight over whom he'll live with after they divorce. He's become a valued member of the school soccer team and seems to be coping with the changes...

The Catcher's Mask: A Peach Street Mudders Story

by Matt Christopher & Bert Dodson

Mudders' catcher Rudy Calhoun is having a bad season behind the plate until, at a yard sale, he buys a used catcher's mask that greatly improves his playing.

Tennis Ace: Steve must tell his father the truth... before it's too late!

by Matt Christopher

Steve wishes he had as much drive to win at tennis as his older sister, Ginny. He knows nothing would please his father more. But the truth is, Ginny is the real tennis ace in the family. It's frustrating for...

Steve Young (In the Huddle with ): In the Huddle with

by Matt Christopher

Matt Christopher, the number one sports writer for kids, covers the childhood experiences, college careers, rookie years, and current professional standing of this outstanding athlete. It provides exciting play-by-play...

All-Star Fever: A Peach Street Mudders Story

by Matt Christopher & Anna Dewdney

Bus Mercer, shortstop for the Peach Steet Mudders, wants desperately to be picked for the county all-star team, but he breaks his parents' rules for riding his new bike, and feelings of guilt affect his game....

Double Play at Short

by Matt Christopher & Karen Meyer

Twelve-year-old Danny thinks that there is something very familiar about the girl who plays shortstop on the team he faces during the championship series, and his curiosity leads him to a surprising discovery...

Shadow Over Second: A Peach Street Mudders Story

by Matt Christopher & Anna Dewdney

Nicky is on his way to breaking the record for most runs batted in, but first he must overcome his superstitions, and someone who doesn't want to see the old record broken.

Soccer 'Cats #6: Heads Up!: Heads Up!

by Matt Christopher

Amanda Caler thought getting a nosebleed during a game was bad, but now things have gone from bad to worse--she finds she's afraid of the ball now! And if that's not bad enough, it looks like someone is trying...

Soccer 'Cats #3: Secret Weapon: Secret Weapon

Soccer's Cats #3

by Matt Christopher

Lisa Gaddy is a starting fullback for the 'Cats and she plays her position well -- except for one thing. She's small for her age, so her throw-ins from the sidelines don't go very far. Sometimes the ball winds...

Skateboard Renegade: Is image everything?

by Matt Christopher

Buzz cut or ponytail? Grunge look? Tattoo, body paint, or earring? How about none of the above? When Zach takes up skateboarding, he doesn't realize that he's expected to look a certain way -- and cop a certain...

In the Huddle with... John Elway

by Matt Christopher

Examines the personal life and football career of the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Soccer 'Cats #9: Switch Play!

by Matt Christopher & Dan Vasconcellos

When Ted's twin sister Lisa, a fullback on the 'Cats soccer team, gets attention for her special move on the field, Ted determines to come up with an outstanding play also.

Run For It

by Matt Christopher

Theo Gordimer is a classic 13-year-old couch potato: he prefers video games and TV shows to playing sports. Then his favorite aunt is diagnosed with cancer. Theo wants to do something to help her, but what?...

Roller Hockey Radicals

by Matt Christopher

Newcomer Kirby Childs overcomes obstacles to find his spot on a new roller hockey team.

Randy Johnson: On the Mound With...

by Matt Christopher

Even before Tiger Woods stunned the world with his amazing victory al Augusta, he was impressing the golfing community with his perfect swing and pleasing crowds with his mile-wide smile and enthusiasm for the...

Dale Earnhardt Sr.: Matt Christopher Legends in Sports

by Glenn Stout & Matt Christopher

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. first broke onto the racing scene in 1979, when he was named Rookie of the Year. In the more than 20 years that followed, his daring driving style earned him several top honors, including...

Prime-Time Pitcher

by Matt Christopher

The #1 sports writer for kids offers a read as exciting as a fast ball. Pitcher Koby Caplin is the best thing to happen to the Monticello Cardinals in years--but is he ready for prime time?

Penalty Shot

by Matt Christopher

After a hiatus from the ice to get his grades back up to eligibility level, Jeff Connors returns to get the cold shoulder treatment from his teammates. During Jeff's absence, a threatening note was discovered...

On the Ice with...Mario Lemieux

by Matt Christopher

Hockey has been a part of Mario Lemieux's life since his childhood. At the age of six he was holding his own against boys four years older; by the time he was sixteen, he had captured the attention of the National...