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Our Missing - Lest We Forget

by Mike Smitley

For anyone who has ever raised a child, there is a deep, subconscious anxiety that lingers just under the surface of every joy and triumph. That fear is the constant threat to that child from a multitude of...

Dead Files

by Mike Smitley

Gabriel Kinnett is a young rookie officer who is thrown into a mystery that he is unqualified to solve. As a junior member of a midnight-shift full of misfit police offices, he is given mixed messages as to...

Ghost Hunt

by Mike Smitley

As a sequel to IMPLIED CONTRACT, the suspense and terror continues in the small town of Elk Ridge, Wyoming. GHOST HUNT picks up where IMPLIED CONTRACT left off, with Mason and Jill living comfortably in South...


by Mike Smitley

In PREY, Allen Shear is a disgraced police detective who is trying to rebuild his life out of the shambles of a divorce, the loss of his job, the loss of his daughter's respect and alcoholism. He takes on a...

Implied Contract

by Mike Smitley

Death at long distance. Imagine a serial killer who never touches his victim. Never kidnaps them, never tortures them, and never even comes close to them. Sound impossible? It's not. Very rarely, a serial killer...